The Expert's Choice: 35 Best Night Care Products

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The Expert's Choice: 35 Best Night Care Products
The Expert's Choice: 35 Best Night Care Products

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Facial concentrate with squalane extract, mask with camellia extract, miracle hair mask that will make them smooth and shiny, body milk with lavender scent and a nourishing cream that will save you from insomnia - the editors of BeautyHack have chosen the best products that will work. while you sleep.


Night revitalizing concentrate for the face Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Khiel's

I recently got acquainted with the legendary brand means, which is so loved by stars and bloggers all over the world, but it was love from the first application. It deserves an honorable place in the first row on the shelf in the bathroom, not only for its pleasant, light consistency and excellent composition with night primrose, geranium, lavender and squalane oils. Most of all I was impressed by the result that I saw after the first application.

I applied the product to the previously cleansed skin and went to bed, and in the morning I did not recognize my face in the mirror. During the night, the skin became even, smoother and softer to the touch. After washing in the morning, the effect persisted, and after a week of use, I noticed that peeling and irritation stopped bothering me, and my face became visually more toned. There is also a healthy glow, which previously could only be achieved with the help of highlighters.

Price for 30 ml: 3,500 rubles.

Night mask for moisturizing and enriching the skin with oxygen with camellia extract Hydra Beauty Masque De Nuit Au Camelia, Chanel

Honestly, I'm a lazy guy. Therefore, I love the tools that work when I am resting. This mask was able to replace not only my night cream, but also some salon procedures - after using it I see how traces of stress and fatigue disappear from my skin, right before my eyes. It's all about the camellia extract (by the way, its concentration in this mask is the highest in the entire line of products!), Which, together with zinc, copper and magnesium, helps the skin to restore the oxygen saturation mechanism. Therefore, the dull complexion disappears and the skin becomes fresh and healthy. The mask has a very light creamy texture with a pleasant scent. I apply the product all over my face in a thin layer, not forgetting about the neck. I go to bed and in the morning I enjoy my reflection in the mirror - the skin becomes radiant and elastic!

Price: about 6,000 rubles.

Revitalizing night cream and mask Slow Age, Vichy

Products from the Slow Age line promise to pause time and cope not only with existing age-related skin changes, but also prevent the appearance of wrinkles at a young age. And the novelty also helps you precious time and save money: the universal remedy can be used both as a night cream and as a regenerating mask.

The unusual amber color is a tribute to the pharmacy past and present of the brand (it resembles a magic potion), and the list of ingredients includes modern powerful anti-aging ingredients. The formula for the first time combines resveratrol, which saturates cells with oxygen, and the antioxidant Baicalin, which neutralizes the effects of the oxidation process in the skin. Apply every day as an evening care, and once a week leave a thin layer on your face for 10 minutes, and remove the excess with a tissue.

Price: 2 182 rub.

Restoring night cream-oil Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil, Elemis

The novelty of the British luxury brand Elemis is created for night care - a time when the skin is restored and renewed. Peptide cosmetics have long won the hearts of those who want to return the skin to youth and freshness, as peptides (or simply organic proteins) start the process of rejuvenation and stimulate cell renewal. Despite the impressive hydration, the cream-oil is instantly absorbed into the skin and does not leave the feeling of a greasy film on the face. You don't have to wait long for the product to be absorbed and be afraid to leave greasy marks on the pillow. In the morning, the skin looks smooth and radiant, like a Disney princess, as if you slept for at least 10 hours.Night violet oil in the composition will not leave indifferent lovers of cosmetics with a pleasant aroma - moreover, the floral notes will help to tune in to deep healthy sleep.

Price: 4 320 rub.

Renight Nourishing Vitamin Cream, Comfort Zone

I have dry skin, so I cannot do without night care to somehow revive my skin after a hard day and thick makeup. Renight cream contains 88% natural ingredients, including skin revitalizers such as shea butter, goji berry, macadamia, jojoba and vitamin E.

I apply the cream at night, after cleansing the skin with a toner. During the night, it nourishes the skin, and in the morning it looks firm and taut! I think this is due to the hyaluronic acid in the composition

Price: about 4,000 rubles.

