Swatch: 17 Best Glitter With A Mirror Effect

Swatch: 17 Best Glitter With A Mirror Effect
Swatch: 17 Best Glitter With A Mirror Effect

Video: Swatch: 17 Best Glitter With A Mirror Effect

Video: Swatch: 17 Best Glitter With A Mirror Effect
Video: NEW mirror chameleon chrome effect pigments from glitter-chic-nails! Demo and tutorial 2023, March

Products with a delicate shimmer, glitter that can be seen "from space" and a glossy finish - the BeautyHack editors have revised the glitter, the radiance of which will be beautifully reflected in the first rays of the sun.


Lip gloss Infaillible Xtreme Resist, 505 Never Let Me Go, L'Oreal Paris

Tested by Ksenia Wagner, creative director of the BeautyHack portal

The tool gives an instant holographic effect. It has a convenient applicator - it does not collect too much product and, at the same time, it does not need to be dipped into the tube every second.

Unlike many pink glitters, this shade does not yellow your teeth. The bottle doesn't lie - the product is not sticky.

Price: about 500 rubles.

Lip gloss Gloss Bomb, Fenty Beauty

Tested by BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

I was always very biased towards the means that the stars create: after all, lately it has really become "mainstream". Not everyone is involved in the creation process, and the brand just in the end simply bears the name of this or that person. The situation is completely different with the Fenty Beauty cosmetics, which are produced by the singer Rihanna. I heard a lot of reviews, often met the coveted highlighter sticks (which also magnetize) in the cosmetic bags of famous makeup artists, but for the first time I personally got acquainted with the brand's products in New York.

The product has a vanilla-peach aroma, a convenient applicator that immediately picks up the right amount of product for a dense coverage, a universal pinkish-nude shade with a light shimmer, excellent hydration due to shea butter in the composition. When you apply gloss, there is a pleasant feeling that it envelops the lips, and they also really visually become larger. Rihanna herself advises applying gloss over lipstick to get a glossy and mirror effect.

Price on request

Shimmering lip gloss High Shimmering Lip Gloss, Citrus 4, Bobbi Brown

Tested by Ksenia Wagner, creative director of the BeautyHack portal

Natural and pleasant nude, but at the same time the lips do not get lost on the face and do not merge with the cheeks. I like!

Price: 1 990 rub.

Lip gloss Rouge Coco Gloss, 792, Chanel

Tested by BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

Perhaps this is the most extraordinary shade of the Rouge Coco Gloss collection (there are 27 of them!). No, your lips will not be blue, do not be afraid: the gloss is translucent, but there is still a light turquoise (you can notice it if you apply gloss to the back of your hand - it is lost on the lips). As always, an excellent and incredibly comfortable applicator - the product is distributed without any problems on the run. The texture is melting, not too sticky. To be honest, this shine replaced my balm. The Hydraboost complex contains natural waxes (jojoba, sunflower, mimosa) and a natural derivative of coconut oil. The result is the effect of wet lips, they visually become more voluminous, and the teeth look whiter. And, of course, an incredibly beautiful mirror shine - what else do you need for everyday makeup or for an image where the main focus is on the eyes?

Price: 2 270 rub.

Diamond Crushers Lip Gloss, Cloud 9, Lime Crime

Tested by BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

The gloss can be used on solo lips, but in this case you will need several coats of the product to achieve an intense shine. But it does not dry the lips, and the texture is very comfortable - layering can be done without much difficulty.

I liked using gloss for evening makeup: I applied it as a finish over dark lipstick in a rich burgundy shade. She stroked the contour, achieving an ombre effect, and hammered the shine into the center of her lips with the pads of her fingers - they immediately became more voluminous and the radiance could be seen "from space".

The tool can easily replace your highlighter - holographic overflows give an incredible effect on the cheekbones and under the eyebrow.

Before your eyes, this glitter can be mixed with a dry pigment of a dark shade - you get an interesting version of daytime makeup.

Price: about 2,000 rubles.

Plushglass, Full For You, M. A. C

Tested by BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

The product has a fairly dense texture, but on the lips it gives a light and at the same time mirror effect. During the day, the gloss does not "spread" over the lips and does not dry them out.

A rich pink shade with a cold undertone is well suited for daytime makeup and organically complements the unusual-shaped arrows that are so relevant this season. The shine has a pearlescent effect - it shimmers very beautifully in different lighting conditions, and the candy aroma always cheers me up.

Price: 1 690 rub.

Lip gloss Sexy Gloss Tint, Desert Rose, Romanovamakeup

Tested by BeautyHack editor Daria Sizova

“Tint with a mirror effect? Impossible!”- I thought before testing the tool. And she was wrong.

On the lips, the tint creates a beautiful, unobtrusive shine. The shade of Desert Rose is reminiscent of a beautiful dusty rose color that will suit girls of any type of appearance.

For a glossy finish, apply the tint in two coats, spreading with a brush or a boat applicator that draws just the right amount to achieve a glossy finish from the first application.

The gloss is easy to layering - it has an oily texture, thanks to which the product evenly spreads over the lips and does not roll off during the day, but simply absorbs into your lips, leaving a light shade on them (the product is still a tint!). Bonus - it visually increases the volume of the lips, making them plump.

Price: 1 670 rub.

Lacquer tint Addict Lacquer Plump, shade # 677 Disco Dior, Dior

Tested by BeautyHack editor Anastasia Speranskaya

With a tint lipstick in the shade of Disco, you immediately want to go to a party - to a trendy open-air club in Spain or to the carnival in Rio. And in order to "fit" this riot of color and glitter into everyday Moscow everyday life, I do without eye makeup, emphasize my eyebrows and tuck my hair into a sleek ponytail - a white T-shirt and classic blue jeans are welcome!

