Overtook Age: Celebrities Who Look Older Than Their Age

Overtook Age: Celebrities Who Look Older Than Their Age
Overtook Age: Celebrities Who Look Older Than Their Age

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It just so happened that for the sake of rejuvenation, women are ready for anything. For days they hang out in the gym and eat vegetable smoothies. Others give injections in all possible places to hide the wrinkles. But even despite the abundance of ways to "freeze time", not everyone succeeds in doing this, and some even achieve the opposite. For example, these stars.


Margot Robbie, 30

The actress looks older due to the peculiarities of her face. Besides the big features, Margot has crow's feet and dark circles under her eyes that add an extra 5-7 years to her 30.

Robbie also supports the image of an adult woman in every possible way and dresses quite restrainedly. Classic dresses, formal blouses and business handbags - this is what she wears in life. That is why, even in the pictures of the paparazzi, Margot always looks at least 35.

Here we have listed the Errors that make us look older.

Bella Hadid, 23

One of the most famous models barely exceeded 20. But let's be frank: in their right mind, no one will give her less than 30. And it's not about wrinkles.

Bella has mature facial features: pronounced cheekbones and a pointed nose. Hadid ruthlessly got rid of the cheeks that girls still have at 23 (bye-bye, Bisha's lumps). But she pulled up her eyelids to make her look "fox" - also a plus to adulthood. Throw in age-old makeup and sober style. So much for 30 10 years earlier.

And sometimes operations do not just age, but naturally disfigure: Wax dolls: stars who have gone too far with plastic.

Svetlana Loboda, 37 years old

This is the case when I wanted the best, but it turned out what happened. Svetlana was so eager to preserve her youth that she was pumped over with hyaluron. Loboda did not take into account that the meaning of injections is an imperceptible correction of wrinkles. In her case, the face directly shouts: "I'm getting old and I'm very afraid of it!"

Instead of hiding age-related changes, Svetlana emphasized them. Now everyone who looks at her face will immediately think: "Since she is already pumped, then she is at least 45". Here's a paradox.

These stars have overdone the pricks too: Burnt with hyaluron: the stars that stabbed themselves.

Kylie Jenner, 23

Models from the famous family, too, will not give legal 23. This is facilitated by the same plastic, injections and makeup. If you compare photos of Kylie from 2013 and 2020, you can break your head: the pictures seem to be two different people!

For 7 years, the girl has done everything. Here is hyaluron on the lips, and removal of Bisha's lumps, and chin correction … All this, in conjunction with an adult make-up, adds Jenner an extra ten years.

Kylie herself does not cover the operation, as well as these celebrities: Was it or not? Stars who do not admit that they went under the surgeon's knife.

Ksenia Korneva, 32 years old

The participant of the "Ural dumplings" and the actress can be given 40 years, but not 32. It's all the fault - fullness and a certain image. Ksenia often plays mothers and mature women, and this also creates a picture in the viewer's head (in life it can be difficult to get out of the role).

The girl herself does not worry about her appearance, on the contrary, Ksenia is sure that it was the fullness that helped her to take her niche on stage and in the cinema.

And to find out how many years you would be given, take the Test: Do you look older than your age?

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