Editors' Picks: Top 12 Patches

Editors' Picks: Top 12 Patches
Editors' Picks: Top 12 Patches

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Products with hyaluronic acid microneedles and filler effects that replace beauticians, lip and cheek patches that provide a complex lifting effect, a product with gold particles and soothing extracts that prevent aging and help fight imperfections: these and other findings of the BeautyHack editors - in our new collection.


Gold patches Hydro-gel Eye Patch Gold by Natalia Vlasova, Mosmake

Tested by BeautyHack editor Daria Sizova

I first got acquainted with this tool on the set - Natalya Vlasova showed us a version of evening make-up (you can see the result here). Natalya came to the shooting in patches, and when she took them off, I gasped - the skin of the area under the eyes was moisturized, taut and seemed to glow from the inside.

Until the end of the shooting, there was only one thought “I want” in my head. The treasured box fell into my hands, I used it all up. And I can say one thing - these patches will appeal to everyone, without exception. Why?

Firstly, the composition contains hiauluronic acid, which tightens the skin and makes it more elastic. Extra hydration is an added benefit.

Secondly, the patches visibly improve the complexion. Camellia leaf extract helps in this - a natural antioxidant that also slows down the aging process.

Gel-based gold is not just a decoration either. Particles of precious metal have a beneficial effect on the skin, protecting it from aging. It works especially well in tandem with collagen, which additionally supports the epidermis: your skin does not "hang" on bones and muscles and becomes more toned.

I apply in the morning and before important events for 20-30 minutes. From a single use you immediately see the effect, and if you use them regularly, the result will be even better. The skin will thank you very much for moisturizing, elasticity and beauty (patches can be applied not only to the area under the eyes, but also to the entire face along the contour - this will help smooth out wrinkles and tighten the oval).

Price: 3 300 rub.

Hyaluronic eye patches for eyes Hyaluronic Eye Patch Masks, Thalgo

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Karina Ilyasova

I do not believe in the magic effect of patches, so I am very demanding (even biased) about this type of care.

What I expect: hydration, comfort in use (some of them tingle and cause discomfort, which is what I least want in the morning or before preparing for an event). As a result, I want to see a brightening of the eye area and a fresh, radiant look. Therefore, simply removing the puffiness means failing my test. Difficult task, right?

What Thalgo promises is a cooling effect, elimination of signs of fatigue, smoothing of wrinkles, and, of course, hydration. And all in 10 minutes.

The first thing I noticed in a harsh beauty test was 8 pairs of patches per pack. Enough to taste, little to enjoy. But each pair is individually packed, so you can take them everywhere with you (so the first point is more likely a plus).

The second thing I liked was the size of the patches. They perfectly "sit" on the skin around the eyes, no discomfort. Since the patches are hyaluronic, there was, of course, a smoothing effect. I didn't feel any tingling, but perfect hydration - please. This means that the product was absorbed without residues, and the subsequent care did not "float" in the serum residues.

The look, in general, has become fresh and rested, so I think that the patches have coped with "5+".

Price: 3 540 rub.

Hydrogel patches 3D Hydro Gel Eye Pads, Doctor Babor

Tested by BeautyHack editor Julia Kozoliy

Doctor Babor is a German family brand that you want to trust unconditionally. Now the company is successfully run by the third generation of the family - Isabelle Bonaker and Martin Grablowitz. In 1962, their grandfather Leo Vossen bought out the tiny startup from a German doctor.In more than 50 years, the startup has turned into a beauty empire with a staff of 400 employees who are now creating world-famous cosmeceuticals.

The first pleasant surprise - there are two pairs of patches in the package. Each is enclosed in a mini-container, from where it is easy to remove and non-slip when applied. I leave the patches on for 15 minutes (during this time they cool the skin nicely), and then spread the rest with my fingertips.

I do not believe in the miraculous power of patches (healthy sleep and a good thick cream are much more effective), but as sos-remedies, Doctor Babor's bestsellers are definitely good. In a short time, they will perfectly refresh the face and prepare the skin before makeup!

Price: 3 670 rub.

Lifting patches for the cheekbones and under-eye area "Beauty Capsules" Dermask, Dr. Jart +

Tested by BeautyHack SMM Manager Alexandra Grishina

Masks from Dr. Jart + are always delightful - the brand has managed to gain recognition all over the world. I have known them for a long time and often use them as additional care. The eye and cheekbone patches are my favorites.

The tool is a perforated hydrogel mask: on the one hand it is a viscose base, on the other - a sticky gel layer. What is convenient: it does not flow, does not strive to crawl onto the neck and captures two zones at once - in one application you get a complex lifting effect.

