Galitsky - A Reformer Or A Madman?

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Galitsky - A Reformer Or A Madman?
Galitsky - A Reformer Or A Madman?

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Owner of Krasnodar Sergey Galitsky - the personality is ambiguous. Some applaud his adherence to principles, others twist their fingers to their temples, watching how a successful businessman buries himself.

Last Thursday, his “bulls” fought for the right for the third time in the club's 13-year history to break into the 1/8 finals of the Europa League. This required the local Dynamo to score twice at Maksimir. And don't miss it. Because in the first meeting, Krasnodar lost 2: 3.

It was all the more surprising to learn that the place at the gate was entrusted to Stanislav Agkatsev… 19-year-old native of Vladikavkaz, who previously played only in the PFL and FNL. Debut for Krasnodar - and immediately in the playoffs of the Europa League.

This became possible as a result of the policy that Galitsky is very tough to push. Its principles are simple - those who agree to live according to the rules established by the Krasnodar boss play. And they consist in the fact that you, being a pupil of the club, should forget about the material component of the process. You will not be offended, but you will not be allowed to "milk" either.

And so Galitsky, who lived the dream of a team of 11 of his own pupils, began to realize that he was in the clouds. Young players are not ready to wait and endure, they want everything now - playing time, money, titles. Komlichenko, Repyakh, Ignatiev Galitsky was seriously offended at each of them.

He counted on the loyalty of the youth, that they would not look into the pockets of legionnaires, that after several successful games they would not beg for new improved contracts for themselves, they would not be offended if more experienced foreigners continued to play more often. The system works differently: demand creates supply. If you are really talented, there will be those who will offer you better conditions. Galitsky dreamed of creating a different society - first in his own club, then in all of Russian football.

And it seems that in pursuit of this dream he tried on the role of Karandyshev: "So don't get it to anyone!" It is difficult to imagine a situation in which Murad Musaev makes decisions without looking at the boss of the club. This means that personnel decisions have been fully agreed with Sergei Nikolaevich.

Having an injured Matvey Safonov, the club agrees to let go to Sochi Denis Adamova… A not talented goalkeeper, whose main mistake was negotiations with Zenit behind Galitsky's back. And this is due to the mistakes of Evgeny Gorodov in the first match with Zagreb, for the Cup with Sochi. As a result, the bet is placed on 19-year-old Agkatsev for the match in Croatia. Let the debutant play, the main thing is Adamov, who has not been fined, who has already entered the field both in the RPL and in the Russian Cup?

That's on Daniil Utkin rumors spread that he, too, fell into disgrace. For asking to re-sign the contract on improved terms. Although officially he is recovering from injury. There is no official confirmation. But it is not difficult to believe in such a development of events.

Is the result not the most important thing for Galitsky? Is it more important to cultivate the right attitude towards the club?

Be that as it may, but Agkatsev showed himself to be a great fellow, not making a single gross mistake. So Galitsky and his right hand Musaev are right? Or will Stanislav also soon rebel, because after the match in the Europa League he will not want to sit behind Safonov's back and play in the FNL?

He failed to play zero in Zagreb, but this is his fault Remy Cabella… The Frenchman brought a goal into his own goal in the middle of the first half, and in the 45th minute he managed not to score, being a few meters from the opponent's goal. In the second half, Alexei Ionov swore loudly on an empty Maksimir, angry at Cabell for the lack of accurate and timely transmissions.

Krasnodar needed to score, but there were no chances at the Zagreb goal at all. absence of Marcus Berg - as one of the reasons.By the way, a fat minus to the press service of the “bulls”, which absolutely does not explain the reasons for what is happening. Why didn't the Swede fly to Zagreb? Another reason for the emergence of conspiracy theories.

“We are not CSKA, we can cope with Dynamo Zagreb,” said the bulls defender Christian Ramirez… The Croats responded on the field, knocking out the second Russian club from the European cups. There are no more RPL representatives in the Europa League, and even more so in the Champions League.

Europa League. 1/16 finals. Return match

Dynamo (Zagreb, Croatia) - Krasnodar (Russia) - 1: 0

"Dynamo": Livakovic - Ristovski, Teofil-Katrin, Lauritsen, Guardiol - Ademi, Yakic, Maer (Misic, 69) - Ivanushets (Atimven, 83), Orsic - Petkovic (Gavranovich, 87)

Krasnodar: Agkatsev - Smolnikov (Shapi, 69), Martynovich, Kayo Chernov - Gazinsky (Ari, 69), Cabella, Viljena (Olsson, 60) - Ionov, Klasson, Wanderson

Goal: Orshich, 31

Warnings: Maer, 59 / Villena, 42

Referee: Halil Meler (Turkey)

25 February. Zagreb. "Maksimir"

The first match – 3:2

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