Wow Effect Before The New Year: Doctors Named The Best Facial Procedures

Wow Effect Before The New Year: Doctors Named The Best Facial Procedures
Wow Effect Before The New Year: Doctors Named The Best Facial Procedures

Video: Wow Effect Before The New Year: Doctors Named The Best Facial Procedures

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December is the month when even the busiest women remember that for the New Year's party it would be good to give their face freshness and generally find a well-groomed look. For those who do not often visit a beautician,, after consulting with beauty wizards, made a selection of the most effective cosmetic procedures. Experts are sure that there is still time, there is a lot to be done. But not all.


Peels, lifts and buccal massage

All experts are unanimous: now is the time to do peels - removal of the surface layers of the skin epithelium using weak solutions of various acids. With deep peeling, however, it is better to wait - the invasion of the body is too serious, the skin may not have time to recover before the New Year holidays. But all the rest are recommended, as well as mesotherapy and biorevitalization are shown. Prices vary greatly from salon to salon, but on average, almost any of the listed procedures costs from 2.5 to 4 thousand rubles. It should be noted that in the framework of some methods, you will need to come to the salon again. For example, when doing a mid-peel, you will need to visit a beautician 3-5 times.

For those who are over 40 years old or for various reasons have pronounced skin problems, there are specific procedures, both hardware and manual, that give a very good effect.


Author: Elena Sannikova [expert in human beauty and aesthetics]

To get rid of excess water in the skin of the face, from puffiness, I recommend doing a radio wave lifting (RF-lifting). A very good result is also given by buccal massage: it is done with hands through the oral cavity, when the cosmetologist kneads the lower third of the face on both sides - both from the outside and from the inside. This is recommended for older women who already have a reduced facial tone, there are problems in the lower third of the face - up to ptosis (gravitational ptosis - sagging of the facial skin under the influence of gravity; features lose clarity, a double chin and nasolabial folds are outlined. - The result of a buccal massage is visible immediately, but it is better to do it in a course of 8-10 procedures.

The cost of RF-lifting in Moscow starts at two thousand rubles, buccal massage is done at an average price of 1000-2500 rubles - for a course, therefore, it turns out from eight to 20 thousand.

3D reinforcement VS 4D lifting

For the price, the course of buccal massage is comparable to the reinforcement of the face with 3D mesothreads. Both procedures are recommended for mature skin with problems in the lower third of the face. Mesothread is a braided thread based on polydioxanone coated with polyglycolic acid. Once in the skin, the thread begins to disintegrate and stimulate collagen production. As a result, a pronounced lifting effect is achieved, which lasts from six to 12 months. The price of one thread is about 1400 rubles, the procedure requires at least 10 threads. Olga Petrova, a cosmetologist, said that the installation of mesothreads together with fillers is one of the most popular procedures today. The effect appears after two weeks, but the maximum result will be visible in 1-1.5 months, when the skin has time to produce collagen. In her opinion, botulinum toxin is also one of the most popular and effective procedures: it is the only one that can relax the facial muscles and "give us a smoothed forehead and toned eyes." Ladies of Balzac's age also have 4D rejuvenation at their disposal.


Author: Olga Petrova [cosmetologist]

4D rejuvenation is a very effective method, the essence of which is the effect of laser pulses on the skin. The procedure is not invasive, but just like mesothreads, it stimulates collagen production.As a result, the skin is tightened and elastic, and the first successes are noticeable within a week. I advise you to do 4D lifting where there are new laser devices - this is as effective as possible.

In this case, you need to go through not one procedure, but a course. The price of one "trip for laser rejuvenation" in the capital's clinics is from eight thousand rubles (for one of the problem areas of the face) to 25 thousand rubles. Slightly more expensive are liquid bionic threads containing hyaluronic acid. But on the other hand, they have a shorter period of manifestation of the effect - "the result is immediately visible on the needle," says cosmetologist Svetlana Temiraeva.


Author: Svetlana Temiraeva [cosmetologist]

Liquid filaments are the best possible. Gives everything at once: lifting, rejuvenation, tightens pores. It's just a bomb! The result is immediately visible on the needle. No traces of the procedure, very rarely - a tiny bruise. There are no more than four entrances (puncture points where the cannula is inserted - for the entire face. Expensive (30-35 thousand for the whole face), but effective. The procedure was developed in South Korea and is done with drugs from that country.

Note that 30-35 thousand rubles is a purely Moscow price. You can do all the same in St. Petersburg 2-3 times cheaper, if, of course, there is time for a trip to the northern capital.

Elena Sannikova is convinced that specialists are gradually moving away from injection therapy. "Hardware cosmetology drives", the expert believes: women try to maintain their skin without injections. It is also not fashionable now to extend eyelashes and pump the gel into the lips - on the contrary, many are actively getting rid of excess gel.

Cosmetologist Olga Petrova recommends to older girls: when doing any procedures on the face, you should take care of the neck, as well as, possibly, of the décolleté area. In addition, you need to think about your hands - mesotherapy will help to give a fresh look to the skin of your hands. But the fight against age spots runs the risk of dragging on, and one visit to a cosmetic clinic on the eve of the holidays is unlikely to save the situation - “this is not a sprint, this is a marathon,” the cosmetologist believes.

Many procedures have been developed that allow you to look young and fresh, however, of course, it is better to do them throughout the year, regularly and smoothly, and not in the "how to go hunting - so to feed the dogs." Cosmetologists are undoubtedly interested in every client, and, as fans of their profession, they are convinced of the effectiveness of those massages, peels and lifts that they do every day. However, as the experts themselves noted, the same procedure can be very good for one client and only slightly affect the appearance of another. It’s better not to count on a miracle, even a New Year’s one - you have to work on all miracles for a long time.

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