What Todorenko, Brezhnev And Other Stars Look Like Without Make-up And Photoshop

What Todorenko, Brezhnev And Other Stars Look Like Without Make-up And Photoshop
What Todorenko, Brezhnev And Other Stars Look Like Without Make-up And Photoshop

Video: What Todorenko, Brezhnev And Other Stars Look Like Without Make-up And Photoshop

Video: Unrecognizable Celebrities Without Makeup On In Real Life 2022, November

Natalia Vodianova Instagram / @natasupernova

Vera Brezhnev Instagram / @ververa

Natalia Rudova Instagram / @rudovanata

Liana Shulgina Instagram / @lianashulginaa

Olga Kuzmina Instagram / @kuzmummy

Alena Shishkova Instagram / @ missalena.92

Nastya Kamenskikh Instagram / @kamenskux

Dina Saeva Instagram / @senoritasaeva

Christina Asmus Instagram / @asmuskristina

Maria Gorban Instagram / @gorban_masha

Alena Gavrilova Instagram / @ agavrilova777

Maria Melnikova Instagram / @ maryme.23

Olga Seryabkina Instagram / @seryabkina

Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov Instagram / @borodylia

Julia Kovalchuk Instagram / @juliakovalchuk

Katya Kishchuk Instagram / @kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk___kkkk

Dina Nemtsova Instagram / @dinanemtsova_

We are all used to seeing stars perfect from head to toe. In the light, they shine with outfits, styling and makeup, but in everyday life they look completely different. Look for honest selfies of celebrities in our gallery, and interesting details in the new material from WMJ.ru!

What the Queen, Brukhunova and other stars look like on honest photos without makeup and photoshop

Many Russian celebrities started 2021 with travel. Some hid from the cold in Dubai, others preferred Zanzibar and Maldives to the United Arab Emirates. Being in warm lands, star beauties actively publish vacation pictures on social networks, including honest selfies. So, Natalya Rudova tirelessly delighted fans not only with an impeccable figure in a swimsuit, but also with natural beauty. This also applies to Olga Kuzmina, who won the Ice Age show. On African beaches, the Kitchen star looks just as good as on red carpets.

Natalia Rudova Olga Kuzmina

Eagle and Tails star Regina Todorenko continues to enjoy a family vacation in Bali with her husband Vlad Topalov and son Michael. But even on vacation, the TV presenter finds an hour or two at a photo shoot. During one of them, Regina posed right in bed, with a careless bun and no makeup.

Valeria's recently given birth daughter-in-law is getting used to her new role as a mother. In Stories, Liana Shulgina appears without makeup, and the followers are just happy. She looks great, there is not a single trace of lack of sleep on her face - apparently, she easily manages to cope with caring for her newborn daughter. Dina Saeva is not far behind. The queen of TikTok is not shy about even skin imperfections.

Liana Shulgina Dina Saeva

Yulia Snigir leaves thick makeup on the set, but in ordinary life she tries not to make up from the word “absolutely”. The other day, the actress shared an honest photo with her followers on Instagram, in which she appeared without make-up and filters.

I don't like photoshop. I also don't like thick makeup. And I don't even like blush. I have thin skin and already have wrinkles somewhere. I am very pale. I have had bruises under my eyes since childhood. I wrinkle my brow. Sometimes from makeup and also due to the fact that shooting is often in dust and dirt, acne pops up on my face,

- Yulia frankly told about her own "flaws" in the caption to the picture.

Look for more honest photos of stars in our gallery!

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Photo: Instagram / @senoritasaeva, @lianashulginaa, @ agavrilova777, @kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk__kkkk, @dinanemtsova, @natasupernova, @asmuskristristina, @ marymekamekakov, @ missaledna. @seryabkina, @ververa, @yuliasnigir, @reginatodorenko

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