Non-beauty Brands That Started Making Good Cosmetics

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Non-beauty Brands That Started Making Good Cosmetics
Non-beauty Brands That Started Making Good Cosmetics

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Alexey Filippov, General Director of Good Price cosmetics company, told SNCMedia which companies came to the production of cosmetics from other areas (and turned out to be super-successful), made some predictions and the spoiler even gave an interesting example from Russian show business.


Examples of how a company was engaged in the production of internal combustion engines, and then accidentally decided to release its own cosmetic brand, is perhaps difficult to remember. Still, there are examples of how companies that were not initially associated with the beauty industry came to the production of cosmetics and perfumes, including on the Russian market. There are especially many such examples, of course, in the show business industry.

Johnson & Johnson

One example is the well-known Johnson & Johnson company with more than a century of history, which began its journey with the production of disinfectants: adhesive plasters containing medicinal components, hygroscopic cotton-gauze dressings supplied to hospitals, pharmacies and doctors. Today, probably, any of us uses the beauty products of this company almost every day, and in children's cosmetics it can be considered almost a standard at all.


Another example of a company that has come to branded children's cosmetics is Disney. The company decided not to dwell only on the media space and after toys - first on the shelves of brand stores, and then in chain retailers - a large number of children's decorative and care cosmetics began to appear, which, by the way, is also used by many adults. Moreover, now Disney regularly releases collaborations with well-known brands or releases its own collections of decorative cosmetics. And the children have nothing to do with it.

Kylie Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, Living Proof, Nuance

There are many examples of the emergence of cosmetic brands from show business, especially widespread abroad. The Kardashian-Jenner family (Kylie Cosmetics), Riana (Fenty Beauty), Jennifer Aniston (Living Proof), Salma Hayek (Nuance) have their own perfume and cosmetic brands and the list goes on. And almost all of these brands are loved by beauty adherents, especially the first two.

A moment of humor

As for Russian examples of the appearance of perfumery and cosmetics in a company that is not a "beauty industry", then the line of selective perfume for women "I" from the king of all stage Philip Kirkorov immediately comes to mind, while the brand "I", as many fans of the singer know Is Philip's show.

And, perhaps, someday there will be a perfume or cosmetics under the Apple brand, which would be logical, given the number of fans of the company. We wait!

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