The Tallest Beauties Of Show Business

The Tallest Beauties Of Show Business
The Tallest Beauties Of Show Business

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For tall girls, life is more difficult than for their friends with average height. Even in Hollywood, where beauties of model appearance are adored, tall ladies find it more difficult to find something to do. However, these heroines managed to make an excellent career, regardless of centimeters.

1. Singer Taylor Swift, 178 cm. Taylor is not shy about height, but does not like heels.

2. Fashion model Karlie Kloss, 185 cm. Unlike Swift, Karlie is still complex about her tall stature and long arms and legs.

3. Actress Laura Prepon, 178 cm. Laura loves her centimeters, although sometimes on the set they interfere with her, because it is not easy to find equally tall partners.

4. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, 175 cm. The wife of Prince William is taller than the average British woman, but, fortunately, the height of the prince himself is 191 cm, so against his background Kate looks like a Thumbelina.

5. Actress Jennifer Lawrence, 175 cm. The actress without embarrassment wears high-heeled shoes and does not pay attention to the spiteful critics.

6. Fashion model Kendall Jenner, 179 cm. Fans knew that Kendall was tall, but they were really amazed to see her at a fashion show.

7. Actress Nicole Kidman, 180 cm. Married to a short Tom Cruise, the actress could not afford heels, but after her divorce, she practically never parted with high-heeled sandals.

8. Actress Uma Thurman, 181 cm. Tall growth did not prevent Uma from becoming a real star and muse of director Quentin Tarantino.

9. Actress Blake Lovely, 178 cm. The actress is much more concerned about the excess weight gained during pregnancy than being tall.

10. Fashion model Tyra Banks, 178 cm. Amazingly, the dark-skinned beauty was once told that she was too big for the modeling business. But today even people who are far from fashion know about it.

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