Honestly: Stars After 50, Which Wrinkles Do Not Spoil

Honestly: Stars After 50, Which Wrinkles Do Not Spoil
Honestly: Stars After 50, Which Wrinkles Do Not Spoil

Video: Honestly: Stars After 50, Which Wrinkles Do Not Spoil

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Not all celebrities succumb to the temptation to restore beauty with the hands of a plastic surgeon. The most courageous (or vice versa) allow time to take its course, perceiving age-related changes philosophically. Our selection today includes five actresses whom we give a standing ovation. And not only for their talent!


Isabella Rossellini, 67

A stunning Italian actress and model, Isabella Rossellini, became famous not only for her acting talent, but also for her amazing beauty. Her photo has graced the covers of Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire. In addition, she was the face of the Lancome brand. Women who have tasted such success often react painfully to aging and jump into the operating table at a run. But not Signora Rossellini.

Judging by the latest photos, she does not even resort to serious cosmetic interventions. But just look at her! What an elegant and well-groomed lady she is. She has a perfectly matched haircut that rejuvenates her face, shaped eyebrows and a noble lipstick tone. And the main thing is the look of a confident and self-aware woman!

Andie MacDowell, 62

The famous actress also neglects the plasticity and heavy artillery of cosmetology. We remember her from the movie Groundhog Day - beautiful curly-haired Andy brilliantly played the main role in it. And thanks to honest aging, fans continue to recognize her to this day.

McDowell has excellent initial data: a beautiful face oval, an open forehead. And she expertly uses make-up, doing neat contouring and choosing a noble color scheme. And the star is not afraid to wear long dark hair, which is still striking in thickness and does not age her at all.

Michelle Pfeiffer, 62

Remember the movie Scarface? And “Maleficent. Lady of Darkness”? Both of them starred Pfeiffer, playing beauties. And the difference between the films is 36 years! The American actress is still good, and the surgeons have not had a hand in her beauty.

As for cosmetology, it is. A little botox in the forehead, a little fillers in the cheekbones and lips, possibly thread lifting (the oval is painfully ideal for 62 years). But everything is so delicate that there is not even anything to gossip about.

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Sophie Marceau, 53

The French actress has appeared in many high-profile films. She starred in the great Antonioni, played Anna Karenina and appeared in the 19th Bondiana. And it is not surprising: her purely French beauty did not leave anyone indifferent. Including representatives of the jewelry world - Marceau is the face of the advertising campaign for the Chaumet brand. And also - no reshaping, filler swindle, braces and other things. Even for a low-traumatic blepharoplasty (in comparison with other plastics), Marceau did not go.

And she's still beautiful. Amazing depth of the eye, noble features, soft look. Unless a cosmetologist conjured a little over the oval. But it is not exactly! Marceau wears bangs, and I must say, she always rejuvenated her and added charm and enthusiasm to the image.

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Raisa Ryazanova, 75 years old

In the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" Ryazanova played the very same Antonina, who successfully got married and gave birth to many, many children. All her life she got the roles of ordinary women from the people, with whom she coped superbly. Until now, Raisa Ivanovna has successfully acted in films and plays in the theater. Well, I didn't even think about any plastic.

She's just a charming Russian grandmother. Despite the difficult upheavals in life, Ryazanova looks great.By the way, this is largely due to the fact that she initially has dense skin and good turgor. Bravo!

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