Time Did Not Take Pity On Them: The Stars That Have Become Very Ugly Over The Years

Time Did Not Take Pity On Them: The Stars That Have Become Very Ugly Over The Years
Time Did Not Take Pity On Them: The Stars That Have Become Very Ugly Over The Years

Video: Time Did Not Take Pity On Them: The Stars That Have Become Very Ugly Over The Years

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Everyone wants to stay young and beautiful always, but, alas, nature has its own plans. Some celebrities try to deceive the natural passage of time: they inject fillers, do face-lifts - in short, they slow down aging as much as they can. They do not take into account one thing: sooner or later, nature will still prevail, and all wrinkles (even carefully hidden ones) will come out. This is what happened to the heroes of our collection: look and be horrified.


Alika Smekhova

The daughter of a famous actor and a popular actress and singer in the 90s has given up a lot in recent years. If earlier every second person admired Aliki's face, now she can serve as an example of how an attempt to preserve youth backfires. This is especially evident in the photographs from the premiere of the musical "Don Juan", which Anna Semenovich posted on her Instagram. Fans immediately noticed Alika's striking age-related changes: deep nasolabial folds and wrinkled bags under the eyes. In addition, Smekhova and her colleagues were dubbed "grandmothers" and were advised to take less photoshopped pictures.

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Tatiana Ovsienko

A former member of the Mirage group, the spectacular blonde Ovsienko is also not the same. The harmonious features of the face - a nose with a noble hump and pronounced cheekbones - have slightly worn out over time. And it's not just about age: fans believe that Tatiana was ruined by plastic.

Apparently, the woman fell for the typical "star" bait: she wanted to stay young forever (and pump up her lips at the same time). Tatyana forgot that measure was needed in everything, so her face became like a lifeless mask. At the same time, the wrinkles did not disappear, but the lips began to look unnaturally swollen. I wanted the best, but it turned out what happened.

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Larisa Dolina

Another domestic singer who does not neglect plastic. The face of Larisa Dolina is a strange object: either there are wrinkles on it, then they are not. At first, fans were surprised at each new metamorphosis, and then they resigned themselves to the woman's love for facelifts. And everything was fine until the photos of the Valley without retouching and at close range got to the Web.

It was then that everyone gasped. It turned out that you won't be able to tighten your face forever (although we realized this a long time from the example of Vera Alentova), and sooner or later either the wrinkles will return, or the skin will go bumps. The first thing happened with the singer: her forehead is covered with deep longitudinal grooves, and distinct crow's feet lie in the corners of her eyes.

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Alena Apina

The ex-soloist of the "Combination" group, 56-year-old Alena Apina, also lost ground. The years were reflected not only on her face: the woman noticeably gained weight. The extra pounds added to Alena's age, which she so carefully tried to hide behind an abundance of cosmetics.

Fans sympathize with the singer: of course, after 50 it is more difficult to keep fit. But at the same time, they advise Alena to reconsider nutrition and go in for sports - it's useful after all. Someone suspects her of plastic surgery, although the star herself denies any interference. Be that as it may, now she looks much worse than 5 years ago, and this is very surprising: Alena passed too sharply.

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Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov

We did not have time to look back, as the "redhead from" Ivanushki "turned into an old man from folk tales.Andrei Grigoriev-Appolonov has aged dramatically due to a difficult period in his life: a couple of years ago, two people close to him passed away at once: Oleg Yakovlev and his sister Julia.

Andrei coped with losses with the help of alcohol, which he directly stated in an interview. The addiction was clearly reflected in the appearance of the singer: excess weight and wrinkles appeared, hair faded. Now the situation is a little better, but still, fans advise Grigoriev-Appolonov to reconsider his lifestyle, otherwise at 55 he will look 80.

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