Lipstick is not felt on the lips and lays down in a very thin layer - after application, the color and shine merge together, without overdrying the skin of the lips.

The water-in-oil emulsion contains hibiscus extract - it provides an instant effect of volume, but in Disco Dior glitter is also responsible for this, which creates holographic play on the lips.

For greater durability, I advise you to first apply a lip liner, and go over the top with lipstick-tint - then the makeup will survive any party and last until the morning.

Price: 2 350 rub.

Lip gloss with 3D effect Brilliance Hypnotiс, 21, Vivienne Sabo

Tested by BeautyHack editor Daria Sizova

In the package, it looks like a real explosion of glitter, but on the lips it gives a beautiful mirror effect. The glitter spreads easily over the lips without creating the sensation of confetti - this is also facilitated by a convenient applicator (you just need to remove part of the product).

I liked using the gloss as a finish for matte and creamy lipsticks, and applying it lightly on the lips for a daytime look - the glitter shimmers very beautifully in the first rays of the spring sun.

What is nice, the gloss is very long-lasting and evenly leaves the lips throughout the day. As a true beautygolic, I decided to conduct an experiment and applied the product to the eyes - a beautiful fashionable effect of wet eyelids turned out.

And do not be afraid that the whole face will shine - the product can be easily removed with micellar water the first time.

Price: 259 rub.

Lip gloss Cover Gloss, 5, Pierre Rene

Tested by editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova

The product does not look like a standard gloss - it has a very dense coating. But on the lips it looks very glossy, which is rare for products with a dense texture.

You won't be able to apply in exactly two movements, but the result is worth it - with this tool, even the thinnest lips will look plump and voluminous. Special attention should be paid to the shade, which is similar to the color of a freshly ripe cherry. It can be easily layered to achieve the desired color intensity, but keep in mind that the shade is very bright from the first application.

I liked the texture of the product - it is creamy, not sticky, it does not "slip" from the lips, but comes off very evenly. Persistence is also beyond praise: the brilliance will survive lunch, coffee with milk and a hard day at work.

Price on request

Lip gloss Infaible, 103, L'Oreal Paris

Tested by BeautyHack SMM Manager Alexandra Grishina

I fell in love with this gloss for the small and very delicate shimmer in the composition - the lips do not look too shiny, but the delicate shine very refreshes the image. The gloss does not have a sticky and pleasant texture, it does not roll on the lips. This allows the product to be layered to achieve a more intense shine - in this case, the gloss looks like liquid diamonds on the lips. In one layer, the product blends well with the natural color of the lips - an excellent option for fans of nude makeup. With this shine, they will look very well-groomed.

Price: about 500 rubles.

Ultra-lasting lipstick-gloss All In One Maxi Glow Lipgloss, 110, Eveline

Tested by editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova

The gloss looks purple in the tube, but on the lips it gives a light lilac shade with a shiny finish.

The texture of the product is not sticky, but also not very durable. It is pleasant to renew the gloss - it spreads gently over the lips and protects them from the wind. I use it every day, when there is no desire and time to do makeup - my face becomes fresher.

Price: about 300 rubles.

Luxe Creamy Lip Glow, 01, Kiss Professional

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Anastasia Lyagushkina

I liked that the product does not require special preparation of the lips before application - on the contrary, it gently cares for the skin, hiding peeling and unevenness.

The mirror shine is noticeable after the first layer, but the product is not very dense - perfect for making your own lips color brighter and more saturated.

A neutral shade with mother-of-pearl, perfect for any occasion, whether it's for the office or for a party. I wore it as an independent tool: and without lipstick, it looks great on the lips.

Price: 490 rub.

Lip gloss Cream Lip Stain Metal, 10, Sephora

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Asya Zabavskaya

This is one of the most unusual glitters I've ever tried. It has a metallic matte finish that looks glossy and shiny on the lips.

The product is very long-lasting and hardens on the lips within 30 seconds. But it is comfortable to wear: I do not feel tightness, and the formula does not provoke peeling.

Due to the light texture, the intensity can be varied from a light shine to a dense satin finish.

Under the shine, I applied a balm so as not to feel dry lips - and so it lasted even longer.

Price: about 600 rubles.

Luxe Creamy Lip Glow, 02, Kiss Professional

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Anastasia Lyagushkina

The shade reminded me of the color of cocoa with which I warmed my soul in cold winter. But it is ideal for summer, when a tan appears - a brown sheen will accentuate the bronze skin and cheekbones.

The aroma of the product deserves special attention - a light sweet sillage will remain on your lips for 3-4 hours (this is the durability of the product).

The compact package fits easily into a small purse, and the handy applicator can be applied to the lips even in a hurry on the way to the office.

Price: 490 rub.

Glossy lip gloss Mirror Shine, 01 Zero Clear, Kiss Professional

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Asya Zabavskaya

The product looks very natural on the lips: it can be used solo and as a finish for lipstick in a rich shade.

It is almost invisible on the lips, but it gives a beautiful glossy effect that completes the look. The pigment evenly comes off the lips, losing gloss, but light glitter remains on the lips until the end of the day.

Price: 350 rub.

Lip gloss Cover Gloss, 3, Pierre Rene

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Anastasia Lyagushkina

The product has a very pleasant creamy texture and a dense coating that resembles a liquid gloss.

The gloss spreads well on the lips from the first application, leaving them hydrated and visually plumping.

I use it for an evening out - it goes well with smoky eyes and bronzer.

Price on request.

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