Body milk "Lavender", Loccitane

If you are a true lover of lavender scent, then this body milk is simply created for you: a pronounced, very rich aroma, when applied, it becomes more calm and light, but palpable. The white milk has a delicate texture that spreads easily over the skin. However, the milk is not absorbed as quickly, so applying before bed is ideal.

The skin after the product is very moisturized even in cold weather, because the composition is enriched with shea butter, and lavender essential oil not only gives pleasant sensations, but also soothes before bed.

Price: 1 990 rub.

Night mask Everplump Night, Biotherm

The mask contains a combination of microalgae, which are activated in the dark and have the ability to retain moisture. They generate energy to stimulate cells, thereby accelerating skin regeneration. The transparent black gel transforms upon application and creates a second natural barrier. The result is a feeling of firm and smooth skin in the morning, as well as hydration that lasts 48 hours.

Price: 3 654 rub.

Night revitalizing "Miracle Mask", Percy & Reed

An excellent remedy for dull and brittle hair that is tired of the winter cold and is waiting for warmth with us. They can be helped by a new brand tool that will revitalize them while you sleep. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly even into dry hair and does not stain the pillow. Apply the product all over before bed, wait a couple of minutes for it to absorb, and wash your hair without conditioner in the morning. The wow effect is visible to the naked eye. And if you don't have time to wait even at night, the mask can be used as a sos-means. If you need to urgently restore your hair before an important event, apply it for 30 minutes and the result will surprise you. And it also fits perfectly into a busy schedule when there is not a minute of free time: apply it for an hour during workout, or even on the beach - it can protect your hair from the sun's rays.

Price: 1 630 rub.

Body cream Stress-Fix Body Creme, Aveda

For several years now I have been suffering from chronic insomnia. This month, the advice of a somnologist and this wonderful cream helped me cope with this condition. Everything is perfect in the product, from the aroma to the composition.

Firstly, it has a pleasant dense texture that spreads easily over the skin and is absorbed quickly enough. The skin becomes moisturized, and in the deep layers of the skin (I get up in the morning without feeling dryness and I managed to forget about peeling).

It contains only natural ingredients, the main of which is lavender. It works as a natural anti-stress - after a bath I arrange a light spa procedure and fall asleep faster.

Price: about 5 500 rubles.

Intensively moisturizing night face mask Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, Clinique

Another evening must-have before important events. I use it when you need to give the skin of the face freshness, but there is no time for a full sleep. I apply the mask in the evening after cleansing the face and rub into the skin until the product is absorbed. So, I solve two problems at once - I moisturize my face and do a light massage. Many of these products create the feeling of a film on the skin, after which you want to wash your face and forget about beauty experiments. But this is not a story about Clinique - it absorbs very quickly.

Price: 3,000 rubles.

Face cream Mandel, Weleda

Organic pioneer Weleda has re-released the almond range with a new design in pastel colors and a floral pattern. The formula of the nourishing face cream has remained unchanged: it contains only natural ingredients, including almond oil and softening lactic acid. Literally overnight, the cream restores skin cracked in the cold, and also protects against chapping during the day. Allergy sufferers are advised to use with caution: the composition contains beeswax.

Price: 945 rub.

Serum with vitamin C Energizing essence, Egia

In the off-season, my face looks dull and tired, so I "bring it to life" with vitamin C, which is needed not only by the body in general, but also by the skin in particular. I have tried many different creams and serums with this active ingredient, but I saw immediate results only from the Egia serum.

Everything is perfect in the product of the Italian brand - from the delicate texture, thanks to which it is gently distributed over the skin, to the effect: the skin becomes silky. I apply the serum at night after tonic, and in the morning the skin looks rested and fresh.

I also noticed the cumulative effect - I have been using the serum for about a month and have already forgotten about dryness and flaking. The composition helps to maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin. And the unique complex E.S.A.-3 has an antioxidant effect that prevents skin aging: cells are activated by themselves and increase the immunity of the skin (just like vitamin C increases the immunity of our body).

