LDPR Asks "come In Large Numbers" Officials To Exit

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LDPR Asks "come In Large Numbers" Officials To Exit
LDPR Asks "come In Large Numbers" Officials To Exit

Video: LDPR Asks "come In Large Numbers" Officials To Exit

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Video: Навальные – интервью после отравления / The Navalniys Post-poisoning (English subs) 2023, February

It became known that on February 25, Governor Roman Starovoit will provide a report on the work done in 2020 at the next meeting of the Kursk Regional Duma. The deputies and invitees will gather in the "Sviridovsky" concert hall

As every year before, each parliamentary faction can submit up to two questions to the governor. It is interesting that it takes two weeks for Roman Starovoit to prepare a response, during which time the people's representatives had to send their questions to the head of the region. <br

Today, the Kursk branch of the Liberal Democratic Party published the questions that it is going to ask:

1. The public reception of the LDPR faction receives complaints from chickens who cannot receive the free medicines they are supposed to receive.

Constant interruptions in the supply of drugs that must be procured from the regional budget. For example, citizens cannot receive hypoglycemic drugs in tablets, insulins, drugs for the treatment of bronchial asthma.

The situation with federal beneficiaries is no better. For those with a disability group, there are also no many drugs. People are simply “put on a queue” or not prescribed the necessary medications at all.

The problems are not only with free medicines. It is also not so easy to buy medicines for your money. For several months, pharmacies in the region simply did not have the necessary drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 and SARS, prices increased several times. Even today, there are problems with the procurement of a number of drugs.

2. During the previous 2 years, specialists invited from other regions have been appointed to many leadership positions in our region. Unfortunately, most of them did not show some incredible competencies that the residents of the Kursk region do not possess. And a number of directions have failed altogether. What are the scandals and problems in healthcare ?!

Perhaps the policy of attracting outside specialists was justified during the formation of your team. During your work as the Governor, for sure, you have met many talented, educated and hardworking Kurds. The time has come to involve in the management of the region as many local residents as possible who know the specifics of the region and are directly interested in improving the life of the Kurds.

By the way, about the Varangians in power. Health care, domestic policy, attracting investment and the economy as a whole in the region are dealt with by officials who were previously far from the Kursk region. Unfortunately, none of these sectors can boast of a "jerk" or "breakout" in a positive sense. And the hopes of the Kurds for the "Varangians" capable of solving internal problems are dwindling every month. So is it worth continuing the policy of attracting officials from other regions?

Very soon we will find out the answer to this and other questions. Time will show whether Roman Starovoit will be able to prepare high-quality answers, and not the usual replies, in two weeks.

What questions would you personally ask the governor?

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