Royal Posture, "brides Diet" And 8 More Beauty Secrets Of The Magnificent Grace Kelly

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Royal Posture, "brides Diet" And 8 More Beauty Secrets Of The Magnificent Grace Kelly
Royal Posture, "brides Diet" And 8 More Beauty Secrets Of The Magnificent Grace Kelly

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Grace Kelly is an incredibly talented actress whose outstanding work has been recognized by audiences, critics and the Academy Award for her leading role in the film Country Girl Oscar.

For women all over the world, she became a style icon and made many of their dreams come true: being a successful model, and then the highest-grossing movie star of her time, she managed to marry a prince, or rather a prince of Monaco, and thereby proved that the tale of Cinderella can come true. Grace was unusually beautiful and elegant and remained so even after the birth of three children. The editorial staff of decided to understand the main beauty secrets of the film star.

Large violet blue eyes, graceful facial features, golden curls and an impeccable sense of style Alfred Hitchcock once said about Grace, who was his main muse, that she is an ideal mystery woman, sophisticated, Nordic type, while not shamelessly showing her dignity … Indeed, on the screen and in life, the actress embodied elegance, restraint and royal chic.

Moderation in everything

Perhaps this is the main secret of Grace's beauty and slender figure. The actress has always been prone to minimalism and never allowed herself to abuse junk food, cosmetics or diets. Instead of rushing to extremes, she preferred to monitor the health of body and mind.

From an early age, the Princess of Monaco preferred to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. She swam a lot, did ballet first, and then yoga, never smoked and disdained cigarettes. She also drank a lot of water and ate right - even on the set she brought healthy snacks (dried fruits, carrot or celery sticks) with her.

Diet of brides

Grace Kelly always tried to keep herself in shape, but sometimes she had the need to lose a few pounds, and often it had to be done very quickly. Then the actress resorted to her favorite "bride diet", developed for her by a personal nutritionist. For a long time, the essence of the diet was classified, but after the death of the actress, it was published. The main feature of the diet was that for five days, Grace ate exclusively apples and oranges. It was this nutritional system that the star adhered to before the wedding with Prince Rainier.

Good posture

Royal posture was an integral part of the actress's image. Grace emphasized that this is perhaps the main secret of female attractiveness in general and her in particular. Ballet helped her to keep her back straight, and then swimming and yoga.


Despite the fact that contouring became super fashionable in the 21st century, Grace Kelly discovered it for herself back in the middle of the twentieth century: with the help of different shades of blush, she emphasized her cheekbones, applying a lighter shade on the “apples” of her cheeks, and a darker shade under the cheekbone. …

Red lipstick

She became an integral part of the princess's corporate identity. According to Grace, red is her favorite shade of lipstick, because it is always appropriate and combined with any outfit.

Perfect styling

The hairstyle should always be flawless, curls, natural or carefully dyed, hair to hair. The actress preferred smooth “Hollywood” waves, combed back to reveal her face and ears - she called this styling her main accessory along with red lipstick.

Natural makeup

Apart from her love for bright shades of lip products, the rest of her makeup, Grace preferred to adhere to the principles of naturalness.She rarely used black mascara, preferring dark brown, emphasizing her eyebrows with light brown shadows, and choosing a foundation that must perfectly match her skin tone.

Fragrance is a calling card

Especially for the wedding of the actress with Prince Rainier, the famous Creed brand created the Fleurissimo fragrance, in which notes of white flowers seemed to be powdered with an amber veil. He liked the young princess so much that he became her permanent perfume companion.

Comprehensive self-care

Grace Kelly always knew that it was necessary to take care not only of the face, but also of the body, especially the hands, which, if not given proper attention, would betray their age, and the actress really did not want this. It was for this reason that she was obsessed with caring for this part of the body and applied cream to her hands at the earliest opportunity.

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