Price: 7 850 rub.

Body lotion 113 Vildros / Wild Rose Body Lotion, L: A Bruket

In spring, a new life always begins for me, which means that I get more tired. The lotion with an incredible wild rose scent helped me relax this season, which soothes the mind and body. The pleasant light texture does not make the skin sticky, and the lotion itself perfectly nourishes and restores it overnight - I apply it only in the evening after a shower to enhance the relaxation effect.

I was also pleased with the composition of the product - it contains wild rose oil (hence the smell, as if you are standing near rose bushes in the garden), natural coconut oil and shea butter. Due to them, the tool helped me to cope with irritations that appeared on the skin due to the first spring wind.

And the recognizable aroma will remind me for a long time of the evening sun and the joyful changes that happened to me this spring. The product has a very economical consumption, and I think that this summer we will also meet together, because the smell of a rose (read: joy, love and hope) is relevant in any season.

Price on request

Jojoba recovery night mask, Yves Rocher

You sleep, and your hair is transforming at this time - sounds tempting, doesn't it? And the Yves Rocher jojoba mask promises exactly that. The product must be applied before going to bed along the entire length of the hair, slightly stepping back from the roots. The main thing here is to know when to stop - if you want the effect of Disney's Rapunzel in the morning, and not greasy icicles, do not apply too much. In the morning, the hair is silky and very soft - it is very difficult to hold on and not touch it all day. The product is 96% herbal ingredients, and the main ingredient of the mask is jojoba oil. He was even nicknamed "the gold of the desert" for his ability to restore sun-scorched hair. Our curls, of course, the sun does not burn out, but there are enough other harmful effects. Therefore, applying the mask once a week has become a mandatory step in my hair care.

Price: 490 rub.

Night cream "Endless effect" Anew, AVON

You try a new cream, you like it, but time passes and the product stops working - familiar? It was the problem of getting used to the products that AVON experts took into account when creating the Infinite Effect night cream.

The novelty contains two active ingredients - retinol and phytol. While the former actively regenerates the skin, increases its elasticity and lightens age spots, the latter moisturizes and evens out the skin, improving the complexion day after day.

According to the editor of BeautyHack Daria Sizova, the action of the novelty is aimed not only at rejuvenating skin cells, but also at preventing aging.The cream is double-sided - and it is recommended to alternate two phases every week. Then the ingredients will enhance each other's action, and the effect will be noticeable faster. According to research from the brand's laboratory, after four weeks the number of expression lines will decrease, and after six months of use, you can say goodbye to age spots once and for all - sounds promising!

Price: 1 490 rub.

Night care for wrinkles Serum Végétal, Yves Rocher

I decided to give this night cream to my mother for testing, because its effect on me is unlikely to be noticeable. The aroma of the product is neutral, the jar closes tightly thanks to a convenient twist-off lid, and the consistency of the cream is dense, but not greasy.

My mom has been using this night care for over two weeks. The very next day after applying the cream, the skin is hydrated and looks very rested. A week later, a lifting effect was noticeable, the skin became more elastic and fine wrinkles were slightly smoothed out.

Price: 1 590 rub.

Restoring night mask Le Lift Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask, Chanel

We owe the emergence of night masks in our life to Asia, and the emergence of a mask, with the help of which one can also grow younger in a dream, to the Parisian House of Chanel. The brand's novelty fights the signs of aging on the face, neck and décolleté while you sleep - all thanks to a sophisticated ingredient called 3.5-DA. It took 12 years to develop this magical element, but it was worth it - it adapts to the properties of your skin and rejuvenates and tightens those areas that need it. Thanks to such an individual "approach", the mask will appeal to women of all ages and in the morning it will make any skin smooth, pleasant to the touch and smooth, like a porcelain doll. I appreciated the effect after the first application - and put my foundation aside. The combination of a new mask and a facial massage really works wonders - the skin looks rested, as after a long vacation.

Price: 6 200 rubles.

