7 Rules Of Male Style From Italians

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7 Rules Of Male Style From Italians
7 Rules Of Male Style From Italians
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We recognize the Briton by his tweed suit, the Germans love baggy trousers and rough boots, and the French have different scarves for every day. It's time to find out what Italian men offer to wear.

Italians are born with a sense of style. It is enough to visit the Pitti Uomo men's fashion exhibition to understand that there are so many beautifully dressed men nowhere else. Having studied the preferences of Italian fashionistas, we have deduced seven style rules that will work in any country.

Emphasize negligence

The main thing is to create the impression that you got dressed in a hurry, and did not pick up a tie for a shirt for half an hour. For this in the Italian language there is even a special term: "sprezzatura", which roughly translates as "radiation of carelessness." This is not an excuse to put on what first fell out of the closet - just be a little more frivolous.

How to do it? Wear wide leg jeans, trousers with cuffs, and casual shirts with rolled up sleeves.

Master the vest

It's not about three-piece suits, but about the ability to combine an outdoor wardrobe with suit fabric vests. Such an image cannot be called business or classic, but for a Friday bow or going to the cinema it is perfect.

How to do it? Wear blue straight jeans, a crisp white shirt, and a gingham vest (like Alexander McQueen has). In this look, it will serve as an additional layer between the jacket and shirt.

Consider accessories

For the inhabitants of Florence, sunglasses are not only UV protection, but also a must-have accessory. Italians wear glasses even in the evening, it has long ceased to be bad manners. The main thing is that the frame is perfectly matched. Our article: "Three common mistakes in choosing sunglasses" will help you to avoid failure.

How to do it? In addition to glasses, the arsenal should have a quality umbrella (look at Dior) and a cool hat (Asos), quality boots (Dr. Martens), sunglasses (Finlay & Co) - this is a mandatory minimum for a stylish man.

Control the color

Italians wear colors that are far from office style, and at the same time look strict and restrained. The secret is simple: look for soft, muted shades.

How to do it? A pale pink shirt (Zara, Ostin) and an olive-colored jacket are combined with each other, creating a soft color transition. If you want blue pants, look for off-blue or washed-out blue.

Choose a loose fit

Not oversized, but things in which you feel comfortable. Italian couturiers like Giorgio Armani make clothes in a relaxed silhouette that fit equally well on handsome bodybuilders and on men with an aging tummy.

How to do it? Forget that you wore size 46 as a student and trust the consultant who brought 52.

Do not spare money on clothes

It's impossible to get a good, solid thing for a penny. In addition to natural fabric and even seams, a shirt, for example, should have decent buttons, accessories, ornaments. And all this costs a lot of money. There may not be many shirts in your wardrobe, but they should all be of excellent quality.

How to do it? Choose trusted sellers and well-known brands - they never fail in quality. By the way, clothes made from environmentally friendly fabrics are at the height of fashion.

Watch your posture

In the street style chronicles from Italy, each photo looks like the result of a long work of the film crew. However, Italian men just know their bodies well. The secret is to keep your posture not only for photos, but also in everyday life.

How to do it? Watch your head turn, facial expression, leg position, posture.

And the main rule: the most stylish clothes are those in which you are comfortable!

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