Stars That Have Changed Over The Years

Stars That Have Changed Over The Years
Stars That Have Changed Over The Years

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Pamela Anderson


Actress Pamela Anderson decided to change herself again, removing implants from her lips and breasts, as well as slightly changing the shape of her nose. The actress also changed her wardrobe, choosing classic and more discreet clothes. As a result, Pamela Anderson at 52 years old began to look much better than before. Drew Barrymore

They say that pregnancy only beautifies, but apparently the actress Drew Barrymore was not touched by this phrase. After pregnancy, the actress got fat, many even said that the actress would thus lose her film career. But Drew Barrymore did not give up and lost the extra 9 kg and became only more beautiful. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts also gained a couple of kilograms, but unlike Drew Barrymore, the actress gained extra pounds due to parting with her beloved. Moreover, instead of changing for the better, the actress gained another 20 kilograms. Uma Thurman

The famous American actress began her transformation over the body back in 2015. Having resorted to a number of plastic surgeries and Botox injections. The result did not please the actress, and she abandoned aesthetic medicine, also cut her hair and dyed her hair a brunette. Nicole Kidman

Previously, Nicole Kidman assured everyone that she would not resort to plastic surgery. Unfortunately, for the sake of her work, the actress completely remade her appearance, remaking a natural beauty into another silicone doll. Rihanna

Barbadian singer Rihanna is one of those people who was able to prove to the world that unwanted changes are not at all a hindrance to a career. Having gained more than 15 kilograms and having acquired chic forms, the singer has only become more popular. Moreover, Rihanna was recognized as the most fashionable star in Hollywood. Brendan Fraser

Now Brendan Fraser does not really look like the person who drove his fans crazy. Gaining extra pounds. Also, the actor has saggy skin and thin hair. Time does not always change your appearance for the better. Vera Brezhneva

The former lead singer of the Via Gra group has changed for the better over the years. Saying goodbye to lush hair and acquiring instead an elongated square. The changes from Vera Brezhneva turned out to be successful, we admit that such an appearance suits Vera Brezhneva.

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