Night mask Drink Up Intensitive Overnight Mask, Origins

This summer, the legendary brand of organic cosmetics Origins came to the Russian market (we talked about why this is great news here). The creator of the brand is William Lauder, the grandson of Este Lauder. Since its inception on the global market, Origins has established itself as a brand specializing in natural cosmetics and traditional recipes. In addition, the latest technologies and scientific trends are used in the formulas of the products.

One of the first brand products I tested was the Drink Up Intensitive Overnight Mask. Cream of pale yellow color with a herbaceous aroma is very rich in texture, but absorbed in 10 minutes. I apply the mask in a greasy layer on the skin before going to bed (to wake up with radiant and rested skin in the morning) or use it at the very beginning of the day if I plan to do active makeup in the evening on the way out and want to sufficiently moisturize the skin. In the composition of vegetable oils of avocado and apricot kernels - for intensive nutrition.

Price: 1,000 rubles.

Body Cream Precipitation Extra, Origins

In consistency, it resembles thick sour cream. When applied, you feel a slight cooling effect.

The light herbaceous scent reminded me of the scent of nettles. The product is recommended for those who have very, very dry skin. It has a rich oily composition: shea butter, ginseng, grapefruit, gentian root, cocoa were added to the cream.

For all my dislike for too oily products, I was afraid to apply it - I do not like it when the cream is absorbed for a long time. This one is an exception. Does not leave a greasy shine, perfectly moisturizes, but it is clearly not absorbed for 20-30 minutes. After 5-7, not a trace remained of it, but I noticed the effect right away - the dry skin of the elbows and heels became noticeably softer after the first use. I recommend using this cream after showering before bed - while you sleep it will work and moisturize your skin.

Read our interview with the president of the Origins brand here."

Price: 2 600 rub.

Face mask Extra Intensive Mask, Sensai

All my friends beautygolics are divided into two groups - who adore the products of the Sensai brand and who have not tried them.The brand is Japanese (the Japanese, by the way, in principle, do not do anything bad in their care), and the main component of the products is silk.

Here asks a little beauty parable. In 1930, Sanji Muto, manager of the Kanebo textile company (today Sensai is part of this concern), noted that the hands of women working in the silk manufactory are always smooth. Mr. Muto's observation led to research into the characteristics of silk, and those to the discovery of fibroin: a substance capable of retaining seven times more moisture in the skin.

Today, the brand uses an exclusive extract of Koishimaru silk - in ancient times, kimonos for the imperial family were made from this fiber, and to this day it remains an expensive pleasure for the Japanese aristocracy.

To be honest, I am a skeptic and I treat the beautiful stories that each brand has with a smile. But after this mask (she is at night) you really wake up like an aristocrat who only does what she tastes of the beauty - sleep, delicacies and cultural values.

Whether it is silk or other components (and there are many worthy ones among them, for example niacinamide), but immediately after application, it is as if you are diving into the “endless ocean of moisture” promised by the booklet. And in the morning this effect of nourished and happy skin does not turn into a greasy film.

I will definitely smear the entire can without delay - it feels like the course of such evening "oceanic" swims can compete with salon treatments.

Price: about 12,000 rubles.

Night moisturizing mask Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque, Kiehl's

If the evening turned out to be difficult, and in the morning you need to be in the ranks, I use a mask from Kiehl's. The main plus of the product is excellent hydration. I apply it in a thick layer, then blot it with a napkin and leave it on my face all night. In the morning, the face looks fresh, and there are no signs of fatigue. By the way, Kiehl’s has a miniature of this mask, which is convenient to take with you when traveling.

Price: 2 470 rubles.

Night cream Predermine Sculpting Night Cream, Darphin

In consistency, it is dense, like frozen butter, which is appropriate and logical for the night - unlike other times of the day, at night we are in no hurry and do not activate facial expressions, which means that it is easier for a dense product to absorb properly and do its job.

The cream is anti-aging and too early for me. Its main action is modeling. Elasticity, stimulation of collagen production, lifting and all that (although he attacks mimic wrinkles, and I have them, like Chatsky's torments, a million).

