Star Surgeon Danila Kuzin: "After Plastic Surgery, Miracles Happen"

Star Surgeon Danila Kuzin: "After Plastic Surgery, Miracles Happen"
Star Surgeon Danila Kuzin: "After Plastic Surgery, Miracles Happen"
Video: Star Surgeon Danila Kuzin: "After Plastic Surgery, Miracles Happen"
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Danila Kuzin is a plastic surgeon, head of one of the most elite clinics of aesthetic medicine in Moscow. The portrait gallery of the patients of this center is the most stellar: Maria Kozhevnikova, Anna Starshenbaum, Alena Vodonaeva, Anna Semenovich, Lyaysan Utyasheva In an interview with Express Gazeta, Danila Alexandrovich spoke about modern standards of beauty and explained why men are increasingly resorting to plastic surgery …


- Danila Alexandrovich, are you a graduate of the Medical Institute?

- Of course. Otherwise, it is impossible to work as a plastic surgeon today. By the way, 11 years ago the specialty "plastic surgery" appeared in medical universities. After the residency, you need to unlearn five more years to become a plastic surgeon. My parents are doctors, and I followed in their footsteps.

- What are the most popular operations in the field of plastic surgery today?

- I would like to note that in recent years, many more men have begun to turn to plastic surgery. As a rule, men are brought in by wives. The main operations for men are eyelid surgery, liposuction and rhinoplasty. Basically the same set as women. According to my observations, women are even the first to send their men for plastic surgery, thereby conducting an experiment on them, and then they themselves apply. The novelties of plastic surgery are often tested by men.

- What is the most popular operation for women?

- Breast surgery and recovery after pregnancy, which includes a whole complex: putting the breasts and abdomen in order, liposuction. In a fairly short time, you can not only return to the previous form, but also improve it.

- Expensive complex for recovery after pregnancy?

- Not cheap. The operations themselves are complex, time-consuming, with the use of expensive implants.

- Are skinny or "tasty" women in fashion?

- Nowadays naturalness and natural beauty are in vogue. If liposuction, then not to the bones (only fat deposits are removed). If the enlargement of the mammary glands, then natural and natural. So that they do not point a finger at a woman's chest, even if it is a luxurious breast. Everything should be in moderation and in proportion. Rhinoplasty is also as natural as possible. And more and more often they ask to leave a small hump of the nose so that there is no thought of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has become a filigree and jewelry work. No one should have guessed that a plastic surgeon worked. I repeat, natural beauty is in fashion.

- Why? Everyone knows that plastic is expensive!

- Perhaps because a person's appearance is directly related to lifestyle and mental abilities.

- What shape of the nose is in vogue today? It's no secret that the nose determines the character.

- If a couple of years ago, the standard of a woman's nose was considered a small one, with a deflection and a very small tip, now the tastes are blurred. Everyone wants their own individual nose. Standards and templates don't work today.

- Surely they still ask for a nose, like the most beautiful movie stars. Who do they want to be like?

- Now they bring photos of unknown girls from Instagram, whereas before they were asked to make a nose and other features, like Angelina Jolie's. Among Russian celebrities, they used to show photographs of Christina Orbakaite, Keti Topuria, Renata Litvinova as an example.

New Year's rush

- In your opinion, what kind of woman is beautiful?

- There are no ideal beauties. There are women whose appearance is catchy, even if her features are wrong.

- About 10 years ago, after plastic surgery, severe bruises remained on the face. And now, how long is the rehabilitation after scalpel intervention?

- Now plastic surgery is much more gentle. The rehabilitation period after surgery is shortened and everything is normalized much faster. Operational techniques have made significant strides forward, and more advances are expected in plastic surgery in the very near future. I will not deny that there are cases when the recovery process is still long and difficult.

- Were there any cases when you were asked to completely change your appearance? Does a plastic surgeon have this right?

- There is law, education, and skill. But in my practice, there were no such cases. To modify a person, it is necessary to change the design of the skull, and this is done by maxillofacial surgeons.

- How popular are lip reshaping operations?

- Since the risks of scars from lip surgery are high, this surgery is not the most popular. Mostly the lips are dealt with by cosmetologists.

- The French writer Frederic Beigbeder stated in one of his novels that "beauty has ceased to be a value." What do you think?

- Beauty will always be valuable. Beauty is a selection criterion. A more beautiful woman has more chances both in her career and in her personal life than, so to speak, “ugly”.

- The most beautiful actresses - with rare exceptions - complain that "beauty has given them nothing but problems."

- There must be a so-called "golden mean". Beautiful girls, but with gaps in upbringing and education, even if they marry very well, usually for a short time. And if a woman does not possess physically recognized beauty, but knows how to present herself, she will be interesting for a man for many years.

- What is the peak season for plastic surgeons?

- On the eve of the holidays. Perhaps the peak is before the New Year.

- Were there any cases in your practice when a person's life changed dramatically after the operation? Surely patients are telling you about the fateful changes?

- The other day a woman came and thanked: "I am divorced, and now everything is fine with me." Oddly enough, after plastic surgery comes a long-awaited pregnancy. Really.

- How do you explain this?

- How can you explain that children are born as a result of resort romances? Much depends on the mood of the person, and on his readiness to meet his happiness. Of course, after a person's appearance improves, he has more chances to meet his “soul mate”.

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