Beautiful Women Who Were Suspected Of Being Men

Beautiful Women Who Were Suspected Of Being Men
Beautiful Women Who Were Suspected Of Being Men

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Michelle Obama


The wife of ex-US President Barack Obama, Michelle, was suspected of being a transsexual. Recently, American TV presenter Alex Jones announced on the air of his show that the former first lady was born a man, and he has irrefutable evidence. In particular, Jones showed an amateur compilation of photographs of Michelle Obama that appeared on the Web, on whose pants, skirts and dresses a mysterious bump is visible below the waist. The TV presenter also recalled how the politician called his wife Michael several times during official speeches. The show also recalled the statement made by TV presenter Joan Rivers a few years ago, who, when asked by a journalist when there will be a gay president in the United States, answered: “We already have Obama. And his wife Michelle is a transsexual. Everyone knows that. " A couple of months later, by the way, she died during an operation on her vocal cords (this, according to Alex Jones, can also raise suspicions - is it really a terrible truth that Rivers actually discovered?). Further more. Netizens, journalists and bloggers began to look for evidence that Michelle Obama is actually a man: supposedly her appearance is too unfeminine, and her movements and demeanor.

Irina Zabiyaka

The soloist of the "Chi-Li" group Irina Zabiyaka sang in such a low voice that many decided it was definitely a transvestite. While the singers who doubted the gender of the singer argued about whether she was still a man or a woman, Irina became pregnant and gave birth to a son, finally dispelling rumors that only dresses and heels were female in her.


The reason for the rumors and suspicions in the case of Pink was her pumped-up boy figure, rather aggressive demeanor on stage, love for short haircuts, motorcycles and not the most feminine clothes. The most philosophical comrades decided that Pink was actually a man who was born in a female body.

Serena Williams

The queens of the court, sisters Serena and Venus Williams are the owners of powerful figures and, in comparison with their colleagues, sometimes look like invincible gladiators with whom it is useless to fight. The girls have been compared to men more than once, and the captain of the Russian national tennis team Shamil Tarpishchev once called Venus and Serena Williams brothers. By the way, for this scandalous statement, Tarpishchev was disqualified by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) for one year and fined $ 25,000.

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez is a real breakaway, she loves to hang out to the fullest, is not against intimate relationships with girls, she fights well in the cinema, prefers a daring and slightly boyish style of clothing, she does not at all look like a Turgenev young lady, from which side you look. In general, an excellent candidate for the most daring suspicions of gender.

Caster Semenya

800m world champion Kaster Semenya looks like a guy and runs suspiciously fast compared to other runners. The fact that Caster was born a girl was doubted not only by the fans, but also by the doctors. The International Association of Athletics Federations even conducted an investigation, during which it was proved that Semenya is a woman with a high level of male hormones. By the way, the champion married a woman.

Brooke Hogan

The daughter of the famous WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan, Brook is very similar to her father. And, in spite of the lush chest and prominent in all senses of the ass, too athletic physique and strong-willed chin made some to doubt - did not Brooke change sex?

Tilda Swinton

The slender Tilda Swinton, on the other hand, looks more like an androgyne, which suits her and even amuses her: “Every now and then they call me 'sir', in elevators or on the street.Probably because I am long and do not overuse lipstick. Once I was going through customs at the airport, and a male customs officer was examining me,"

Jamie Lee Curtis

Detractors call Jamie Lee Curtis a hermaphrodite. The actress has angular movements, short hair and prefers menswear. One can only remind all doubters that in her youth Curtis received the nickname "Body" for a very seductive figure, very, very feminine.

Photo: East News, Global Look Press. Getty, EPA

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