A Flawless Smile And 7 More Beauty Secrets Of The Inimitable Lyubov Polishchuk

A Flawless Smile And 7 More Beauty Secrets Of The Inimitable Lyubov Polishchuk
A Flawless Smile And 7 More Beauty Secrets Of The Inimitable Lyubov Polishchuk

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Lyubov Polishchuk is a Russian actress with a bright appearance, a magnificent star of Italian cinema. As soon as she first appeared in the theater and on television, the audience fell in love with her once and for all. A Siberian woman with a difficult fate and a telling name Lyubov was remembered as not just strong, but never discouraged, always with a gambling twinkle in her eyes, a beauty. What beauty secrets did she use to stay in such a magnificent form of flesh until her death?


A radiant look, full sensual lips, endlessly long legs and an impeccable figure Lyubov Grigorievna is a beauty with a very “defiant” and “insidious”, as the Soviet censors used to say, her appearance. The actress faced the same problem as her colleague in the workshop Svetlana Svetlichnaya: due to the too Western type, they were both offered the roles of insidious lovebirds and not too positive heroines. However, few people know that Polishchuk had to work very hard on himself for the sake of acting as an actress. As a child, she was, in her own words, a real ugly duckling and besides not pronouncing the letter "r" and "gekala", she was also too thin, with rickety legs, and suffered from squint.

Take care of hair density

In her youth, the future artist wanted to be the owner of thick and shiny hair, but nature did not award her with this gift. But Love was not such to be humbled! The girl read somewhere that if you cut your hair "almost to zero" and do it as often as possible, your hair will certainly become more magnificent. Thank you, friends took pity and shared their own beauty secret. According to them, it was necessary to make masks from black bread for thick hair, and from egg yolk for softness and volume. Polishchuk used these folk beauty recipes even when she became a star.

Achieve ease of gait

Slender graceful legs and regal posture are Lyubov Polishchuk's calling card. But she also worked hard on them. The actress once admitted that she bought a huge number of postcards with ballerinas standing in various dance steps, and then stood for hours in front of the mirror, copying their poses so that their legs became beautiful and their gait was light. By the way, it was thanks to these trainings that she acquired both a swan neck and a straight back.

To smile at all the troubles in spite

A smile, according to Polishchuk, is one of the main adornments of a woman, so every day you have to start with her, even if everything is not going according to a very positive scenario. The artist followed this rule even when she did not receive worthy roles for months, and when she was left alone in her arms with a baby. She also resorted to this trick in order to hide her squint. As we all already know, it is a little mysterious smile that is what we all remember the beautiful Love.

Believe in yourself

There were many flaws in Polishchuk's appearance, she corrected some of them, on the other she resigned herself. However, until she believed in herself, no one perceived her as a beauty. However, once the star accepted herself for who she is, and learned to accept her flaws as part of her own personality, which only adds to her charm, she became known as one of the most attractive girls in high school.

Take a relaxing bath

In her numerous interviews, the actress has repeatedly admitted that as soon as she has a weekend, she will definitely arrange a spa day for herself: she took hot baths with scented herbs, made cleansing and nourishing masks from a mixture of oatmeal, corn flour and olive oil (or vitamin E from the capsule), and then rubbed the skin with ice cubes and applied the cream.

Do not neglect grandma's beauty recipes

Lyubov Polishchuk was the owner of thin, dry and delicate skin, because she believed that purchased scrubs with hard abrasive particles were not suitable for her.For this reason, the actress preferred to cleanse her face with her own hand-made lotion for washing, which included 100 g of cream mixed with 100 ml of cognac, one yolk and a little lemon juice.

Mikhail Malanichev Plastic surgeon

Make beauty injections

“Lyubov Polishchuk is a naturally beautiful actress, and, of course, if you look at her photographs over a period of time, you will notice that her appearance practically does not change over the years. However, in my opinion, it was not without minimal cosmetological interventions: in some photographs you can notice weak or absent facial expressions in the forehead, clean and beautiful skin in the lower eyelids is especially clearly visible, which means that the actress probably resorted to using botulinum therapy for correction wrinkles. Changes in the fullness of the lips can also be traced from the photographs - some of them show that the lips have become more luxuriant, which suggests that the actress must have replenished their volume with the help of hyaluronic acid.

Visit a beautician regularly

According to the condition of Lyubov Polishchuk's skin, one can understand that she was very attentive to self-care, probably regularly visited the beauty parlor and did facial procedures. I can’t say for sure whether she did plastic surgery, but if such an operation was performed, then the doctors did everything very correctly and naturally - the lower third looks great.

In the last years of her life, the actress suffered from an incurable cancer, which undoubtedly affected her appearance. Apparently she lost weight, in connection with which her face began to look haggard."

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