Five Misconceptions That Prevent You From Seeing A Beautician

Five Misconceptions That Prevent You From Seeing A Beautician
Five Misconceptions That Prevent You From Seeing A Beautician

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So, you have been gathering your courage for a long time and finally came to the beautician. The main rule of visiting a beautician is: it must be a doctor. And if you are a novice client of cosmetologists, then the second rule states that you need a reliable clinic. But even here you can make a mistake. Let's analyze the most common misconceptions of women who first came to the reception.


"Botox is needed only in the forehead and quite a bit!"

Jolie's shiny forehead and Kidman's stone face became anti-advertising for excessive doses of Botox

Ten years ago, many cosmetologists used much larger doses of the drug. Remember Nicole Kidman's stone forehead and Angelina Jolie's shining forehead? And after all, many walked like that!

And now we all want to look as natural as possible, so the doses have become smaller, the execution is filigree. Therefore, where and how many units of Botox (or its analogs - dysport, reatox) you need, only a doctor can tell: although the muscles on the face of all people are located according to the same scheme, the features of facial movements and muscle interactions are different for everyone. It is likely that it is enough for you to inject a few units of the drug into the eyebrow, but it may also be that the wrinkle between the eyebrows that worries you will be removed only by injections all over the forehead.

A good beautician uses botulinum toxin so that tense muscles relax, creases will go away, but at the same time facial expressions will remain in place. It will also take into account the characteristics of each drug. For example, botulinum toxin is dose-dependent: the higher the dose, the longer the temporary muscle blockage lasts. However, pinching in small doses is fraught with numbness, as it stimulates the production of antibodies to the toxin.

"Filer in nasolabials - urgently prick!"

An example of a failed attempt by Teri Hatcher, star of Desperate Housewives, to get rid of nasolabial folds. (Photo: Bulls / East News)

Of course, the filled nasolabial folds make the face look smooth. But is this always what you need exactly? Almost everyone has nasolabial folds, a face without them looks strange and unnatural. And if five or six years ago, filling the nasolabial folds was perhaps the most demanded procedure among cosmetologists, today it is gradually losing popularity. A new generation of clients who do not want to change their face, but to improve their skin condition, are gradually moving away from this procedure.

If you are not yet fifty years old, you should give preference to biorevitalization all over the face and supportive therapy. And also pay attention to the nasolacrimal grooves and the so-called marionette wrinkles - the creases that go down from the corners of the lips. It's definitely worth piercing them: filling them does not break the architecture of the face, but adds freshness.

"Fillers in the lips - it is vulgar and always visible"

In the case of Courteney Cox, a lip filler helps to avoid purse-string wrinkles and restores the original shape of the lips.

Lip filler rejection is also a thing of the past. Surprisingly, hyaluronic preparations are not at all the opposite of naturalness. In fact, there are many times when lip piercing is worth it.

For example, lip asymmetry, which increases after thirty years. Or a tendency to the appearance of purse-string wrinkles (these are small vertical creases of the skin around the lips). As a rule, they appear in owners of thin, delicate skin. Small doses of lip filler can help prevent lip infections.

Well, if your lips are thin in principle, then it may well be that by the age of forty they will simply "disappear" from your face, especially if you have acquired the habit of pursing them.

If you are afraid to overdo it, then go to the beautician with your child or teenage photo and ask them to do the same.By the way, doctors often leave part of the drug in order to inject it in a week if necessary. It is likely that a few days after the procedure, you will realize that you need it.

"The higher the percentage of hyaluronic acid, the better!"

Sharon Stone's thin skin looks good not without the competent support of cosmetologists. But no artificial cheekbones, not even nasolabial folds in place

Everyone knows that the main component of all biorevitalizant preparations is hyaluronic acid. It deeply moisturizes the skin by attracting and retaining water molecules. Preparations for biorevitalization differ in the concentration of hyaluronic acid, the presence of additional ingredients and, of course, the price.

The myth that the higher the concentration of hyaluronic acid in a preparation, the better, is a misconception that can even be dangerous. When such hydrogels enter the aquatic environment (and the skin is 70-80% water), hyaluronic acid molecules begin to draw water from the intercellular space of the dermis. Highly concentrated gels when injected intradermally lead, paradoxically as it may seem, to a decrease in the level of hydration of the dermis. This is confirmed by the results of clinical trials conducted in 2008 at the Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Simply put, if you have thin skin, then highly concentrated preparations (more than 1%) will lead to the fact that the skin becomes overflowing with water, swelling and tissue stretching will appear. Moreover, the hyaluronic acid will begin to draw moisture into the upper layers of the skin from deep within, which is harmful to your face.

"I started using drugs - now it's for life"

Jane Fonda proves that traits can be retained in older age

Of course it is possible. But you probably don't want to. Few people go to a beautician with velvety baby cheeks - as a rule, we go to the doctor when we see signs of wilting. And here the "before and after" effect works (as in the photographs that cosmetologists like to do so much): during the operation of the drugs, we get used to see a pleasant, toned face in the mirror, and when the "source" appears there again (the effect of the drug ends), we it seems like things have gotten even worse.

However, some procedures of modern cosmetology not only stop time, but also turn it back. So, for example, several procedures for immobilizing muscles with the help of botulinum toxin can wean you from mimic actions fixed for years: you will stop frowning, squinting or frowning as usual. Accordingly, the wrinkles that began to appear from this will actually decrease, or even disappear altogether.

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