9 Stars Who Were “ugly Ducklings” In Their Youth, But Blossomed Over The Years

9 Stars Who Were “ugly Ducklings” In Their Youth, But Blossomed Over The Years
9 Stars Who Were “ugly Ducklings” In Their Youth, But Blossomed Over The Years

Video: 9 Stars Who Were “ugly Ducklings” In Their Youth, But Blossomed Over The Years

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The older we get, the more difficult it is usually to maintain a beautiful appearance. It becomes more difficult to stay fit, the skin looks less elastic, and health problems appear. And if some people give up under such an onslaught and give up, others make every effort and look even better than in their youth.

Some famous women prefer to follow the rule “do not be born beautiful”: over the years, they only began to look more spectacular.

1. Jennifer Lopez, 51

Jennifer Lopez has blossomed with age. But before, no one believed in a future diva: a plump Latin American, who did not have enough stars from the sky, where could she become a celebrity? But J. Lo decided differently, and after her first role in a big movie, she proved to everyone what she was capable of. Now she is a little over 50, but no one believes in the numbers in the passport: the correct work of cosmetologists and sports help Lopez look younger than her twenty-year-old colleagues.

2. Blake Lively, 33

The Hollywood star and wife of Ryan Reynolds stands out on every carpet with her perfect figure and radiant smile. True, those who remember her from the time of the TV series "Gossip Girl" are hardly surprising, because they know that the beauty of the actress is the result of competent plastic surgery. In addition to her face, Blake also corrected her breasts. In our time, it would be strange to judge someone for their hobby for plastic surgery, especially when a woman literally becomes prettier after them. Now the star looks much more impressive than at the beginning of her career.

3. Kim Kardashian, 39 years old

The Armenian roots of the Kardashians have always made themselves felt, so as soon as Kim became recognizable, she undertook to remake herself with unprecedented enthusiasm. She has noticeably lost weight, on account of her radical rhinoplasty, facelift and multiple fillers. It is immediately obvious that famous Hollywood surgeons worked with her - now she is over 40, but the model looks great.

4. Beyoncé, 38

Beyoncé was an inconspicuous girl in her youth. Now she looks much younger, and all thanks to sports, dance training and, undoubtedly, the great work of stylists. The main technique that immediately helped the singer to throw off a couple of extra years was changing her hair color. The blonde curls make an interesting contrast to Beyoncé's dark skin.

5. Miley Cyrus, 27

Blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, removal of Bisha's lumps - it's hard to believe that the Hannah Montana star suffered all these changes at such a young age. However, Miley Cyrus's childish cheeky face has become the sophisticated and showy face of the new rebel of the world stage. She changed her clothing preferences many times, cut her hair like a boy, in general, she was not at all afraid of experiments, and this is for the best. Now she has managed to come to a harmonious image of the femme fatale and looks cooler.

6. Scarlett Johansson, 35

Scarlett Johansson appeared on the screen as a little girl: at the age of 10 she performed a role in the film "North". Her talent was immediately appreciated, and popularity was not long in coming, but the actress did not manage to get rid of the image of a shy girl and an ugly duckling for a long time. When she became the face of the Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign, a scandal broke out among the public: they did not believe that the girl was worthy of a modeling career. After years of transformations, Scarlett has become the sex symbol of America.

7. Demi Moore, 57 years old

At school, Demi Moore became the object of ridicule due to her squint and facial asymmetry. All her life she diligently corrected natural defects, therefore, having become famous, she decided to help plastic surgeons.The actress openly declares that she straightened her nose, lips and facial contours, but it was worth it. The actress is under 60, but she looks better than her 25.

8. Elle Macpherson, 56

As a child, Elle Macpherson could hardly imagine herself as a model: a disproportionate body, excessive thinness. So El ended up in law college with no hope of worldwide fame. However, fate decreed otherwise, and during the holidays, the future model faced a casting manager, who brought the girl into the big fashion industry. Over time, McPherson changed her hair, makeup and clothing style, which turned her into the first beauty. Now she is 56, but she does not even think to yield to young competitors.

9. Jennifer Garner, 48

Jennifer Garner is 48 years old, and a year ago she was recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world according to People. The actress herself never considered herself attractive, so in her youth she often portrayed notorious simpletons on the screen. Even her parents did not support her daughter and avoided compliments against Jennifer, but Garner was able to overcome her self-doubt and became one of the most charming women in Hollywood.

Who is the most transformed celebrity?

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