Photoshop Vs Reality: What Celebrities Really Look Like

Photoshop Vs Reality: What Celebrities Really Look Like
Photoshop Vs Reality: What Celebrities Really Look Like

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Western stars broadcast the perfect picture to their fans: perfect body, perfect life. Some users of social networks note that "licked" pictures cause them anxiety. It's hard to look at ideal people every day.


However, it turned out that there is nothing ideal in Western celebrities: they just learned how to beautifully process their pictures, but in reality they do not always look good.

25 Sep 2018 at 3:06 PDT

Russian supermodel Natasha Poly inspires many girls to go into the modeling business. It would seem that she has the perfect waist, legs, abs, where can we improve even more? However, the model reduces its waist and makes the shoulder line more graceful. And it doesn't matter that the anatomical accuracy is lost.

American star Kylie Jenner loves to edit her photos. Recently, however, she has been trying to retouch pictures as discreetly as possible. But nothing will go unnoticed. The star gently adjusts the waistline, ignoring the blurry lines of the pillows.

It is not even known what is worse: when they reshape themselves in photo editors or in life: It hurts to watch: Svetlana Loboda overdid it with a change in her face.

22 May 2019 at 8:55 am PDT

Model Kendall Jenner, who is considered one of the most successful models in the world, also sinned with photoshop. In the editor, the star removes athletic shoulders and trims the waist. However, Kendall looks great even without retouching.

By the way, Russian stars in life look no worse than Hollywood ones: Beautiful or funny: the actresses of the Ural dumplings show before glory and now.

29 Aug 2019 at 7:12 PDT

American designer Hunter McGrady admitted in an interview that she tries to look the same in photographs as in real life. However, there is a grain of slyness in this: despite the fact that she wears a plus size, she still slightly reduced her belly for ophthalmography. But why?

However, some celebrities completely reshape themselves in photo editors: Photoshop vs reality: how Hollywood stars really look.

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