Top 5 Beauty Secrets Of Vivien Leigh

Top 5 Beauty Secrets Of Vivien Leigh
Top 5 Beauty Secrets Of Vivien Leigh

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Vivien Leigh, one of the most beautiful women of the Golden Hollywood era, knew perfectly well that true beauty is not given by the works of cosmetologists, but by life itself and the attitude towards it.


Of course, the actress did not neglect cosmetic products and services of specialists, but she clearly separated the concepts of "outer gloss" and "beauty". And only love can save a beautiful look.

The first rule is love

According to Vivien Leigh, the feeling of being in love makes a woman incredibly beautiful. She strongly advised to look at this world with a fresh look and - fall in love with it! In nature, cities, art, beautiful men - in everything that the heart lies in.

The second rule is sound sleep

Nothing transforms a woman like a good dream. Not a single make-up artist is able to remove fatigue in the look and hide the lifelessness of the skin. During sleep, the body is filled with strength and new energy, which is necessary for new achievements.

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The third rule is to please yourself

The actress believed that she needed to give herself up to life completely and allow herself small joys. It is such important little things as your favorite cake, a bunch of flowers or buying a new perfume that make our life bright and our eyes joyful.

The fourth rule is taking care of yourself

Vivien Leigh was very careful about taking care of herself. She treated her body with respect. Emphasizing merits and showing condescension to shortcomings - this is what the actress advised to strive for. In her opinion, ugly women do not exist - there are only women who do not know that they are beautiful. In an interview, Vivienne said that proper care will make any woman shine, it is only important to be creative with him. She insisted that she even brushes her hair with great inspiration.

Fifth rule - light makeup

The actress did not use bright aggressive makeup. With naturally expressive eyes, she got along with a good layer of black mascara. But on the lips, Vivien Leigh made a special emphasis, giving preference to red shades. That is why her face is the embodiment of aristocratic severity and - at the same time - incredible sensuality.

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Modern beauty secrets are full of endless names of cosmetics that change their appearance beyond recognition. In the 20th century, there were no such people, and this must be why women were looking for the source of beauty in something else: in the enjoyment of life and love for the world and themselves.

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