Baba Berry: Six Stars Over Forty Who Look Better Than When They Were Young

Baba Berry: Six Stars Over Forty Who Look Better Than When They Were Young
Baba Berry: Six Stars Over Forty Who Look Better Than When They Were Young
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These stars seemed to have made a deal with the devil, because with age they only became more beautiful. We decided to ask an expert what their secret is: in genetics or the help of a cosmetologist and plastic surgeon.


Georgy Dashtoyan, specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery with experience in the USA, plastic surgeon at the Darmed Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology

Jennifer Lopez

Agree that the slightly angular Jenny from the Bronx, who made her debut in the film "Selena" in 1997, loses to the actress Jennifer Lopez today. With age, the singer has grown stronger, she has acquired charm and gloss, and at the age of 48 she looks so that she will give a head start to the young.

According to the star, she herself is more like the way she looks now. “I have always followed the rule that Coco Chanel bequeathed. She said that at twenty you have the face that nature gave you, closer to fifty - the one that you deserve. I am actively working in this field. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I sleep for 10 hours, I go in for sports, I gave up caffeine, I eat a lot of green vegetables”- this is the whole beauty recipe that Lopez shares with journalists.

She looks at almost fifty and really cool, but it seems to us that it's not just a matter of proper nutrition and lifestyle.

The opinion of Georgy Dashtoyan, a plastic surgeon: “A pronounced cheekbone zone and a well-defined chin are striking. I think the star takes care of her face very carefully, regularly injections. Most likely, her favorite rejuvenation tools include hyaluronic acid and facial modeling with fillers.

In terms of surgery, I would suggest that Jennifer was doing blepharoplasty in the first place, because she has a very fresh, open look.

The body of our heroine is very athletic. I assume that she did breast surgery, because in the photograph in the swimsuit, the outlines are round with clear boundaries. As a rule, this is an indicator that there is an implant that holds its shape well.

As far as the waist and buttocks go, I assume Hispanics are positioned for this pear-shaped silhouette. If Jennifer did anything, it was buttock lipofilling (transplanting her own fat from one part of her body to another)."

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston earned millions of dollars and a crowd of fans on the image of the neighbor's laughter girl. Any comedy featuring this actress is guaranteed to be a success. Jennifer is 48 years old, and she still energizes those around her with youthful energy. The actress denies all the interventions of surgeons, although insiders say that at the dawn of her career, Jen did rhinopasty. And after breaking up with Brad Pitt - breast plastic surgery. They say that Jen went under the surgeon's knife for a facelift.

The actress herself told reporters that in the struggle for youth she only once went to laser resurfacing of her face, but she would never do it again. “After the procedure, I looked like a victim of a fire. I think that beauty and youth are not worth such suffering."

The opinion of a plastic surgeon: “It seems to me that the actress prefers to maintain her natural beauty and does not radically change anything. Looking at her body, I do not notice clear signs of surgery.

She has good cheekbones - this is a sign of a young face. I think the actress worked on them with filler injections. She also did botox in the forehead area.

The star has smooth skin, no facial wrinkles, nasolabial folds and nasolacrimal groove. This is not quite typical for women of her age. It can be assumed that the actress was doing a circular facelift. Most likely, blepharoplasty also took place, since Aniston has an open gaze."

Elizabeth Hurley

Once Liz Hurley played the role of a devil in one of the sparkling Hollywood comedies. It seems that at this time she herself made a deal with the devil. After all, the actress is 52 years old, and she looks like a teenage girl. Her face and figure will be the envy of twenty-year-old girls. Liz attributes her ideal shape to yoga, and her youth to the care line that she created for the Estée Lauder brand, whose face she has been for 20 years.

The opinion of a plastic surgeon: “A very fresh face, which immediately catches the eye, because the star is 52 years old. Most likely, she did a facelift, underwent injection techniques. Well-defined zygomatic area, very smooth forehead - this is the merit of botulinum toxin injections. The eyes are fresh, open - glory to blepharoplasty.

