Zhigunov Puzzled Fans With A "haggard" Look

Zhigunov Puzzled Fans With A "haggard" Look
Zhigunov Puzzled Fans With A "haggard" Look

Video: Zhigunov Puzzled Fans With A "haggard" Look

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Film actor Sergei Zhigunov, who was beloved by Russian viewers for the TV series "My Fair Nanny" and the film "Midshipmen, Go!", Published a fresh snapshot that worried some fans with the appearance of the artist depicted on it.

Recently Sergey Zhigunov decided to post a new photo on his personal Instagram profile. In the picture presented to the public, the favorite of many viewers was captured sitting against the backdrop of vegetation in a blue hoodie, with wireless headphones in his ears and with a phone in hand. The artist's face was brightly illuminated by sunlight. In the comments to the publication, Zhigunov noted that in this frame he was captured at work.

The photo of the Honored Artist of Russia did not leave his fans indifferent. Many of them assured him that he looked "gorgeous". However, some netizens who decided to discuss the actor's appearance noted that he looks "sad", and some said that Zhigunov was "haggard."

- "Have lost weight, have grown thin …", "Something is not a kind look.", "Something you are sad …" then you are gloomy, sad today in the photo? " (the author's style is preserved - editor's note), - the commentators of the publication shared their opinion.

At the same time, some of the users of the social network noted that the artist "looks good", and also asked about his age. For some reason, the 57-year-old actor, answering this question, wrote the number 68, to which he received the phrase: "someone does not like to dissemble at all."

Earlier, the editors of VSE42.Ru reported that Zhigunov's ex-wife commented on the actor's romance with Zavorotnyuk.

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