Reason For Pride: 5 Worthy Brands Of Russian Cosmetics

Reason For Pride: 5 Worthy Brands Of Russian Cosmetics
Reason For Pride: 5 Worthy Brands Of Russian Cosmetics

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The Made in Russia mark has long ceased to be a shameful stigma. Russian brands no longer pretend to be French, American or Italian, but proudly declare themselves. We have selected several worthy brands to look out for.


False eyelashes Olga (1800 rubles)


Personalized brand of Russian makeup artist Olga Romanova. Her long-lasting pencils-lipsticks Sexy Lipstick can outperform any analog from a well-known international brand. And false eyelashes do not get tired of praising famous makeup artists - they are easy to stick, they hold well, and look as natural as possible.

Mascara (1970 rubles)

Sergey Naumov

Make-up artist Sergey Naumov produces his own line of high-quality decorative cosmetics. The assortment includes multi-colored lip balms in pretty metal washers, lipsticks, self-adhesive arrows (an indispensable thing when you need a quick, but unusual make-up), highlighters, cream shadows (very beautiful shades) and mascara that does not crumble, does not smudge and perfectly separates and dyes the eyelashes.

Makeup brush "Kabuki" (1950 rubles)

Number one by Olga Blokh

Olga Blokh is a famous Moscow make-up artist, brow-stylist and the owner of several brow-bars, where they make the right eyebrows. Olga recently launched her own small cosmetics line with a special focus on eyebrow products and tools. There are also eyebrow growth oils, brushes, disposable applicators, and even a sponge egg.

Serum for the face New Skin (1200 rubles)

Promakeup Laboratory

Affordable and good quality care and decorative cosmetics, which are not only invented, but also produced in Russia. The products are aimed at professionals, but those who do not work as a makeup artist have something to see. The wide range of the brand includes a huge selection of decorative cosmetics, brushes, patches and products for skin care and preparation for make-up.

Face cream Cheerful Morning For Face (2000 RUB.)

Sergey Gubanov

Actor Sergei Gubanov became interested in perfumery, founded his own brand with his partners, and now produces perfumes (they are produced in Russia from French components) for a reasonable price. In addition to a dozen fragrances, the brand has a universal face cream Cheerful Morning For Face - it is suitable for both men and women and helps "feel like a movie star on the set of the best episode of your life" - so the description of the product says.

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