After application, the skin becomes denser, fine mimic wrinkles are filled, and a pleasant shine appears on the apples of the cheeks - as if you did not make a mask at home, but acquired fillers.

In the package you will find 2 patches (for 2 applications). The whole beauty routine will take 30 minutes - at this time you can go about your business with a clear conscience, the mask is not felt at all on the face.

The patches contain a special component Volufiline - it makes the skin more elastic. Adenosine fights wrinkles, while hydrolyzed collagen provides hydration and a lifting effect. The result is on the face (or rather, on smooth and firm skin).

Price: 1 135 rub.

Patches Black & Goldy, BeautyDrugs

Tested by BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

In the morning after jogging, I wash my head, wrap my hair in a towel and grab a pack of my favorite patches. This is a godsend to combat dark circles under the eyes and puffiness. They can also be used on airplanes and in front of important exits. And in the summer - in order to go out without a hint of bruises under the eyes and at the same time without makeup (that's what you need!). Gel patches lighten dark circles and remove puffiness within 15-20 minutes of use.

The only BUT is that you can't jump around the apartment with them, in the process of picking up somewhere: they don't stick too tightly, they slip a little, so it's still better to use them in a prone position (or at least sitting). The formula is based on colloidal gold and black pearl powder for deep hydration. It also contains aloe vera extract (to prevent the first signs of aging).

I love the ease of use and the wow effect: the skin under the eyes is smoothed out, and if you still decide to do makeup afterwards, be sure that the concealer will lie in an even layer. An interview with the creator of the BeautyDrugs brand, Tatyana Kirillovskaya, can be found here.

Price: 1 400 rub.

Hydrogel professional patches Patch Pro 3 in 1, ProMakeUp Lab

Tested by BeautyHack editor Daria Sizova

I first got acquainted with patches in the "Britana" beauty studio. Make-up artist Kirill Sozonov applied them before makeup on the area under the eyes and eyebrows to remove swelling (I drank an extra cup of tea before going to bed). I was pleased with the result - the skin became moisturized, and the swelling subsided. I decided to test the tool "for strength" and "took the course", as the manufacturer advises.

The product strikes on three fronts at once - it gives hydration, radiance and lifting. I don't really believe in universal tools that promise everything at once, but these patches managed to convince me. The gel base is impregnated with serum that nourishes the skin, gives it tone and prepares it for any "troubles" (it will even help treat acne).

The tool will also be liked by organic adherents - it is completely natural. You can dissolve the patches in water and apply the consistency as a serum all over your face. After the patches or the resulting serum, apply your usual care, makeup and do not worry about the effect - the skin will not be dry, continue to shine without a highlighter and the lifting effect will remain until the end of the day (and if you use patches regularly, hardware procedures can be postponed until later).

This whole story looks like a miracle. But every beauty hacker knows that there are no miracles. All this luxury goes to the skin thanks to the combination of special ingredients. No, don't look for fairy pollen and unicorn blood on the packaging. The usual ingredients in the composition have found a successful combination in the patches: hyaluronic acid, extract of aloe leaves and Algae algae deeply moisturize the skin, colloidal gold rejuvenates it, and diamond powder (almost diamond dust) is responsible for the very effect of radiance "from the inside".

And one more weighty argument “for” for girls with problem skin type - there are many ingredients in patches that have an anti-inflammatory effect (this means that they will not only not harm problem areas, but will also help in the fight for even, beautiful skin).

Price: 1 500 rub.

Patches С-Vit, Sesderma

Tested by Beautyhack editor Natalia Kapitsa

Eye patches in my beauty artillery appeared recently - I stubbornly ignored them. In vain! They are able to instantly remove the traces of long flights, sleepless nights and unrestrained summer dances.

The main active ingredient in the composition of the product is vitamin C. In summer, cosmetologists advise to avoid it, because the component increases the photosensitivity of the skin. But autumn is the time for him. Among the ingredients, I found caffeine - it stimulates local blood circulation well and improves tissue trophism.

The patches help to eliminate dry skin, the effects of UV rays, "crow's feet", dark circles. It takes about 15 minutes to transform from Cinderella into a princess. But the product can be held longer if there is time for it.

Price: about 2 500 rubles.

Peptide eye contour mask, GIGI

Tested by BeautyHack special correspondent Daria Mironova

I rarely use patches - there is simply not enough time for it. But with the onset of autumn - the season of worries - sleep began to get worse. Bruises have accumulated under the eyes, which did not go away for a long time. It took a sos-tool, which in 15 minutes will bring the skin in order, making it moisturized and rested.

