Brad Pitt's New Girlfriend Won Over His Fans

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Brad Pitt's New Girlfriend Won Over His Fans
Brad Pitt's New Girlfriend Won Over His Fans

Video: Brad Pitt's New Girlfriend Won Over His Fans

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The young model turned out to be very effective. Many have already called it a mixture of Angelina Jolie and Irina Shayk in one bottle.


The divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was very protracted. The main disagreements between the spouses concerned child custody. As a result, after several years and dozens of court sessions, the warring parties managed to come to a common denominator.

All this time, fans expected that the former spouses would reconcile, but this did not happen.

The actress spends most of her time with children, and Brad is increasingly seen in the company of two women: his first wife, Jennifer Aniston and colleagues Alia Shokat.

The media has already unequivocally hinted at a new romance with one of these women, but the actor surprised everyone. The other day he was spotted at the airport with a young beauty. According to witnesses, the man, accompanied by an unknown girl, arrived from Paris on a private plane. The fact that the trip was not working was evidenced by the warm hugs and passionate kisses of the couple.

The fans wondered who this stranger was. It turned out that the German model Nicole Poturalski became the new lover of the famous American actor. The girl just turned 27 years old. It looks very impressive.

Tall and slender Nicole, according to netizens, looks like two famous women at once. With her plump lips, she reminds them of Jolie in her best years, and with the expression of her face in certain angles of Poturalski - a copy of Irina Shayk.

Now Brad's fans are wondering what it is: a new serious romance or a short-term affair? He himself has not yet given any comments on this topic.


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