To Envy: Celebrities Who Are Recognized By The Fifth Point

To Envy: Celebrities Who Are Recognized By The Fifth Point
To Envy: Celebrities Who Are Recognized By The Fifth Point

Video: To Envy: Celebrities Who Are Recognized By The Fifth Point

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These stars have something to brag about


Celebrities are extremely scrupulous about their appearance, which is quite logical - it helps them "stay afloat" and receive huge fees. For the sake of obtaining the forms of dreams, many artists are ready to go under the knife countless times, and someone is just lucky from birth. Today we decided to gather girls who were once inspired by Jennifer Lopez and made their buttocks almost iconic.

Tyra Banks

The model, popular in the 90s, had an amazing figure and was a serious competitor to Naomi. Later, Banks created her own show, where young girls dreamed of following in Tyra's footsteps and starting their career in the modeling business. Banks herself has a rather curvy shape, which is a big problem for designers who need to "pack" the girl into their collections, created according to classic patterns. Recently, Tyra has gained weight and her forms, namely the fifth point, have become even more magnificent, which does not bother the star at all, who is ready to boldly answer all haters on Instagram who dare to point out to the girl her already far from model volumes.


In the mid-2000s, Fergie caught up with Britney herself in popularity, but today the singer has slightly slowed down. Recently, the artist has been increasingly caught by the paparazzi, who are trying to catch the girl in this perspective in order to capture her appetizing forms in an unfortunate light. However, this is not so easy to do: despite her age, Fergie keeps herself in control and is actively engaged in the gym, pumping her already voluminous buttocks, which play an almost separate role in the video clips, recall at least the artist's early works within the collective The black Eyed Peas.

Iggy Azalea

The young Australian woman broke into the world of show business relatively recently, but has already managed to earn the unofficial title "Mariah Carey 2.0." Azalea herself is not recognized in any operations, claiming that all volumes are natural, with which we dare not argue. With the general fragility of the singer's fifth point, it stands out too much and attracts the attention of curious paparazzi and ordinary fans who are very fond of discussing all the delights of their beloved artist.

Nicki Minaj

After Kim Kardashian with her "iconic body part", her colleague Nicky comes to mind in the second place, who is in no way inferior to Kardashian when it comes to external data. Minaj, like Azalea, does not comment on interventions in the body, which are unlikely, given the fact that girls like Nika almost always boast volumes in "strategically important places." It should be noted that the artist herself proudly demonstrates toned buttocks in almost every new video, for which Minaj is often criticized by followers on the Web, but the girl does not care much about such discontent.

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