Record Holders! 10 Stars Who Got Plastic Too Many Times

Record Holders! 10 Stars Who Got Plastic Too Many Times
Record Holders! 10 Stars Who Got Plastic Too Many Times

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Enlarge breasts, reshape the nose, tighten the skin or even insert implants into the cheekbones - these stars have tried everything and are not going to stop. BeautyHack is about celebrities who often visit a plastic surgeon.


The number of Cher plastic surgeries is legendary - some argue that she has more than thirty transformations behind her, others are sure that their number has exceeded a hundred. The singer herself first confessed to two operations, claiming that she did not change anything except her nose and breast size. After some time, she said that her hobby for plastic has grown into an addiction. According to rough estimates of experts, in general, the singer spent about $ 750,000 on operations - she changed the shape of her nose, enlarged her breasts, did liposuction, several facelifts, corrected the shape of her lips, removed her teeth to change the oval of her face and inserted implants into her cheekbones.

Lil Kim

Looking at the American rap artist now, it's hard to believe that this is exactly the Lil Kim from the Lady Marmalade video. Like many colleagues in the shop, she underwent surgery on her nose and enlarged her breasts by two sizes at the beginning of her career. Since then, Kim went under the knife at least ten times, but was unhappy with the result. Apart from numerous rhinoplasty (the back of the star's nose disappears and then returns to its place), Lil inserted implants into her cheekbones, underwent a circular facelift to change the shape of her eyes, and even lightened her skin.

Demmy Moor

The actress looks great, despite the age of 50+ - the merit, of course, of a healthy lifestyle, as well as the excellent work of plastic surgeons. According to rough estimates, Demi has spent over a million dollars on beauty makeover. She started with rhinoplasty, then enlarged her breasts for filming in the film "Striptease" (the role was obligatory). Further - more: Moore did liposuction to change the shape of the face, enlarged the buttocks and very successfully experimented with blepharoplasty. By the way, the actress did mammoplasty several times: the first implants installed were too round and looked unnatural.

Pamela Anderson

We don't know if Pamela Anderson would have become a sex symbol of the 90s without all these plastic surgeries or not, but we definitely remember her image of a lifeguard in a red swimsuit. It was for this role that the star made mammoplasty, after which she proudly declared: "My breasts have made a career, and I just follow it." Since then, she has changed the size of her breasts at least five times (one of the implants even put up for auction), then began experiments with liposuction - she removed the excess from the inner thighs, waist, breeches and buttocks. Not so long ago, Pam became interested in face plastic: she corrected her cheekbones, raised her eyebrows with a circular lift and reshaped her nose - she narrowed the back and reduced the tip.

Melanie Griffith

The actress does not like to publicly declare plastic surgeries, but you cannot hide anything from the surgeons: the tabloids attribute to her at least five transformations, not counting the constant facelifts, neck and other body parts. It all started with a harmless rhinoplasty - an unsuccessful operation changed the shape of the bridge of the nose, followed by another attempt to transform, and Mel was already unstoppable. In addition to plastic surgery, the actress overdid it with cosmetic procedures: due to Botox, the face became immobile, and the fillers completely deformed the lips.

Meg Ryan

The girl with the face of an angel - that is what the fans called the actress - is now unrecognizable. Like many other actresses, Meg declared war on the first signs of aging and became interested in plastic surgery.First, the surgeons gave her an endoscopic facelift, then removed the double chin - but the actress did not stop there. This was followed by a nose correction, then not the most successful blepharoplasty, and - as a result - the abuse of beauty injections. Due to the changed cut of the eyes, the actress is often compared with another victim of plastic surgery - the catwoman Jocelyn Wildenstein, and because of the lips that are too enlarged with fillers, Meg is credited with resembling the Joker.

Courteney Cox

“Sometimes I see my picture and think I look terrible,” admits Courteney Cox, best known for her role as Monica Geller on Friends. Fans of the sitcom watched not only the life of their favorite characters, but also Cox's transformations: it all started with injections - “Monica's” face smoothed out, and facial expressions became less expressive. This was not enough for the actress and she decided to go under the knife - she has at least four surgeries behind her, including a facelift. One thing we know for sure - Courtney regretted the manipulations done with her face and urged everyone not to repeat her mistakes, but to grow old with dignity.

Courtney Love

Another Courtney became a victim of plastic addiction - however, the singer went much further. The star did rhinoplasty alone three times, honestly admitting this in her interviews. “In the 80s I was in films and to be honest, I had a really big nose. It was only suitable for radio,”Courtney said without hesitation. Rhinoplasty alone was not enough: the widow of Kurt Cobain performed liposuction of the buttocks, thighs and abdomen, blepharoplasty, increased breast size and was fond of fillers. It got to the point that in 2006 Courtney had to go to the hospital to massively correct the errors of unsuccessful operations.

Goldie Hawn

Fans of the actress for a long time were sure that she was not fond of plastic - and all because Goldie did it very delicately, in moderate doses. Several breast surgeries, a gentle facelift, liposuction - who would have thought that the actress went under the knife once a year? Now all the efforts of plastic surgeons have come to naught - too frequent circular braces have changed the shape of the eyes, making them much smaller, and the abuse of fillers has led to a deformation of the smile.

Heidi Montag

The star of the American reality show "Hollywood Hills" on MTV gained worldwide popularity not because of the high ratings of the show, but because in 2009 she performed 10 plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures in one day. The plastic surgeon Frank Ryan decided to dare "all at once", but such a transformation was not easy for the actress: she almost died from the number of anesthetics that slowed her breathing down to five breaths per minute. And yet Heidi had to go under the knife again - after a while she admitted that she wanted to insert smaller implants.

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