8 Beauty Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Skin

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8 Beauty Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Skin
8 Beauty Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Skin

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You can look your best without much time, effort and money. You just need to not make the common beauty mistakes that most girls sin. The editorial staff of WMJ.ru has prepared the top care blunders, due to which the skin suffers.

Rarely wash your makeup brushes

One of the main rules that any girl should follow is to wash her makeup brushes regularly.

Of course, it is quite problematic to go to the bathroom every morning after applying cosmetics and clean brushes and sponges. The same is the case after a hard day, when you don't want to waste precious time on washing the faithful helpers of daily beauty. However, you still have to devote a few minutes a week to this procedure. Firstly, the skin will not be damaged by bacteria accumulating on the brushes. Secondly, the makeup is applied much better with clean tools.

Plucking eyebrows before makeup

Probably, there are no girls who would not remove a couple of extra hairs right in the make-up process - very convenient. However, this habit is bad for the skin. After plucking the eyebrows, microdamages appear in place of the hairs, which are then covered with a layer of cosmetics. To avoid contamination of wounds and allow them to heal naturally, remove unwanted hairs when you will not be wearing makeup in the near future. This will allow not to injure the skin and not hide the resulting redness under the layer of foundation.

Powder your face often

A small powder with a mirror lives in many handbags, and the very phrase "powder the nose" has already become a beautiful code designation that a woman needs to leave. In fact, too active manipulation of this product is unhealthy for the skin. Many girls believe that powder will help in the fight against oily sheen during the day, but this is just another delusion. Matting wipes are much more suitable for eliminating excess sebum: they will not clog pores, provoke rashes and other skin problems.

Go to bed with makeup

Taboo, taboo and taboo again! No matter how much you want to sleep and no matter how much fatigue has rolled over you, going to bed without washing off your makeup is strictly prohibited. It is necessary to fulfill this rule even through I don’t want to. Spend two minutes cleansing your skin and you won't have to deal with unpleasant consequences. The face, covered with a thick layer of products, does not breathe throughout the day, and it is at night that the long-awaited hours of relaxation come for the skin. Therefore, you should not leave cosmetics applied long before bedtime overnight.

Forget about the skin of the neck

Using face cream before applying makeup and after cleansing before bed is a common beauty ritual for most girls. However, many people forget about the neck area, which needs nutrition no less than the face. Of course, there is no need to buy any special product for this area - it is quite enough to use the usual care.

Apply cream in a thick layer

Bigger does not mean better, and it is at this point that it really is. Before going to bed, the cream must be applied in a thin enough layer so that it can be absorbed during sleep. If you neglect the rule of moderation, then the next morning a film will form that does not allow the skin to breathe, and the positive effect of the product will come to naught and even go into a minus. The same applies to the product that is applied before makeup: you need to give the cream time to absorb, and only then apply the tone. So the cream will work properly and the makeup will fit much better.

Don't use sunscreen

Many girls often neglect sunscreen, because it would seem that you can do without it, if you do not live somewhere on the sunny coast of California.In fact, this is not entirely true: without protection from the sun, we put our skin at risk of premature aging, pigmentation and other negative factors. In order not to make this mistake, choose a cream or foundation with SPF.

Sleep little and don't drink enough water

The most effective in practice turns out to be the simplest. For the beauty and health of the skin, it is important to get adequate sleep and drink enough water. Everyone knows about the benefits of water, but not everyone adheres to the installation to drink it. Adequate water intake will keep the skin hydrated, which will keep it looking healthy and supple.

When it comes to sleep, it takes eight hours to feel refreshed and energized. No concealers or patches can remove dark circles better than a deep, deep sleep.

Exfoliate too often

Undoubtedly, peeling has long been one of the favorite beauty procedures of many girls, but you should not get carried away with it. This rule applies to both salon and home options. The skin needs time to recover, and if it is not enough, the top layer will become thinner, leading to dryness and oversensitivity. In addition, frequent exfoliation will cause premature aging of the skin. The golden rule applies here: "Everything is good in moderation."

Rarely change your face towel

The towel needs to be changed every three days, and of course it should not be used for any other purpose - just for the face. A paper towel is a great alternative to a tissue one. After use, you can throw it away and not even think about when you need to change bathroom accessories, which is very convenient and hygienic. If you still prefer cloth towels, the main thing is not to forget about their regular change.

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