5 Spring Makeup Trends Worthy Of The Hollywood Red Carpets

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5 Spring Makeup Trends Worthy Of The Hollywood Red Carpets
5 Spring Makeup Trends Worthy Of The Hollywood Red Carpets

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We are moving towards warming and analyzing the main fashion trends in makeup for spring-summer 2021, which in the near future will be repeatedly demonstrated by the stars of the first magnitude on the red carpets of various festivals. After all, you all remember that the Oscars and Golden Globes moved this year to spring?

The makeup of the coming warm season this year is more diverse than ever: here you have arrows for every taste, and a make-up with crystals that is gaining popularity thanks to bloggers, and classic red lipstick, where can we go without it? It's time to buy new palettes and other cosmetic innovations and start beauty experiments. A little workout - and you will shine as well as Kylie Jenner with her flawless radiant skin or draw yourself a creative smoky, like J. Lo, who loves to try on new looks like no one else.

Yulia Vlasenkova Leading beauty expert Crystal Estetica


provided by Crystal Estetica

provided by Crystal Estetica

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provided by Crystal Estetica

Such a simple but always relevant technique will be popular again in the new season. At the latest shows, makeup artists choose a variety of arrows: from classic to thick and graphic, double, colored and drawn over the eyelid. In a make-up with arrows, it is better to leave the emphasis only on the eyes, but this is not at all necessary, for festive looks it is quite possible to combine arrows with bright lips.


provided by Crystal Estetica

provided by Crystal Estetica

With the advent of Instagram and TikTok bloggers in our lives, who are not afraid to experiment with makeup, rhinestones, crystals, beads, sparkles and bright patterns on the face have become more common. Even handicrafts are welcome! This season, make-up artists are moving away from classic themes and again turning to décor and bright accents, so go for it.

Wet lips

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provided by Crystal Estetica

Another favorite trend for many years is wet lips. This can be achieved with a balm, lip oil, or a sheer, non-sticky gloss. A beautiful fashion trend that absolutely applies to life - moisturized lips with a glossy finish always look plump and well-groomed.

Good skin

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provided by Crystal Estetica

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Despite the fact that during the quarantine we were all slightly tired of being natural, the trend for beautiful and healthy skin, light blush and minimal makeup will remain with us for a long time, if not forever. Despite the fact that with the onset of spring and after the removal of many restrictions, we want more bright colors, the most important thing was and remains an even tone. Girls increasingly began to pay attention to the condition of the skin, buy care products and visit cosmetologists. In 2021, the focus is shifting towards mindful care.

Multicolor eye makeup

Lip Comfort Oil Shimmer, CLARINS, gives lips intense nourishment and long-lasting protection, while enhancing their beauty with rich color and dazzling shimmer. The collection contains 8 shimmery shades. Price: 2 150 rubles.

The Facefinity Highlighter, Max Factor, delivers a lightweight glow for all day. A long-wearing, ultra-lightweight, even powdery finish for a healthy glow. Price: 849 rubles.

A collection of 6 lip glosses Guilty Pleasure Lip Gloss, Vera Beauty, add volume and shine at the same time. The universal palette of the collection allows you to create a coating of various textures - from natural slightly damp to ultra-glossy with shimmer. Price: 1,400 rubles apiece.

Limited edition powder in balls Meteorites Pearl Glow, Guerlain, creates a natural glow on the skin, refreshes it and gives it a well-groomed look.Price: 4 570 rubles.

Chupa Chups BB-foundation-cushion Candy Glow Cushion, Chupa Chups, highly pigmented cushion evens tone and corrects skin texture. A thin layer of the product covers redness, acne marks and pigmentation. Does not accentuate flaking, does not crack or run off during the day. Gives a natural, radiant finish without masking effect. Contains maximum SPF 50+ PA ++++, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, adenosine to care for your skin throughout the day. Price: 1 990 rubles.

Eveline Cosmetics Bio Organic two-phase micellar water for eye make-up remover provides lips with intense nourishment and reliable protection, while emphasizing their beauty with juicy color and dazzling shimmer. Price: 147 rubles.

Witch hazel flower water, LAINO, gently cleanses the skin, gently and effectively removes makeup. Used as a cleansing lotion after applying milk and / or as a refreshing facial toner. Price: 780 rubles.

The new generation Kiss magnetic lashes are easy to apply and wear without harming natural lashes. No glue needed. Price: 945 rubles.

Monomek with one shade of eyeshadow or pretty glitters is a thing of the past. Spring, according to celebrity makeup artists, is a time for experimentation, so do not limit yourself to a single color a la nature, experiment with textures and palettes - there are no restrictions in the eye makeup of spring 2021, even if you draw a rainbow for centuries, no one will judge you.

Vladimir Kalinchev National makeup artist Max Factor in Russia

_ “The main makeup of the upcoming spring-summer 2021 season is the absence of makeup. Like this! Healthy, clean and glowing skin is encouraged, without any hint of makeup. But lovers of make-up should not be upset in advance - there are also several bright options for you. At fashion shows held in New York, Milan, London and Paris, we identified 7 clear trends that will determine the next warm season: So, in fashion this spring and summer will be:

Natural makeup, as it were, generally the purest nude. A radiant face in all its forms: from light shimmer to outright gloss. Both individual areas and the entire face can shine. Colorless lip gloss. Multi-colored shadows (mono, combinations of different shades in one make-up). Arrows and intense eyeliner - both classic black and various curly ones. Short, long, thick, ornate. Limitations in colors and shape are also not foreseen. Red lipstick - matte and glossy, dark and light warm. All 50 shades of scarlet and wine in all possible textures will be relevant. Classics of the genre - smoky eyes in black and gray”._

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