10 Stars You Don't Recognize In The Photo Before Plastic Surgery

10 Stars You Don't Recognize In The Photo Before Plastic Surgery
10 Stars You Don't Recognize In The Photo Before Plastic Surgery

Video: 10 Stars You Don't Recognize In The Photo Before Plastic Surgery

Video: 10 Stars You Don't Recognize In The Photo Before Plastic Surgery
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Blake Lively


Blake Lively would not have become the star of the TV series "Gossip Girl", the idol of millions and the wife of handsome Ryan Reynolds, had not been tricked by a plastic surgeon. The talented specialist reduced her nose with rhinoplasty, made her chin more contoured and blepharoplasty. The changes were made pointwise, but what an effect!

Megan Fox

Megan has been acting in films since adolescence: the directors loved her for her pretty appearance and the image of the girl next door. But Fox got only minor roles, until the star decided to slightly improve her appearance. If you look at the photo of the star before the plastic surgery, you can see thin lips, rounded cheeks and rather wide wings of the nose. After rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and changing the shape of her cheekbones, Megan became a real fatal beauty!

Kim Kardashian

Looking at the pictures of Kim, which were taken several years ago, you hardly recognize the most popular socialite in the world today! Professionals believe that Kardashian performed rhinoplasty, liposuction, increased cheekbones and lips, removed vellus hair from the hairline and, of course, enlarged the buttocks. It was the fifth point of incredible size, which at first seemed to fans an ambiguous element of appearance, that made Kim such a mega-popular personality.

Kylie Jenner

Younger sister Kim Kylie is also not far behind. From a delicate girl with thin lips, a round face and a humped nose, she turned into a young woman with a sensual mouth, beautifully defined cheekbones and a sculpted nose. At this, Kylie decided to stop, which, by the way, not every star succeeds. Renee Zellweger

Several years ago, fans did not recognize Renee Zellweger as the star of The Bridget Jones Diaries: the plastic changed the actress beyond recognition. This is not to say that Zellweger has become worse or better, she just changed. Even the shape of the eyes has changed. Later, the actress admitted that it was the most unfortunate experience of plastic surgery. And fans like Bridget's cheeks more.

Demmy Moor

Demi Moore once carefully worked on her appearance: she changed the shape of her chin and cheekbones, did rhinoplasty, changed the shape and size of her breasts (depending on fashion) and even removed fat from her knees. Now Demi looks even better than her daughters, who show the "preplastic" features of the mother, inherited with genes.

Donatella Versace

Donatella is a clear example of what an excessive passion for plastic can do to a person. Now the face of the creative director of the fashion house Versace is frozen in a mask on which too large lips are highlighted in close-up. Perhaps Donatella likes today's reflection in the mirror more, but even a passionate love for tanning did not make Versace as unnatural as it is now.

Janice Dickinson

The former model is also accused of an excessive passion for plastic, which made her almost unrecognizable. Dickinson now has a different eye shape and unnaturally large lips. Jennifer Gray

The actress is best known for her iconic role as the naive girl Baby in Dirty Dancing. And a nose with a rather large hump, which made Gray's appearance outstanding and attractive. After the success of the picture, Jennifer was persuaded to remove the hump so that the actress could have a reference for Hollywood appearance. However, rhinoplasty became fatal for Gray's career: the directors decided that no one would recognize a star on the screen without a hump.

Nicole Kidman

The actress with bright red hair and porcelain skin, apparently, somehow looked at herself in the mirror and decided to just preserve her appearance. Now Nicole is a cold blonde with a frozen face and a barely recognizable appearance. Read more about the stars here:

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