Made A Trick: 5 Stars Who Became Famous For Their Eyebrows

Made A Trick: 5 Stars Who Became Famous For Their Eyebrows
Made A Trick: 5 Stars Who Became Famous For Their Eyebrows

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A harmonious image is made up of details. And in recent years, women have realized that eyebrows are everything. They can give any expression to the face and instantly turn the ugliest duckling into a beautiful swan (and after all, some ten years ago, everyone plucked them madly to the strings). We tell which of the stars the eyebrows literally made an image: perhaps their example will be useful to you.


Margot Robbie

Just look at those eyebrows! They're perfect! It is generally difficult for blondes to guess the color of the eyebrows, but Margot did it perfectly (witch!). Robbie's eyebrow hairs are neither too light nor too dark - the golden mean.

The thickness of the eyebrows is also optimal: they emphasize the size of the eyes and at the same time do not draw all the attention to themselves. Smooth and neat, they can be called the dream of any bromaker.

Cara Delevingne

Kara is considered one of those who brought back the fashion for wide eyebrows. The model never succumbed to the general tendency to pluck, so you will not find photos with two strings above her eyes (unless the work of Photoshop masters). And that's great!

Delevingne's eyebrows are quite drawn to recognition as a symbol of the beauty era. Despite the fact that Kara is blonde, the dark hairs do not spoil her in the least. Yes, they create a certain accent on the face, but in this case it became the exclusive highlight of the girl.

And here you can look at Kara and other stars with different hairstyles: Don't be shorter: 5 stars who are better off with long hair.

Emilia Clarke

About the eyebrows of this actress, they joke that they live their own lives. And there is some truth in this: it is difficult to watch Emilia's interview without being distracted by the “disco” that is happening above her eyes. But who said it was bad?

Clarke's eyebrows have become a real feature, without which the actress is already hard to imagine. If you put aside all the jokes about their movement and look closely, you can be pleasantly surprised. The color of the eyebrows is in perfect harmony with the color of Emilia's hair, and their shape can easily compete with the shape of Margot Robbie's eyebrows.

For information on how to create it yourself, see our material: Now it will definitely work out: the easiest way to shape the eyebrows is shown by the makeup artist.

Keira Knightley

Everything in Kira's eyebrows is also beautiful. They are slightly darker than hair, therefore they create a harmonious pair. The width is optimal: not thin, but not too thick. The form is a bomb.

Knightley also has a wonderful feature: no matter what color the actress uses to make up, she will be able to choose the perfect eyebrow tone for a new look. We would all learn from her!

But before Kira was completely different: From clumsy - into an elegant lady: the evolution of Keira Knightley's style.

Lily Collins

The British actress's eyebrows are similar to those that are commonly called sable. Thick, dark, shiny - real chic! And they also go well with Lily's eyes and hair.

In addition, the girl has rather thin facial features, and against such a background, expressive eyes and eyebrows look very welcome. Therefore, if you wanted to grow your eyebrows, but did not dare in any way, maybe Collins' example will inspire you.

If you are unlucky as Lily, be careful when going to the salon: Eyebrows-caterpillars: 5 fatal mistakes that betray an inexperienced craftsman.

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