The Zoom Window Has Become A Mirror And Prompted Change: An Expert On Appearance

The Zoom Window Has Become A Mirror And Prompted Change: An Expert On Appearance
The Zoom Window Has Become A Mirror And Prompted Change: An Expert On Appearance

Video: The Zoom Window Has Become A Mirror And Prompted Change: An Expert On Appearance

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When most people switched to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic and began grooming with an almost closed face mask in public places, it seemed logical that the maintenance of beauty would recede into the background. A completely opposite reaction of the population turned out to be a surprise, Polina Mikhailova, general director of the clinic for injection cosmetology of Different Lab, told a REGNUM correspondent.

“Thus, the decrease in the rhythm of life and the temporary absence of other entertainment has finally allowed people to tackle the pending problems associated with their appearance and health.

As a result, according to statistics, Russians in the third quarter of 2020 spent, for example, on dental services 16% more than last year, and in general on medical services - 7% more. The demand for cosmetology services in the II and III quarters of 2020 increased by 20% compared to the previous period last year.

An additional reason that prompted Muscovites to turn to doctors-cosmetologists was the fact that people had never before had the opportunity to look at themselves for so long as now in the Zoom window.

Due to non-observance of the regime for self-isolation and the absence of the usual "marafet" before coming to work, people began to notice more that their faces look tired and aged, and they want to fix it.

Due to the constant wearing of a mask, makeup has become not a very convenient tool in achieving a blooming and healthy look, and girls have become more willing to look towards injection techniques to achieve the desired result.

If earlier the “entry procedure” into injection cosmetology was lip augmentation, now the first procedure is injections into the area around the eyes. The trend has already been picked up by manufacturers of drugs for cosmetologists.

An increase in demand is also played by the fact that patients now always have the opportunity to spend several days at home and calmly undergo rehabilitation, but earlier, due to their constant presence at the workplace, they could not afford bruises on their faces for a day.

However, all these positive factors operating on the cosmetology market in the first half of 2020 were leveled by its end: on the one hand, people began to massively return to offices, on the other hand, the disposable income of Russians continued to fall: by almost 5% in the third quarter of 2020. compared to 2019.

The crisis has an especially acute impact on the incomes and financial stability of women, the main consumers of cosmetic services. Thus, according to ResearchMe research, by November 36% of Russian women who lost their jobs could not find a new job.

If this trend continues, then in 2021 we should expect a wave of bankruptcies already in the cosmetology industry, as happened earlier with beauty salons, every third of which could not survive 2020,”the expert expressed her opinion.

As reported by IA REGNUM, the approach of old age threatens with COVID-19 for people who have had this disease, said Anch Baranova, professor at the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University.

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