What Is Face Fitness

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What Is Face Fitness
What Is Face Fitness

Video: What Is Face Fitness

Video: What Is Face Fitness
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t can be safely called an inexhaustible source of beauty and health. We train to improve the body. The same can be done with the face, delaying the approach of old age, or get the effect of "minus 10 years" without plastic surgery.

Who needs


Age spares no one. Over the years, the facial skin loses its tone, elasticity and smoothness, acquiring wrinkles, a "swollen" oval, double chin, muscle mass decreases, lymph stagnation occurs, microcirculation in tissues slows down and eyebrows drop. The main culprits of change are weak facial muscles, designed to keep the face frame in good shape. Face fitness will become a magic beauty pill for women who want to eradicate the first, second and even third signs of aging.

What it is

lex consists of several exercises and takes 10-15 minutes. It will strengthen the muscles of the face and smooth out nasolabial folds, bags under the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead. The technique has practically no contraindications. Classes are shown both to young nymphs, and there are women in their 40s. Basics In recent years, a great variety of face fitness programs have appeared. The main complex is considered to be the complex of its discoverer Carol Magio, who wrote the bestseller "Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face." The core of the program includes 13 miracle exercises. The main thing is to clearly follow the description, otherwise it is easy to aggravate the situation.


Face building should be done in several stages. First, warm up your muscles with a light massage of your face and neck. The exercises themselves follow. Let your muscles relax in between and at the end. During the day, this is difficult, so it is better to postpone your workout for the evening. Reade set Go! General provisions for all exercises: both hands or on the face or one rests against a wall to create tension. Put your shoulders back, face forward, rest your feet on the floor. Opening Your Eyes With your index fingers between your eyebrows, bend your big ones around the outer corners of your eyes and close your eyes tightly for 30 seconds.

Smooth out the gutter

The fingers of one hand lie between the eyebrows and lift them up for 20 seconds. Lower eyelid lift Place the index and thumb of one hand on the outer corners of the eyes and lift the lower eyelids for 30 seconds.

Pouring apple

Open your mouth and pull in the corners of your lips, opening your teeth. The thumb and forefinger lie on the corners of the mouth, performing circular movements until a burning sensation appears, then vice versa - both variations for 20 seconds. Cheek Energizer Line your lips as if you were saying "O" with your thumb and forefinger on your cheeks. Turn your mouth into a narrow horizontal oval, smiling with your upper lip and as if saying "E" - 10 times in a row.

Transforming the nose

Strongly lift up the tip of the nose with your index finger, pull the upper lip down and relax - repeat 20 times.

Lip lift

Closing your mouth, tighten the corners of your lips and imagine that they move up and down. Follow imaginary movements with your thumb and forefinger until a burning sensation occurs.

Plump lips

Tuck the upper lip inward, tapping the center with your index finger in small circular movements, as if breaking a ball - up to 20 seconds. Then, in small circular motions, tap the corners of your mouth with your thumb and forefinger - again for up to 20 seconds.


Put your lips in a narrow vertical oval, placing your thumb and forefinger on the corners of your mouth, slowly move them up and down along the nasolabial folds for 30 seconds.

Neck is toned

Wrap your hand around the front of your neck, lift your head up and relax. Repeat 20 times.


Cover your teeth with your lips, slowly open and close your mouth five times. Repeat this, lifting your head up, pulling it back and staying in this position for 20 seconds.

We hold an oval

Open your mouth by pulling in your lips and close your teeth. From the chin, move the thumb and forefinger of one of the hands along the face to the crown, as if moving upward and the sides of the face until you feel a burning sensation. Repeat 20 times.

Neck and chin

Place your hand on the front of your neck with your chin high. With a smile, stick out your tongue and reach the nose with the tip. Hold on to the wall and push away from it as if you were a rocking chair 30 times. Repeat the same, turning your head over the right shoulder, and then over the left - do 20 swings each time.

How long will it last?

Face fitness has a cumulative nature, someone achieves a goal quickly, someone needs more time. It all depends on age and background data. The swelling goes away quickly enough, the skin becomes fresh, healthy and more toned.

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