Stars Who Lost Their Face Under The Knife Of A Plastic Surgeon

Stars Who Lost Their Face Under The Knife Of A Plastic Surgeon
Stars Who Lost Their Face Under The Knife Of A Plastic Surgeon

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December 8th Kim Basinger is 64 years old. The Oscar-winning actress, who was also one of the most famous American fashion models in her youth, tried to stop time and stay forever young. As a result, recent fans refuse to accept her today, and plastic surgeons argue: what did she do to her face? Kim Basinger: mask, I don't know you! Kim Basinger in I Dreamed of Africa, 2000. At the 2015 premiere of Eleven O'clock, photographers and viewers could not believe their eyes: in the updated Kim Basinger, no one recognized the charming seductress from the movie Nine and a Half Weeks with a sly look. A woman with a waxed, motionless face appeared before the public. Smooth, well-groomed, but on which everything was different, even the eyes "lived" a completely different life. The media began to write that Kim had lost the light that came from her. And plastic surgeons blamed their colleagues for disfiguring the actress. In their opinion, she turned into a mannequin with a dull look. Some claimed that Basinger performed a circular facelift, lip contouring, and eyelid lift. Others suggest that it cost a little: some kind of laser for skin tightening plus botox, fillers, but in too much dose. Therefore, the face became taut and motionless. Lara Flynn Boyle: lift my eyelids! Twin Peaks star Lara Flynn Boyle, who has always been famous for her exquisite beauty, is unrecognizable today. The 47-year-old actress leads a reclusive lifestyle, does not leave the house without sunglasses and in every possible way avoids public appearances. You can understand her: from the once thin and ringing charming girl, she turned into a flabby aunt with a swollen face and a twisted mouth.


According to rumors, back in the early 2000s, Boyle became addicted to cosmetic procedures and plastics. Her youth was leaving, the actress broke up with Jack Nicholson, then there was an unsuccessful romance with Bruce Willis. Wanting to rejuvenate and heal her emotional wounds, Lara turned to the craftsmen for help. The actress changed the shape of her nose, lifted her eyebrows, eyelids, and enlarged her lips. Nothing remained of her former. Perhaps Boyle suffers from body dysmorphic disorder, that is, refuses to accept himself as she is, and constantly strives for changes in appearance. Lara Flynn Boyle in Twin Peaks, 1991 Renee Zellweger: Back in the Past In 2014, Hugh Grant was shown a fresh photo of Renee Zellweger, with whom he starred in the film Bridget Jones's Diary, several years ago. The actor answered with bewilderment: "This is the first time I see this woman!" The blonde with an unusual cut of eyes, chubby cheeks was no longer recognized by anyone. Renee made a splash with a minus sign at a social event of the American magazine Elle. The audience was stunned by the new appearance of the actress: the cheeks were gone, the forehead froze, the eyes “opened”. She did not seem to anyone more beautiful and younger. Zellweger had to make excuses, but she never admitted to abusing plastic. Perhaps then the actress just went too far with injections. After some time, Renee almost regained her former appearance.

Melanie Griffith: divorce and maiden name

Melanie Griffith has never been a noteworthy beauty, but men were thrilled by her blue eyes, blonde hair and bewitching smile. The actress managed to win the heart of Antonio Banderas himself, who became her husband. By the way, he was always against the surgical transformations of his wife. However, Griffith, who was three years older than her husband, could no longer stop struggling with wilting. On her account - countless plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures.Melanie has an unsuccessful rhinoplasty, twisted lips and tight facial skin that gathers in an "accordion" when the actress smiles. The sacrifices in the name of beauty were in vain: today, 60-year-old Griffith looks even older than her peers, and Banderas left her.

Victoria Lopyreva: in the crowd of similar "Miss Russia-2003", TV presenter, socialite, fashion model Victoria Lopyreva at 34 looks like a young girl, but has lost her zest. Now she looks like a host of "twins" flashing in the clips of stars, at parties, in social networks: a small nose, plump lips, expressive cheekbones. This is in the trend of today's beauty standard, but all these beauties are indistinguishable from each other. Lopyreva got lost in the crowd.

Yulia Volkova: metamorphoses of the former nymphet

After leaving the Tatu group, Yulia Volkova decided to grow up dramatically. At first, the girl changed the shape of her lips, then every year she enlarged them more and more. Then for some reason I made myself a rough and dark eyebrow tattoo, immediately "aging" for several years. The singer also corrected her small breasts and now wears the fourth size. At the same time, little is heard about the musical achievements of the former "Tatushka". The scandalous singer is trying to stay heard, frightening the thinning army of fans with not the most attractive metamorphoses of her appearance.

Meg Ryan: The Evil Joker Actress Meg Ryan also turned into a plastic doll three years ago. A pimp nose stuck out on a smooth and lifeless face, and only his eyes were smiling. It was scary to look at the stretched mouth. Internet users immediately dubbed Meg the evil Joker performed by Jack Nicholson. A year later, either the swelling subsided, and the effect of the beauty injections ended, or the actress again went under the surgeon's knife to correct the unsuccessful plastic surgery. Ryan, 56, looks better now. Meg Ryan in Proof of Life, 2000. Tatyana Ovsienko: young was not young

The star of the 90s, Tatyana Ovsienko, was recently hounded on social networks. Fans are unhappy with her new appearance and scold the singer, who surrendered to plastic surgeons: “You should have pulled your face like that! A person should be recognizable!”,“She doesn't look like herself at all!”,“Alien!”,“Why try to look 20 at 50?”. Today, the singer does not at all look like herself from the 90s. As spiteful critics assure, Ovsienko's mouth was even slightly distorted due to excessive skin tightening.

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