Beauty Products To Help Create A Mood

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Beauty Products To Help Create A Mood
Beauty Products To Help Create A Mood

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New Year is a celebration when you can afford almost everything, including carnival make-up. The main thing is to properly prepare for the main night.


Body - time

Start preparing for your New Year's party with the most enjoyable - a fragrant bath. To gently and gently cleanse the skin, and at the same time moisturize it, use the new product from NIVEA - Cocoa Cream shower gel. Its formula is based on two ingredients - cocoa and milk proteins.

The flax combination of ingredients provides comprehensive care and makes the skin velvety, while the delicious chocolate aroma with notes of orange, bergamot, melon and rose awakens positive emotions. This will immediately help you get in the mood for a holiday and proceed to the next item.

star dust

An open outfit requires the perfect skin tone. It is not at all necessary to go to the solarium for this, it is enough after taking a shower to use the lotion with the effect of tanning "Summer's Shine" from DOVE.

contains reflective particles, which give the skin a delicate tanning tone and give a subtle shimmering radiance. And in parallel, the lotion nourishes, moisturizes - thanks to its skin-related caring components and nourishing oil.

Lacquer dessert

To create a "holiday on the nails" will help varnishes from the festive limited collection Glitter Glam by Pink Up. Basic shades are selected taking into account the most current trends in New Year's manicure: soft pink nude, Christmas red, spruce greens, noble purple, frosty blue and classic black. In total - 10 combinations of incredible shades for a glamorous shine.

For the first time Pink Up presented such a stylish duo: two varnishes under a single case perfectly complement each other. Glitter polish on a transparent base gives amazing durability and shining glamorous shine to the color base.

Tim that the new generation varnishes are distinguished by their “content”. They belong to the Big 5 Free category and do not harm a woman's health. Yes, and do not forget about the golden rule of manicure: first, the first layer of varnish is applied (it should recede one millimeter from the edge of the cuticle), then the second (with one brush stroke in the center of the nail) and two along the edges.

Shimmering world

You can create a fashionable eye accent with the new Smoky Stories eyeshadow palette from the Holiday Look collection from Bourjois. Choose from three harmoniously matched shades of eyeshadow, plus a sheer glitter finish.

The enchanting shades of plum and chocolate will look especially festive thanks to the sheen effect present in them.

Snow-white smile

Accepting congratulations and giving them to everyone present, you will surely smile dazzlingly throughout the festive evening. And if you decide to put on red and choose a bright lipstick, then for this it is necessary that your teeth sparkle with whiteness.

The R. O. C. S. Magic Whitening Toothpaste is an innovative multi-stage cleaning system that contains special cleaning polishing granules. Due to the special structure of the granules, at the initial stage of tooth brushing, soft dental plaque is quickly and safely removed. In the process of brushing your teeth, the granules crumble into smaller and smaller rounded particles, which at the final stage polish the enamel, giving it a sparkling whiteness.

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