Gymnastics For The Face - Face Fitness Is Coming Into Fashion

Gymnastics For The Face - Face Fitness Is Coming Into Fashion
Gymnastics For The Face - Face Fitness Is Coming Into Fashion

Video: Gymnastics For The Face - Face Fitness Is Coming Into Fashion

Video: Gymnastics For The Face - Face Fitness Is Coming Into Fashion
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Techniques through which you can strengthen facial muscles are rapidly gaining popularity today. There are many videos on the Internet where trainers assure: with the help of simple exercises, you can look younger without resorting to Botox and other similar cosmetic procedures.


The UTS journalists decided to find out if the so-called face fitness really works, or is it just money-taking?

Larisa Gryazeva's working day is scheduled by the minute. Both women and men come with the desire to stop time for their faces. Moreover, the latter, says the cosmetologist, has become three times more, compared to the beginning of the 2000s. Today in the arsenal of cosmetology there is a mass of rejuvenation products.

- This is mesotherapy - injection techniques, biorevitalization, plasma therapy, deep restorative therapy with collagen preparations, well, contour plastics always remain at their peak. During a working day, out of about 10 people, it happens in different ways, from 3 to 5 ask for botulinum toxin, - said dermatologist-cosmetologist, doctor Larisa Gryazeva.

Such procedures are not available to everyone. To look well-groomed and young, you usually need to shell out. Irina Smolnikova knows this firsthand.

- Women of my age - after 40 - are already using a lot of procedures. Starting with cosmetic - within five thousand rubles - plus cream within 10 thousand, says Irina Smolnikova, a resident of Novosibirsk.

You can get rid of the main signs of aging by performing simple exercises for 15 minutes a day, says face fitness trainer Elena Chernyavskaya.

- It's the same as fitness for the body. You can see that a 50-year-old figure can look 25 if he works his muscles. It's the same here. If we work on muscle tone, strengthen them, then this prevents physiological ptosis - there is such a concept - that is, physiological muscle sagging. And since the skin is attached to the muscles, it sags along with the muscles, - said face fitness trainer Elena Chernyavskaya.

Elena Chernyavskaya began to engage in face fitness 7 years ago. He says that then there was very little information about this gymnastics. Although the first technique was developed by Eva Hofmann back in the 30s of the last century. Today there are only a few certified trainers in Novosibirsk. Elena studied articles by foreign authors, consulted with doctors. I developed my own methodology. It was approved by plastic surgeons and neurologists. It includes lymphatic drainage self-massage and exercises - from problems with posture to the cervical-collar zone.

The first signs of aging appear after about 23-25 years. For some, these are wrinkles around the eyes, for others - on the forehead. But most often young people come with posture problems and incorrect neck position. Hence the headaches, back pain. Face fitness will also help to cope with this.

How much one can believe in the miraculous effect of face fitness, OTC journalists decided to ask an independent expert. Olga Kokovina has over 20 years of experience in massage, including speech therapy. He says gymnastics is, however, a powerful weapon against aging. If the exercises are done correctly. Otherwise, there is a risk of aggravating the problem.

- A certified specialist must necessarily teach you individual lessons specifically with your face, so that relaxed muscles are trained and those that are tense are relaxed. You cannot practice according to some general recommendations from the Internet, - noted Olga Kokovina, specialist in massage and osteopathy.

Elena Chernyavskaya speaks about the same. And, having mastered the technique, you can get younger while standing, for example, in a traffic jam or in a queue at a store.

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