Star Complexes: What Are The Most Beautiful Celebrities Shy About

Star Complexes: What Are The Most Beautiful Celebrities Shy About
Star Complexes: What Are The Most Beautiful Celebrities Shy About

Video: Star Complexes: What Are The Most Beautiful Celebrities Shy About

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"Oh, find fault!" - you say. Well, what can be wrong with the appearance of women who are more than once recognized as sex symbols? For women that millions of girls have dreamed of and are dreaming of?


But you really rarely meet a person who is 100% satisfied with his appearance, and the stars are no exception. We look at what famous actresses and singers are shy about.

Kristen Stewart hides her ears

11 Jul 2020 at 3:01 PDT

The actress is very shy about her ears. In her opinion, they are too big and bulging. Today, when such a "flaw" is considered more of a highlight, you can see that Kristen has ceased to endlessly hide her ears behind strands of hair (perhaps stylists suggested this to her, because her taste was not always in order, and her images were controversial). However, she has not yet got rid of the complex completely.

Julia Roberts doesn't like her mouth

4 Jun 2019 at 06:48 PDT

Famous and in demand, the idol of a whole generation of girls and women, Julia was shy of her mouth all her life. He seemed too large and disproportionate to her.

Well, the fact that the actress's mouth is really big is a fact. But, according to the author, this can hardly be called a drawback. An open smile with perfectly straight, beautiful teeth is Julia's calling card, which was even insured for tens of millions of dollars.

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Anfisa Chekhova masks freckles

1 Jul 2020 at 9:44 PDT

You probably thought about but no. Chekhova does not really like her big breasts and even wants to reduce it, but is not ashamed of it. But what really haunts the star is her freckles.

The TV presenter hides them under a layer of makeup and makeup. Maybe that's why it is very difficult to find a fresh face without makeup on her Instagram.

For some, freckles are a joy, for others - a headache: How to whiten freckles.

Vera Brezhneva struggles with stoop

30 June 2020 at 08:31 PDT

In the ratings of various publications, Vera is often recognized as the most beautiful woman in Russia, but she also has her own complexes.

In particular, the singer says that from early childhood she was ashamed of being tall. Between us, 172 cm is not so tall in our time, but Vera got rid of her stoop only after she got into the VIA Gra group and became a star.

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Megan Fox hates her fingers

7 March 2019 at 3:32 PST

Transformers star, sexy American actress Megan Fox once admitted that she hates fingers. They seem to her to be stumps that all the time she wants to hide somewhere.

There is only one question: given the actress's passion for plastic surgery, it is strange why she still has not changed the ill-fated shape of her fingers?

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