Covid In Lipstick: Diseases That Can Be Contracted Through Cosmetics Are Named

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Covid In Lipstick: Diseases That Can Be Contracted Through Cosmetics Are Named
Covid In Lipstick: Diseases That Can Be Contracted Through Cosmetics Are Named

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COVID-19 spreads not only through airborne droplets, but also settles on surfaces. A person can become infected by touching a handrail or doorknob. Scientists from Australia recently proved that an infectious agent remains viable for 28 days. He feels especially at ease on glass, vinyl, stainless steel, paper banknotes. A favorable environment for the propagation of the virus is also means for decorative make-up - mascara and lipstick. learned from experts why an infectious agent can be inside jars of cosmetics and what other dangers lie in wait for women who do not keep their cosmetics bags clean.

Jars of women's decorative cosmetics can become a reservoir for the reproduction of the coronavirus. He is especially comfortable in mascara and lipstick. Their soft, creamy environment is ideal for the life of the virus, makeup artist Ksenia Shapor told An infectious agent can enter cosmetics through dirty hands.


Author: Ksenia Shapor [makeup artist]

The girl touches the infected surface on the street, and then rubs her eye. The virus ends up on the eyelashes. She is painted with ink, and it is on her brush. Then the infection turns into the mascara itself. She can live there for weeks. Every time a girl puts on makeup, she runs the risk of infection. The same danger exists when using lipstick.

You can avoid infection with coronavirus and other infectious agents through decorative cosmetics. To do this, you need to use disinfectants, said Ksenia Shapor. They are sold in almost all beauty stores. The expert recommends that these formulations be sprayed onto a brush to apply mascara.

Inappropriate use of cosmetics can lead to other problems. Inflammation of the skin and soft tissues, viral conjunctivitis, blood poisoning. This happens after skin contact with dirty eyeshadow brushes and foundation sponges. Many women keep them at random.

At the bottom of the cosmetic bag, mixed with pencil cleaners, dirty cotton pads, scattered eyeshadows. Many do not clean their makeup tools for years. They breed bacteria that can be dangerous, - said the makeup artist.

Infectious agents can enter the bloodstream through minor skin lesions. For example, micro-wounds that remain after plucking eyebrows, or small pimples. Ksenia Shapor advises to disinfect the brushes and store them strictly in individual packaging to avoid infection. Also, do not paint your lips if you have cold sores. The virus will penetrate the lipstick and "settle" there, causing endless relapses of the disease.

Almost every woman has at least one expired product in her cosmetic bag, the makeup artist is sure. Such cosmetics not only lose their properties, but also become dangerous. First of all, health is threatened by lipstick - liquid and in tubes. The spoiled food enters the esophagus and then into the stomach and can cause severe food poisoning.

Even those women who meticulously monitor the composition of their cosmetics can face such a problem. In stores, a piece of paper is glued to the tubes with an expiration date that does not correspond to the real one. Even large cosmetics stores resort to these tricks to increase profits, the expert said.

Two more mistakes in makeup that can lead to inflammatory diseases were voiced by the doctor - dermatologist-cosmetologist Zoya Konstantinova.The constant use of dense tonal means and cheap cosmetics are dangerous for the skin. The expert refers to the latter as "funds of unknown brands from the underpass." Foundation and powder with a very dense texture "clog" the skin, preventing its breathing. This provokes various rashes and leads to premature aging. Budget cosmetics often lead to allergic reactions. It also contains ingredients that clog pores and dehydrate the skin. In addition, such funds do not lie in an even layer. The makeup looks unnatural.

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