Mistakes Of Youth: Three British Women Regret Having Got A Tattoo On Their Face Because Of Drunkenness And Stupidity

Mistakes Of Youth: Three British Women Regret Having Got A Tattoo On Their Face Because Of Drunkenness And Stupidity
Mistakes Of Youth: Three British Women Regret Having Got A Tattoo On Their Face Because Of Drunkenness And Stupidity

Video: Mistakes Of Youth: Three British Women Regret Having Got A Tattoo On Their Face Because Of Drunkenness And Stupidity

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Face tattoos are done only by the most desperate. Nevertheless, there are such daredevils among celebrities: Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Presley Gerber. Reckless teenagers stuff ink on their faces to stand out from the crowd and show off in front of their friends. However, with age, most of them regret their rash act and try to get rid of tattoos. Read the stories of three women who would happily turn back the clock to avoid wearing the signs of their recklessness. Previously, facial tattoos were done only by those who no longer had room for new drawings on their bodies. Nowadays, young people often fill inscriptions and ornaments on the neck and face. Teenagers do not think that they might very much regret it in the future. Often this happens in a state of alcoholic intoxication or in order to trump friends.


Three British women adorned their faces with tattoos in their youth, but now they bitterly regret it. They shared their stories to warn others against making this mistake.

Two dots and a ridiculous inscription

Kitty Jabi, 25, from London, has two tattooed dots under her eyes and a semblance of an anarchist symbol on the inside of her lip. The inscription on the girl's neck flaunts: "I am not just a body, I am a man." The proposal was written at random, and even with errors. Kitty got a tattoo a year ago, and now she only walks with her hair down to hide the inscription.

The two dots under the eyes and the symbol of anarchy on the inside of the lip at first seemed like a good idea to the girl, but now she is very sorry about her decision. The British woman's tattoos were not done by a professional artist, but by a friend who bought a tattoo machine on eBay.

Kitty made a rash act at a party, being pretty drunk. The next morning, she woke up with a terrible hangover and a feeling of regret about what had happened. The girl thought they were just drawings and tried to wash them in the bathroom, but all attempts were in vain.

Native British women still make fun of her because of her ridiculous tattoos. Kitty advises never to get a tattoo while drunk.

Similar to piercing with ink from a pen

Glastonbury, 24, Jasmine Chance got 5 or 6 nose piercings. She often goes to festivals and raves, where she constantly loses her earrings. Two years ago, the girl and her friend got very drunk and decided to get a tattoo in the form of a piercing on their nose. They filled the drawing with a sterile needle and ink from a pen, having learned about this method from the Internet. The next day, the British woman laughed at herself.

Jasmine says that most of her acquaintances like her tattoo. They admit that they, too, would like to be as brave as she is. The girl replies that such an act is not courage, but the influence of alcohol. Now she is jarring from her tattoo on her nose. Jasmine's family, seeing her tattoo, said that she was an idiot.

There are many tattoos on the body of the British woman. She got her first drawing on her ankle at the age of 18. Since then, her style has not changed, but the girl advises those who often change their preferences never to get a tattoo on their face.

Tattoos on the face change the attitude towards a person

23-year-old Gypsy Riddle Fleur from Bristol got several tattoos on her face in her youth. At that time she really liked them. At first, the girl drew tattoos with eyeliner to see how they would look, and at the age of 18 she decided on real ink ornaments.

At first, Gypsy filled in three horizontal lines on the bridge of her nose, they meant the past, present and future. The girl saw in this a symbol of struggle, courage and feminine strength.Then she got another tattoo in the form of two vertical lines running from the left eye to the cheek, as well as three dots near the eyebrows in the form of a triangle and five more dots above one eyebrow. Near her ear, she has a tattoo of the symbol of infinity, and under her eyes - two dots.

The British woman made the tattoos herself, and then her friend, the tattoo artist, made them clearer and more beautiful.

Now Gypsy regrets that she did the drawings on her face. She has matured and tattoos seem strange to those around her. Because of them, people evaluate the girl in a completely different way. It is a pity that in her youth no one dissuaded her from a rash act.

The British woman is thinking about laser tattoo removal. Before deciding on a tattoo on your face, Gypsy advises you to think carefully about whether it will affect your future.

However, not everyone regrets the tattoo done. The Instagram star, who calls herself the White Blue Eyed Dragon, stunned subscribers with a snapshot taken before the modifications. The Australian takes pride in covering her entire body with ink drawings.

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