How Celebrity Moms And Their Children Train

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How Celebrity Moms And Their Children Train
How Celebrity Moms And Their Children Train

Video: How Celebrity Moms And Their Children Train

Video: How Celebrity Moms And Their Children Train
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Valeria and Anna Shulgina

Singer Valeria and her daughter Anna are becoming more and more like sisters every year. The secret of family beauty is simple - constant and honest work on yourself. Valeria herself has been seriously involved in sports for a long time: she practices yoga, is not afraid of fitness loads and zealously follows her diet.

Anya echoes her commitment to an active lifestyle: she also enjoys exercising on the Power Plate, jogging on the treadmill, and going to the sauna to improve her metabolism. “I just work, I don’t have time to dissolve myself,” notes Anna Shulgina. Serious work is another inspiring trait of this family duo.

Tatiana Lyutaeva and Agniya Ditkovskite

Tatyana Lyutaeva is convinced that in order to look great at any age, it is not at all necessary to resort to surgical intervention. Sports, proper nutrition, a positive outlook on the world are the main components of youth, health and beauty. The daughter of the actress, Agnia Ditkovskite, also shares her mother's conviction. She enjoys mastering new sports for filming or just for herself.

By the way, for filming in the film "Dancing to Death" Agnia mastered sambo, judo, aikido, and also was engaged in shooting from firearms. And for the project "Dancing with the Stars" - I mastered a lot of difficult "pas".

Ekaterina and Alexandra Strizhenov

The youngest daughter of Ekaterina Strizhenova has been accustomed to sports since childhood. Gymnastics classes, dancing in "Todes", trips to a sports camp, rafting and tennis classes - everything for the versatile physical development of the child. Ekaterina keeps up with her daughter, trying new types of activity - Scandinavian walking and Pilates.

“You can't do with your favorite massages, body wraps and lymphatic drainage, you have to work on Pilates at Reformere (a great thing, pulls in all directions)!” - Ekaterina writes on her Instagram.

Renata Litvinova and her daughter Ulyana

The star mom and her daughter are like two drops of water, and not only in appearance. Both love horses and are involved in equestrian sports. And for this, as you know, you need a fair amount of physical strength and endurance.

Vera Brezhneva and her daughters Sonya and Sarah

The singer actively spends the weekend with her daughters - she is engaged in aero yoga. Mom and daughters in the classroom demonstrate enviable flexibility and strength, the three of them can easily stand on their heads and show the class, doing stretching in hammocks. “The best time together,” the singer comments on the photos of her workouts.

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