An interesting point: in different photographs, the actress has different breast sizes. I think Liz underwent surgery to enlarge her and got a neat natural shape.

For her age, the actress looks amazing: she is slim, she has a fresh face and lush breasts. I believe that she does not need any more cosmetic manipulations."

Christie Brinkley

Christie is a long-liver in the modeling business: she has been in the cage for almost 40 years. The attention of all the media is riveted to Brinkley. According to surgeons and cosmetologists, Christie looks much better at 63 than when she was young.

The model shares her beauty secrets with the press: “I exfoliate my skin every day with peeling to make it look fresh. I use sun protection cream, and always. Plus I'm a vegetarian, and this nutritional system is good for the skin. I support my figure not only with sports, but also with a rainbow diet. Its principle is as follows: on your plate should be as many foods of different colors, containing vitamins and antioxidants. I also gave up sugar on principle and do not eat starchy foods."

Brinkley does not deny the intervention of cosmetologists in her beauty: “I also use heavy artillery. Guys, I am already 63 years old, my face, of course, is not a gift of fate. To combat wrinkles, I use xiomin injections."

The opinion of a plastic surgeon: “At 63, Christie looks absolutely stunning. She, of course, is disingenuous, saying that she did not do plastic surgery. It can be seen that Brinkley is a frequent guest of surgeons and cosmetologists. The model obviously did several operations: a neck and face lift (everything was done very high quality, the middle zone looks young, a good angle of the lower jaw), blepharoplasty, breast surgery (at 63, there can be no such well-defined breast).

I think Christie also had rhinoplasty, as the nose, in my opinion, does not look very natural. This form is typical for unsuccessful closed rhinoplasty options. Overall, the face looks great."

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, like Brinkley, also retains the status of a model. She not only still goes on the catwalk, but also creates collections of clothes, hosts events and programs. It was at the suggestion of Klum that the Podium project arose on television, which opened the world to many talented designers.

The model has a great sense of humor, she knows how to laugh at age and is not afraid to grow old. Once Heidi appeared at a Halloween party in the form of an old woman. Klum claims that he prefers not to pursue youth, but supports what nature has given her. She eats right, moisturizes the skin, plays sports. At the same time, Heidi says that children are her best simulator (and she has four of them).

“When you run with your kids on the playground, jump on a trampoline, get up early, prepare breakfast for everyone, take everyone to school, you can consider it a full-fledged fitness workout,” Klum tells reporters. Heidi disowns plastic surgery and injections, saying that it is children who charge her with youth.

The opinion of a plastic surgeon: “For 44 years old, Heidi has a rather classic situation. She has a well-defined lower jaw, chiseled zygomatic zone.But certain age-related changes are formed in the lower eyelids, on which the model has not yet worked. Although she underwent blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids.

I think that Heidi competently combines cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery, plus makes good makeup that hides imperfections. It is noteworthy that closer to a more solid age, Klum decided to operate on her breasts. It can be seen that the shape is different in different photographs."

Cindy Crawford

Cindy temporarily retired from the modeling business and is actively promoting her children - daughter Kaya and son Presley. Judging by the success of the guys in this field, my mother is a talented producer. Constantly interacting with young people, Cindy herself looks like a teenager. For example, she said that she shares her wardrobe with her daughter and sometimes wears her things, actively masters social networks and newfangled gadgets.

Cindy attributes her youth not only to communication with teenagers. She says her beauty is supported by spa treatments, an infrared sauna, regular face and neck exercises, fitness workouts, and homemade beauty recipes.

The opinion of a plastic surgeon: “Cindy looks very good. True, the merit belongs not to nature, but to a number of plastic surgeries. She underwent blepharoplasty, regularly injections of fillers and Botox. Hollywood's perfect midface is immediately visible.

There is a high probability that there was rhinoplasty, though not very successful. Obviously, the breast augmentation surgery was undergone, but very careful."

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