The composition is 84% ​​natural, the main players in it are the extract of tripoli leaves, tuberose and Florentine iris root. To me, not a chemist or a dermatologist, these beautiful words do not mean anything, but the promise from the press release to "instantly increase the density of the skin" is really not a joke. After applying and light massage with a special spatula, you really get the feeling that you have put on a corset on your face - it kind of cheers up and tightens up. She even ceases to want to sleep.

At the same time, unlike many anti-age products, the cream does not tighten the skin, on the contrary, it nourishes it well due to the fact that in addition to the listed magical seven-flowered flowers there is also vitamin E.

Like all Darphin products, the cream smells great and in general from its use there are solid endorphins - massage with a beautiful spatula, "expensive" consistency (dense, but not vaseline), a girl's pink jar. The scapula, by the way, is a really effective thing, or rather, the massage that it provides. The brand has been practicing special modeling massage techniques throughout its history, that is, for almost 60 years. In Europe, women have been sitting on Darphin for years (go to any Parisian pharmacy and be sure to see a light green stand), and in general the brand is represented in 45 countries.

If you have something to model or it's time to attend to the prevention of this issue, if your skin is prone to dryness, and also if you like dense texture and ritual in care, you can take Predermine on a pencil. Although I don't need a lifting yet, I still use my jar because the nutrition and revitalization are great too.

Price: about 7 500 rubles.

Cream mask Slow Age Night Cream & Mask, Vichy

I really like that the components of cosmetics, which previously could only be found in professional and cosmeceutical brands, are now beginning to appear in more popular brands. For example, Vichy released the Slow Age Night Cream & Mask with very effective resveratrol. The mask looks like a dark brown gel, but in reality it is not a gel, but rather a slightly oily rich texture. In the morning, the skin after it looks much smoother in color and more nourished.

Price: about 2,000 rubles.

Face mask Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask, The Body Shop

I have long liked The Body Shop Tea Tree series for inflammation, but their new Anti-Imperfection Night Mask surpassed even my expectations - this is a night mask that contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components. No rinsing required - just apply overnight. And during this time, it helps the inflammation not to increase, but rather to heal and dry out. As a bonus, it also tightens pores.

Mask Advanced Night Repair Mask-In-Oil, Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder came up with a very interesting mask format - Advanced Night Repair Mask-In-Oil. If necessary, it can be used every day, or it is possible precisely when the skin needs more recovery and nutrition than usual. The oil with a light fine texture smells traditionally like Advanced Night Repair products. It should be applied overnight on the serum. In the morning, the skin is not only more nourished, but also smoother in tone. It's also great that the oil needs just a couple of drops, so it is consumed very slowly and will last for a long time. 11 unusual facts about Estée Lauder can be found here.

Price: 7 646 rub.

Night mask Cilantro & orange extract pollutant defending masque, Kiehl's

I use this after deep cleansing with a GlamGlow mask to soothe my skin. It is also useful if, after an allergy or a runny nose, you have peeling on your face - the night mask from Kiel's removes all imperfections in no time.

The main components in the composition are extracts of bitter orange and Chinese parsley. They retain moisture in the skin and increase its protective function, and bitter orange is also a good antioxidant.

Price: 3 090 rub.

Mask Dreamduo Overnight Transforming Treatment, GlamGlow

This is my favorite night care! Dreamduo Overnight Transforming Treatment consists of two products: a white cream with a pearlescent shine and a gray mask. I love that the mask does not need to be rinsed off. Before going to bed, I first apply a thin layer of pearlescent cream (as part of the extract of green tea leaves, which is responsible for a healthy complexion), and after 30 seconds - a mask (the main component is hyaluronic acid). I fall asleep and wake up in the morning with moisturized and glowing skin! Unlike the mask from GlamGlow, which I talked about at the beginning of the article, this one is suitable for all skin types.

Price: 4 560 rub.