The basis of this product is the X50 Photoglow peptide complex. It includes heptapeptide-15, seaweed chlorella vulgaris and ANA acids. Ingredients with a terrible name, which evoke the idea of ​​a chemical laboratory, are aimed at toning (which they cope with with a bang).

The patches adhere easily to the skin and do not slip during use (for everyone who lives in non-stop mode, this is very important - you will have time to drink coffee and answer emails while the product is working).

Does not leave a sticky feeling and does not tighten the skin. She did not remove the residues - she let them soak in. The result is excellent hydration, and no bruising (the area under the eyes has become much lighter, which means the face is fresh and rested).

Price: 2 900 rub.

Patches Anti-Aging Eye Gel Pads, Retinol

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Anya Khobotova

The patches are suitable for all activists who seek to tidy up the area under the eyes quickly and effortlessly.

A small box holds 10 pairs at once - this is enough to fully experience the effect of use. Each "wedge" consists of a gel half and a side made of soft non-woven material.

The gel base is a high concentration of retinol palmitate, which is responsible for stimulating collagen production, moisturizing the skin and anti-aging effects. Plus to retinol, the patches contain glycerin, castor oil, aloe extract, tartaric acid and immediately a complex of vitamins.

I apply patches immediately after waking up and spend the next 20-30 minutes on my morning routine.The skin under the eyes becomes noticeably lighter, mimic wrinkles are smoothed out. The effect is 10 out of 10 (especially if you use the remedy in a course).

Price: about 2 300 rubles.

Hydrogel Gold Eye Patch, Dizao Natural

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

I tried patches with hyaluronic acid for the first time and … fell in love. Finally and irrevocably.

The product not only looks very stylish (the hand reaches out to take a selfie), but it also perfectly moisturizes, keeping moisture in the skin until the end of the day.

I used patches after washing my face in the morning to remove swelling and whiten the area under the eyes. The first few minutes there is a slight tingling sensation, but the unpleasant sensations do not cause discomfort and pass quickly - but you immediately feel that the remedy is working.

The manufacturer recommends spreading the patches under the eyes for 20-30 minutes. I did just that and was quite pleased with the result: the skin smoothed and freshened up, there were no traces of dark circles.

The tool can be used not only on the area under the eyes - they can be applied to the forehead and nasolabial folds. I will be happy to experiment, seeking help from the golden scrolls on a regular basis. Just stock up on more packaging!

Price: 55 rub.

Patch filler with microneedles of hyaluronic acid Patch Filler, Librederm

Tested by BeautyHack editor Julia Kozoliy

Very unusual patches! I will say right away that the remedy will scare away those who are afraid of needles like fire. But if you decide, using the product is even fun - it actually contains microneedles with hyaluronic acid (it seems that you are doing a professional procedure in the beautician's office).

The patches are "enclosed" in plastic packaging, where each has its own cell. Therefore, the product is not bathed in liquid, as is often the case.

By the way, the word "needles" is somewhat an exaggeration. There are small protruding particles on the surface of the transparent patches, but they can pierce the upper layer of the dermis, fill the sensitive area under the eyes with hyaluronic acid, and then dissolve as if they were not there.

The main feature of patches is that they need to be kept on the skin for 3-4 hours. But you don't have to constantly correct the base - the manufacturer has made a sticky edge that reliably fixes the patches in one place.

I do this care at night - from using the product there are no painful sensations, a feeling of tightness and even a slight tingling sensation, and in the morning there are no traces of the sticky layer.

The effect is also there (and this is a rarity for this category of funds). The patches will not completely remove the bruises, but the skin will become lighter and the swelling will go away for good.

Patch Filler can also be applied to the nasolabial area - I do not advise waiting for a miracle (these are still not "beauty shots"), but for the prevention of deep folds, the remedy works great!

Price: 911 rub.

Moisturizing + Fresh Look Cloth Eye Patches, Garnier

Tested by BeautyHack editorial assistant Anya Khobotova

The problem of bags under the eyes has not yet touched me, but bruises from lack of sleep and a slight swelling have a place to be. Therefore, cloth masks and patches in the morning are a real salvation. I managed to make friends with the masks of the French brand for a long time (read about this here https://beautyhack.ru/krasota/uhod/vybor-ekspertov-n-otlichnyh-tkanevyh-masok-dlya-leta-ne-dorozhe-300-rub). Now it's time to get familiar with the patches.

Infused with an ultra-light formula enriched with orange juice and hyaluronic acid. The juice helps to remove signs of fatigue, while the hyaluronic acid moisturizes and refreshes the eye area.

A small beauty hack - put the patches in the refrigerator 10-15 minutes before use. The face will be even fresher, and cooling will be an added bonus.

The consequences of sleep deprivation have diminished and the look has become rested.

Price: 125 rub.

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