20 Hollywood Stars Who Are Very Difficult To Recognize Without Makeup

20 Hollywood Stars Who Are Very Difficult To Recognize Without Makeup
20 Hollywood Stars Who Are Very Difficult To Recognize Without Makeup

Video: 20 Hollywood Stars Who Are Very Difficult To Recognize Without Makeup

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Video: 20 Celebrities Who Look Totally Different Underneath Makeup 2023, January

Women tend to compare themselves with world-class stars and by all means try to look just as attractive and young. But sometimes this imitation ends in the acquisition of unnecessary complexes.


However, celebrities are people just like you and me! And under a thick layer of makeup, they often hide those problems of wrinkles, bruises under the eyes and even pimples!

Uma Thurman

The special beauty of 49-year-old actress Uma Thurman still drives men crazy. Among them is her constant admirer and admirer - director Quentin Tarantino. He often compared Uma to Marlene Dietrich and called her "his Wedge Eastwood." We admit that Uma really looks good for her age. Even without makeup, she is worthy in public and is not shy about her appearance.

Anna-Lynn McCord

But under the attractive appearance and, apparently, several layers of makeup, model Anna-Lynn hides a dozen hefty pimples! It would seem that for a media personality it is simply necessary to have clean and well-groomed skin. But in the case of this celebrity, something went wrong. Whether genes, or bad habits In any case, we wish Anna-Lynn a speedy recovery from acne and new long-term contracts!

Sharon Stone

Undoubtedly, for her rather big age, the actress looks like a solid four with a plus. And Stone, for a second, is 61 years old! When an actress is “at the parade,” 30-year-old girls can envy her appearance. But in the photo without makeup, Sharon seems very tired and exhausted. Also this scattering of age spots But we respect her years and great acting talent!

Mila Kunis

And in the case of Mila Kunis, we will be categorical. A young Hollywood actress with Ukrainian roots without makeup looks even a little scary. Bags under the eyes, bruises, a swollen face and a tired look are Mila's faithful companions in this photo. This picture at one time flew around the Internet and collected a lot of haters. Kunis said that after the birth of a child, there can be no other appearance, and all this is a natural prospect for newly-made mothers. And we disagree with that.


Beyoncé, the queen of the music industry, proves by her example that even the "royal persons" have imperfect skin. Of course, with billions of dollars in income, the singer can afford expensive care products and all cosmetologists in the world. But bumps on the skin and small pimples haunt Beyoncé throughout her life.


A plump with an amazing voice often appears in public without a make-up. And, apparently, Adele is so confident in herself that she even poses for the paparazzi, who caught her not in her best shape. Should women all over the world follow the example of the famous singer and appear in public even with a dirty bun on their heads? No! In no case!

Adriana Lima

Brazilian supermodel and "angel" Victoria Secret is hard to find without makeup, even in everyday life. But there are still some "honest" photos! And on one of them, Adriana even looks like an ordinary girl, exhausted by work and the hardships of life. At least, this is evidenced by her obviously tired look and bruises under her eyes.


Alas and ah! But even the most persistent "soldiers" lose their attractive appearance with age. Pop diva Madonna is no exception - an adherent of active strength training, yoga, meditation and special nutrition. But do we see such a woman in the photo?

Tyra Banks

On her famous show "America's Next Top Model", Tyra taught girls to "smile with their eyes" and be ready for paparazzi attacks at any time.But Tyra herself does not always look in proper "condition". In the photo where Banks is jogging, the former model looks not at all fresh and not even healthy. Perhaps sleep deprivation and multiple flights are to blame for this.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's eccentric appearance has always stunned her fans and anti-fans. But what if not a face without makeup can shock even more ?! She often uses this trump card and does not hesitate to iron out "honest" pictures on her Instagram. The main attention, of course, is attracted by the large nose of the singer. But this, so to speak, external defect, Gaga compensates for with a magnificent voice.

Ann Hataway

Pretty and even a little whiny facial features of the actress fall in love at first sight. Most viewers, thanks to this, do not even pay attention to any of Ann's flaws. But the lack of makeup very clearly highlights the flaws in her appearance. Mostly, these are pronounced wrinkles on the forehead and dark bags under the eyes. But still, she's so cute!

Jennifer Lopez

There are unsuccessful photographs of people, and the stars, as we agreed with you above, are also among these people. 45-year-old Jennifer Lopez looks great for her age, but only with makeup. Well, small wrinkles and irregularities on the skin, alas, are the side effects of age.

Penelope Cruz

The Spanish actress with a burning beauty is still famous for her fit and well-groomed appearance. Of course, age takes its toll, but I must admit, Penelope is still in the ranks! Especially for a person who has never used the services of a plastic surgeon and cosmetologist. However, this can only be judged by the words of the actress herself. Well, let's believe her.

Demi Lovato

Still a young 27-year-old singer Demi Lovato is too early to worry about her appearance and figure. True, before the girl suffered from excess weight, but this did not affect her face in any way. The only thing that sometimes bothers her is a couple of pimples, bags under the eyes and mimic wrinkles.

Katy Perry

Another singer who doesn't care about her external data. Sometimes, of course, Katie can look overly tired and overwhelmed, with bruises and bags under her eyes. But this is extremely rare. There are not so many such photo confirmations on the Web. At least in front of camera lenses and without makeup, the famous singer can still be recognized.

Pamela Anderson

And here you can take a walk! Endless parties and the use of illegal drugs properly affected the appearance of the former model and actress. At 52, Pamela is no longer the seductive "lifeguard" of Malibu without makeup. This is due to loose skin and dips on the face.

Katie Holmes

40-year-old actress Katie Holmes often "shines" in public with her unpainted face. Oh yeah! This is a personal matter for everyone! But after the next such release, commentators begin to discuss bad skin and the tired look of the star. But it does not seem to bother her at all. Therefore, more and more often on the Internet you can find her photo without makeup.

Kylie Jenner

This girl built a real cosmetic empire and became a dollar billionaire at the age of 19. But few people know that before multiple transformations it looked, to put it mildly, unpresentable. Kylie does not hide that she has increased her lips, ass and changed the shape of her face. All this made her much more attractive, but old photos still circulate on the Internet.


But Shakira has never been seen in "reshaping" the flaws in appearance. And, despite her age - and she is already 42 years old, the singer can boast of well-groomed skin without visible problems. The only thing that upsets her is a few extra pounds, which are reflected, including on her face.

Katherine Heigl

Beautiful actress Katherine Heigl with skin was not at all lucky. In the picture without make-up, irregularities, pimples, dark circles and mimic wrinkles are immediately evident. And oily skin for a 41-year-old woman is a very strange phenomenon. But what a talent!

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