Dozens Of Women Were Mutilated In Moscow

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Dozens Of Women Were Mutilated In Moscow
Dozens Of Women Were Mutilated In Moscow

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Moscow investigators continue to investigate the case of cosmetologists who provided poor-quality services to Muscovites and disfigured their faces. The investigators are three women who provided unsafe services. They did not have a specialized education, but they worked from home.

19 to 500 victims

For eight years - from 2008 to 2016 - Natalya Korosteleva, who in the UK is considered the organizer of the gang, "acting as an individual entrepreneur, presented herself as a cosmetologist and performed cosmetic procedures, sharing the proceeds with the other two accomplices." Two other women - Ekaterina Egorova and Saniyat Yaikbaeva - assisted her and also worked as "cosmetologists".

As a result of the injections, 19 clients who turned to false doctors received, as stated in the report of the investigators, "indelible facial changes and psychological trauma." The total number of victims may be up to 500 people, but many were not ready to appeal to the investigation, writes Komsomolskaya Pravda.



Korosteleva and Yegorova were previously released by the court on recognizance not to leave and proper behavior. Yaikbaeva disappeared from the investigation, but was recently detained. On Thursday, the court considered a motion for her arrest.

The mutilated woman went to the monastery

Pseudosmetologists worked at home in one of the apartments in the Strogino metropolitan area, as well as in private clinics. Their offer was distinguished by a lower price compared to competitors, so there was no shortage of customers.

Most of the patients had lip augmentation and beauty injections. In some, the lips were swollen to incredible sizes and deformed, in others, the skin was covered with terrible bumps, in others, muscles were damaged. Due to the terrible appearance and constant pain, one of the girls went to the monastery, the other two were hospitalized with a nervous breakdown.

Not all of the cosmetologists turned out badly. Sometimes the operations went off with a bang and a queue of people came to Korosteleva, who came on the recommendation. She showed her education degrees and convinced patients of the safety of operations.

“8 documents on education and advanced training were withdrawn from the place. But when checking it, it turned out that the diplomas of secondary and higher education are fake, the accused was neither a doctor nor a nurse, she graduated only from school. For many years she managed to fool not only the patients, but also the examiners: Korosteleva designed her services as cosmetic, not cosmetological. Women know the difference: the first is the masks. The second is more serious, it involves injections, the use of medical devices ",

- said the investigator Kirill Revyakov.

Grandma medic

According to Revyakov, Korosteleva said that her grandmother was a doctor, and she learned to give injections from her.

“Two of Korosteleva's assistants also did not have the appropriate training. It is known that the pseudo-cosmetologist constantly changed her place of work: as soon as the clients had complaints, the salons parted with the dubious employee. As a result, she began to receive in her apartment, equipping one of the rooms as an office ",

- added Revyakov.

Gel for walls, not faces

The investigator spoke about the horrific consequences of using the gel, which "cosmetologists" were treating patients.

“We managed to establish that the composition of the drug used by the accused included polyacrylamide. In the 90s, it was approved for use in Russia, but its registration ended long ago. Without it, it is impossible to work with this substance in medicine or cosmetology.

To make it clear: you can patch a hole in the wall with this gel, but inject it into the lips and face - for nothing.The consequences are the most terrible, up to and including the removal of facial muscles! By the way, the accused injected her clients with polyacrylamide under the guise of safe hyaluronic acid,”he said.



According to him, it was decided not to detain the woman during the investigation, since she is raising a child alone without a husband. Under pressure from law enforcement agencies, she stopped working as a "cosmetologist" and got a job in a temple.

25 operations

One of the patients confirmed the dire consequences.

“The procedure was repeated three times, after which the face became completely ugly. The gel accumulated and began to swell inside, and individual pieces came off and walked across the face under the skin. The cheeks were swollen like a hamster's, everything ached. I turned to the surgeons and found out that I have a biopolymer that does not dissolve. Scars and tissue necrosis came from him. As a result, in several years I have performed 25 operations under both local and general anesthesia, and the rehabilitation is not over yet”,

- she said.



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