Stars Who Look Better With Age

Stars Who Look Better With Age
Stars Who Look Better With Age

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Everyone knows that youth is the perfect time for experimentation and reincarnation in appearance. And often celebrities, trying to stand out from the crowd, step over the line of a normal look, subjecting their appearance to endless transformations. Today we will talk about those who moved away from the image of "boys" and became real queens on the red carpet.


Julia Volkova, 32 years old

Recently, Volkova's fans have increasingly noted how good the singer began to look. Julia really changed her style for the better, adding elegance to her look. The girl moved away from the strange styling and crazy haircuts that she loved so much during the TaTu group. Let us recall what Julia looked like in the early 2000s: pierced nose, drawn eyebrows, hair sticking out in all directions. With her informal style, she perfectly complemented the image of the scandalous team.However, after leaving the group, the girl took up her appearance and ceased to be so shocking.

Miley Cyrus, 24

Miley's fans still can't believe that she's really done away with the tear-off image. Now the singer is a real lady, as her recent photos show. Apparently, by the age of 25, Cyrus decided to abandon crazy beauty experiments forever. But not so long ago, Miley shocked the audience, appearing half-naked in strange wigs and crazy "paint" on her face. Even the most dedicated fans did not believe that a girl could be different. Nevertheless, now Cyrus leads a quiet life, showing everyone his simple beauty. Kelly Osbourne, 32

Remember what monstrous images the rebel Kelly chose for herself? Perhaps now you can breathe a sigh of relief: Osborne abandoned her image, tired of the ridicule of the paparazzi and the media. Previously, the girl had to dye her hair every year, choosing the color as aggressively as possible. It is not surprising that Osborne abandoned her usual image: ineptly combining shades of shadows in her makeup, she often became like a clown who had escaped from the circus. Yulia Savicheva, 30

Now Savicheva can be called the embodiment of femininity. Nevertheless, her real fans know what Yulia was like before: the singer looked like a real kid, wore a careless "hedgehog", because of which she was often compared to the character from the cartoon "Try! Hello!". It is worth noting that in times " Star Factory "the singer shocked the audience with her dreadlocks. However, such experiments were left behind. Avril Lavigne, 33

For several years now, fans of Avril Lavigne's music have not recognized in the singer the former rebel who loves ties and smokey eyes. Having enjoyed the experiments, the girl became more sophisticated and feminine. Now she is a contender for the title of one of the most natural artists. Previously, Avril could not find the border of what was allowed in experiments, dyeing strands of hair acid green and thickly eyeliner. It was a real riot in a secular society! Christmas tree, 35 years old

Yolka also has a lot of experiments behind her shoulders, which she came in search of her own style. Now the star, although it looks unusual, her image can hardly be called extreme, as it was before. Few people will remember that Elka often shaved her head, leaving one strand. Agree, such a hairstyle not only completely killed the singer's femininity, but also looked rather strange.

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