How And When Did Plastic Surgery Begin

How And When Did Plastic Surgery Begin
How And When Did Plastic Surgery Begin

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We can say that in fact, in one form or another, plastic surgery has existed since the very inception of medicine. Not only changes in appearance, but also real medical deviations and imperfections have always prompted people to make adjustments to their appearance.


Ancient medicine

Some medical historians say that the first plastic surgery was carried out three thousand years ago. They were also known in the days of Ancient Egypt, because sources say that even then people aesthetically "ruled" their appearance.

Indian plastic surgeries are also known. Some scholars believe that the father of Indian plastic surgery is the physician Sushruta, who lived in the 7th century BC - 150 years before the Greek healer and physician Hippocrates. Sources say he was the first to undergo plastic surgery, reshaping his face with skin grafts from his forehead and cheeks. This doctor was able to describe hundreds of types of medicines, more than 300 operations and surgical procedures.

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At the beginning of our era, Chinese doctors also performed plastic surgery, in particular, to correct the "cleft lip" - a physiological imperfection in which the middle part of the palate does not develop correctly in the embryo, which leads to non-closure of the two halves of the palate and the upper lip.

Beauty surgery

That is why we can say that before the modern era, advances in plastic medicine belonged to the eastern civilization. But soon it was defined in Europe as an independent field of medicine and received the name "beauty surgery". For example, the story of the Italian doctor Gaspar Tagliacozzi is known, who was engaged in restoring the shape of the nose by grafting skin from the forearm. However, at that time, contemporaries did not appreciate the achievements of the doctor, and after his death they buried him as a criminal and a suicide - on unconsecrated ground.

At the beginning of the 19th century, there was a new breakthrough in the field of plastic surgery. Then the doctors got access to more advanced and modern tools, as well as antiseptics. The operation, carried out on October 23, 1814, became the starting point for modern plastic medicine. Then the London doctor restored the patient's nose by grafting a piece of skin from the forehead. This is the same, already thousand-year-old Indian method of the doctor Sushruta.

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Plastic medicine was especially useful in the period after the First World War, when thousands of wounded and mutilated soldiers tried to regain their appearance and normal functioning. It was then that the most effective and innovative methods appeared, thanks to which doctors were able to restore the face (including the jaws), transplant tissues to the sites of burns and restore microvessels.

Hollywood beauty

In the 1950s, Hollywood became very interested in plastic surgery. A famous lover of "plastic surgery" was Marilyn Monroe, who, with the help of an operation, straightened the tip of her nose. Despite the fact that in those years rhinoplasty was only developing, the actress still decided to go under the knife. Her surgeon turned out to be a real genius: he calculated the proportions so accurately and performed the operation so accurately that Marilyn Monroe's face still remains the canonical ideal of beauty. And Marilyn also decided on an extremely painful operation to correct the hairline.

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And in the USSR, one of the first to try plastic surgery on herself was the actress and singer Lyubov Orlova. She trusted her face only to the country's chief plastic surgeon - Alexander Shmelev.At 63, she underwent a facelift and a neck lift, thanks to which, even in old age, she had a clear and beautiful face contour.


Over time, plastic surgery has gained more and more popularity. Many stars of show business decided to undergo surgery in order to bring their face “to the ideal”. Mammoplasty, blepharoplasty, liposuction, rhinoplasty began to develop. For some, plastic surgery really helps to become a "beauty ideal". For example, American models Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham.

But for some stars, plastic surgery almost ruined their careers. Indeed, it is very difficult to stop in the pursuit of perfection. So, it is worth mentioning Jocelyn Wildenstein, Meg Ryan and Renee Zellweger.

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And in South Korea, blepharoplasty is almost mandatory. The change of the century like a European person there is a symbol of prosperity and prosperity. If a Korean has his eyes made right, then he has more chances to get a decent job, go to university and build a good career.

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