9 Stars Who Lost All Their Beauty In Front Of Fans

9 Stars Who Lost All Their Beauty In Front Of Fans
9 Stars Who Lost All Their Beauty In Front Of Fans

Video: 9 Stars Who Lost All Their Beauty In Front Of Fans

Video: 9 Stars Who Lost All Their Beauty In Front Of Fans
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At a certain period of time, sex symbols of the era appear: of the last, most famous, Angelina Jolie. But will she always be considered an exceptional standard of beauty? It is already clear that no. No matter how mournful and insulting it may sound, but one that has aged and overdone with plasticity is replaced by other stars, fresher.


The contribution of celebrities to popular culture is not forgotten. As a creative unit, they are still important, only they appear less often on the front cover. Look at those who are considered to have already "served" in the status of the main beauty or beauty.

Angelina Jolie

An actress whose appearance drove men crazy, and made women envy and imitate. One of the types of plastic braces was even named in her honor. It is a pity that almost nothing will help Jolie herself: she has lost a lot of weight, and on her face the traces of interventions have become even more noticeable with age.

Alec Baldwin

The actor at one time could easily conquer any woman only thanks to his appearance and charm. Now his wife is 30 years younger, but most women are already slowly deleting the aged idol from the lists.

Khloe Kardashian

Moderation is always important when it comes to plastic surgery. Khloe Kardashian cleverly ignored this fact and now receives comments from the press and colleagues in the stellar shop in the spirit of "It used to be better."

Renee Zellweger

One of the heroines of the actress, Bridget Jones, also dreamed of changing herself to the maximum. In the end, however, she accepted herself for who she is. It is a pity that Renee could not follow in the footsteps of her film image - because of plastic and the first signs of aging, she now does not look very good.

Candice Swanepoel

The model scared both agents and fans alike when she dramatically lost weight. Her shape now evokes suspicion: does the girl have anorexia?


The idol of the youth of the 90s, Linda has always had a non-standard appearance. Now, comparing her photos in her youth and now, you notice a significant difference. Nothing remained of the semi-Gothic languid image.

Sydney Rom

She was considered the most beautiful woman in Italy and could still be her (after all, Sophia Loren somehow succeeds, and she is 20 years older). But alas, a series of plastic surgeries did not leave anything from her previous version in Sydney Rom.

Adriano Celentano

To be honest, very few people considered the actor to be exceptionally beautiful - there is more a question of charisma and the image of a "womanizer". However, the older the star got, the more it changed. And not for the better. Although all charges can be dropped after learning that Celentano is already over 80.

9. Janice Dickinson

Supermodels have no antidote to stop time. Janice Dickinson thought that a couple of operations would help the situation, but she was wrong.