Aiza Anokhina Made Herself Fashionable "fox Eyes"

Aiza Anokhina Made Herself Fashionable "fox Eyes"
Aiza Anokhina Made Herself Fashionable "fox Eyes"

Video: Aiza Anokhina Made Herself Fashionable "fox Eyes"

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Guf's ex-wife does not feel very well, but she is already happy with the result. She's glad she won't have to inject Botox again.


Aiza Anokhina never showed dislike for plastic surgery. On the contrary, the girl willingly used the services of doctors and regularly visited cosmetologists. She told followers that she enlarged her lips, corrected the nasal septum and decided on liposculpture of the body.

She also had experience with breast augmentation with implants, but soon Aiza had to give them up. The body did not accept foreign material, and a severe allergy developed.

To stay young and beautiful, Anokhina often visited cosmetologists. She injected Botox, tried various hardware procedures. As a result, the woman did not find these measures enough.

At 35, the Instagram star decided to lift the upper face. At the same time, the woman changed the shape of her eyes. She made herself fashionable now "fox eyes".

The celebrity told subscribers that at the moment she is not feeling very well. She is in her rehabilitation period. So far, the eyes and eyebrows are too high. A little later, they will go down a few millimeters, and the face will not be so taut.

Isa said she was happy. Now she doesn't have to do Botox injections or insert threads. Her forehead and the entire upper part of her face will now be wrinkle-free. Netizens are divided on this issue.

"Yeah. Do all sorts of operations, and then talk about self-confidence "," Even with edema and plasters, there is already fire! "," You look at you and understand that the beauty industry is working in vain …"

However, the commentators did not really care what Isa looks like in the photo. They were interested in a young man who carefully kissed the artist on the forehead. The star decided not to declassify his name.


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