Expectation Is Reality: 23 Photos Of What Instagram Stars Really Look Like

Expectation Is Reality: 23 Photos Of What Instagram Stars Really Look Like
Expectation Is Reality: 23 Photos Of What Instagram Stars Really Look Like

Video: Expectation Is Reality: 23 Photos Of What Instagram Stars Really Look Like

Video: Expectation Is Reality: 23 Photos Of What Instagram Stars Really Look Like
Video: Instagram VS Reality 2023, May

Along with the arrival of social networks in our life, there were also substitutions of concepts. Previously, naturalness and naturalness were considered the main companions of beauty. But when the Instagram boom happened, millions of women rushed to compete in appearance.


As it turned out, this "perfection" hides acne, wrinkles and much more. Celebrities are also involved in the services of photo editors. Rip off the masks and look at their real faces.

Dutch model Cindy Kimberly has almost 6 million Instagram followers. She "enriched" her loyal followers thanks to her attractive appearance and candid photos.

On them, the girl is always in perfect shape, well, there is simply nothing to complain about! But on "honest" pictures, you can see that her skin is in a terrible state: acne, age spots and enlarged pores.

All of this cannot be found in her profile. To the question: "How is this possible?" - there is only one answer - photoshop!

Not only did the girl have only the whites of her eyes from the natural, but she also abuses cosmetics. It may seem to you that this is some kind of joke, but in these two photos one and the same "beauty". Here are just the left picture - a photo from her Instagram account, and the second - from real life.

We appreciated this suit, of course. But they also noticed something else: the wonders of Photoshop that this girl took advantage of. Do you see any discrepancy when comparing these two pictures? Little hint - it is located within the waist.

The makeup is also significantly different. In the first photo, the facial features are more pronounced.

Here you see the popular Instagram blogger Lilya Brown, who has almost 800 thousand subscribers. Who would have thought that all the "licked" photos in her account are the merit of various editing programs. But many of her fans strive to look just like her. Girls, don't!

The fabulous transformations of this girl have spread all over the Internet. Anastasia Kvitko is apparently a very experienced Photoshop user.

It is impossible to discern a single similarity in these two pictures of the same person. That's for sure - my own mother will not know!

Some compare her to the famous curvy woman Kim Kardashian. Others - with the main character of the cartoon "Shrek" Fiona.

We do not know what the reason for such an obvious difference in the pictures is - in the color of the hair, inappropriate lighting or an overabundance of makeup, or maybe in the services of Mr. Photoshop? Of course, this is his handiwork!

We present to your attention, perhaps, one of the most famous lovers of "fooling around" in editing programs - Elena Karleusha.

The Serbian singer, apparently, can no longer imagine life without such artificial transformations.

She loves to look good in pictures on her Instagram, but forgets about her appearance in everyday life.

Naturally, she prefers to be silent and not reveal the secrets of perfect photographs.

And here, as if by a wave of a magic wand, the model's wasp waist disappeared somewhere. What kind of magic ?! All the same photoshop, of course! But the girl already has a beautiful figure, why all these tricks ?!

Professional photographer Nima Benati knows exactly which angle to choose for his next shot and how to process it. Work obliges!

Or is there a couple of complexes here that prevent you from showing your "real face"?

Sony Miro's professional activity also presupposes an ideal appearance. True, she can only achieve it in the photo.

Tons of makeup and photo manipulation transform girls into a completely different girl.

Well, Sonya tries not to neglect the camera angles. The same nose looks completely different in the photo.

There is certainly nothing in common between expectation and reality. It is now clear why men call some women witches.

There is never too much Photoshop! These are the thoughts that most likely visit the head of the American beauty blogger MagFather. The girl is so devoted to her work that for the sake of beauty she is ready to completely change her appearance. Even if only in the photo Thin waist, blond hair and expressive facial features - all this is the merit of photo processing.

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