Night serum Perfect C Treatment Serum, 3Lab

This serum from the Perfect line contains two types of vitamin C in a high concentration (the brand does not indicate the exact amount), plus astaxanthin - a fashionable and effective antioxidant. The serum itself is lightweight and absorbs quickly. An important detail for all products with vitamin C is packaging: vitamin C easily disintegrates, but here it is stored as carefully as possible, since the bottle is opaque and with a pump. It makes sense to use it to improve the complexion and even out the skin relief - for this, the antioxidant complex is ideal.

Price: 10 045 rub.

Body cream Eveil de Soi Body Beautifier, Hysqia

Light texture, dense musky scent and fine golden shimmer - in general, a cream for a promising night. The Swiss brand Hysqia is terribly interesting in itself: it is a niche brand that specializes in intimate care products. A modern woman, according to the philosophy of the brand, pays enough attention to her face, but bypasses her lady parts - and to fill this gap, the brand offers a full line of products, including a caring oil for erogenous zones (!) But if this purchase is still on the list there are no priorities, you can start your acquaintance with golden cream - and then the turn will come to the rest.

Price: 10 200 rubles.

Cream Kiwicha Night Cream, Klapp

The German brand was founded by naturopathic physician Gerhard Klapp in 1980. One of the brand's innovations is the ASA Peel with five fruit acids in its composition, developed in the mid-80s and patented by the Klapp group of companies. Dr. Klapp was one of the first to use vitamins A and C in cosmetics.

The basis of this cream is caudate amaranth oil, which grows in South America and was actively used by the Incas (hence the name of the series of products - "Kiwicha"). The oil contains vitamins A, D, B1, B2, which penetrate deep into the epidermis due to squalene (a conductor component), moisturize and nourish the skin. The cream is very light, it is not felt after application. The composition contains plant components (except for amaranth oil, there are peanut oils, jojoba, rosemary leaf extract, aloe vera), no gluten, mineral and silicone oils, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Price: 4 100 rubles.

Night cream "Pink infusion", Académie Scientifique de Beauté

The oldest European brand was created by Dr. Alexander Lamotte in 1980. An important fact: since 1936, the brand has been creating collagen creams, on average in each Académie Scientifique de Beauté product there are 30 natural ingredients.

In the "Pink Infusion" cream, it is Provencal rose oil, cypress essential oil, mimosa wax, jojoba, shea and macadamia oils, French peach extract. The oils strengthen the skin and create a film that protects the skin from moisture loss.

Apply with massage movements.

Price on request

Night renewing cream Perfect Skin Refiner, Teoxane

I advise the product to clients with pigmentation. It brightens the skin, shrinks pores and gives the face a healthy glow. The composition contains glycolic (about 10%), hyaluronic acids and the Novhyal G component (Teoxane patent) - a precursor of hyaluronic acid that strengthens the epidermis and dermis and accelerates metabolic processes. After the release of the cream, Teoxane conducted a test on 24 volunteers who used the product for 15 days, after which the cosmetologists and they themselves diagnosed the visible skin improvements that I described above.

Price on request

Phytocell Arganight Cream, Cholley

The cream is good for dry and very dry skin, but it is suitable if you need emergency hydration (after a vacation at the sea, for example). Apply it on the face with massage movements and "hammering in" with your fingers around the neck and décolleté. The IC-RAMP technology patented by the Swiss brand is based on the ability of the skin to regenerate at the intercellular level (this is how the skin heals after a cut, for example).

Cholley products stimulate the production of fibroblasts that produce the extracellular matrix: collagen and elastane. The main component of the cream is an extract of argan tree stem cells. Since this plant is an endangered species and is under the protection of UNESCO, a patented technology for extracting stem cells from small parts of argan is used. Other active ingredients that stimulate skin renewal are extracts of crocus bulb and bitter wormwood.

Price: 21 400 rubles.

Turn Over Stimulating Night Cream, Dermaceutic

This is an anti-aging cream that can be used from the age of 30 - it fights the first signs of aging and stimulates cell renewal. After regular use, the skin becomes soft and the face refreshed.

In the composition, glycolic acid, which works as a light peeling, reduces the adhesion of keratin cells in the stratum corneum of the epidermis and exfoliates dead particles. Avoid the eye area when applying.

Price: 2 965 rub.

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