9 Stars Who Lost The Battle For Beauty

Beauty 2023
9 Stars Who Lost The Battle For Beauty
9 Stars Who Lost The Battle For Beauty

Video: 9 Stars Who Lost The Battle For Beauty

Video: 9 Stars Who Lost The Battle For Beauty
Video: КРАСИВЫЙ И ЭСТЕТИЧНЫЙ ФИЛЬМ! СМОТРЕТЬ ВСЕМ! Сердце следователя. Русская Мелодрама 2023, May

Beauty is the most ephemeral concept in the world. She is - and in a second almost nothing of the former charm is left. Some stars know firsthand what it is like to become unattractive at one point. This is especially difficult to accept when for many years you were considered the standard of beauty.


But alas, over time, many look worse, and attempts to fix everything with the help of beauty injections and plastics only exacerbate the situation. Would you be able to recognize them after a wave of changes? Unlikely, but try it.

Svetlana Loboda

Fans claim that the singer was much prettier before the plastic surgery, because there was at least something special about her, and now she looks like a “copy” of hundreds of other girls with pumped lips and a toned face.

Vin Diesel

Unlike other stars, Vin Diesel just got old and out of shape. The main character of action movies looks less fit and healthy, which worries his fans very much.

Carla Bruni

The now popular young model Bella Hadid is often compared to Carla Bruni at the beginning of her career. Now the ideal features of the catwalk queen are not so noticeable - and it's not about wrinkles, but about the desire to get rid of them with the help of beauty injections and braces.

Yulia Volkova

Yulia Volkova, small changes were beneficial, but then the girl strongly focused on a complete reshaping of herself. Now there is almost nothing left of her previous version.

Masha Makarova

The soloist of the "Masha and Bears" collective, known for the hit "Lyubochka", used to be much more interesting outwardly - maybe it was in the image of the fatal rebel beauty that the secret of her success was?

Laima Vaikule

Lyme Vaikule, due to its age, is no longer considered as attractive as it used to be. However, the singer managed to retain some charm.

Scott Thompson

The American comedian, who is better known under the pseudonym Carrot Top, conquered the audience with both humor and appearance. The truth is now his appearance is more frightening than attractive.

Ekaterina Semenova

Many people notice that the features of the actress Ekaterina Semenova, although they have become sharper, make her look a little like herself. There are unnatural folds and some tension that makes her a little harsher.

And to whom time is only to the detriment?

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