Rudkovskaya With A "new" Face Stopped Recognizing Fans: "Another Woman"

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Rudkovskaya With A "new" Face Stopped Recognizing Fans: "Another Woman"
Rudkovskaya With A "new" Face Stopped Recognizing Fans: "Another Woman"
Video: Rudkovskaya With A "new" Face Stopped Recognizing Fans: "Another Woman"
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The wife of Evgeni Plushenko was again criticized on the Web.

The star blonde, it seems, is no longer used to the attack of ill-wishers, who every time find a reason to find fault with Yana Rudkovskaya or her relatives. Either, according to the public, a celebrity is raising his youngest son incorrectly, then quite often he demonstrates shots of a beautiful life, while many cannot afford even a tenth of what usually appears in a photo or video of Rudkovskaya, then an excessive passion for photoshop, from - why Jan no longer recognizes in the pictures. So this time, the wife of the famous skater shared, as it seemed to her, a very good shot and again received a portion of remarks and negative comments.

“Yana, well, you can't Photoshop yourself like that. It's not you. Another woman's face. When a woman has no problems accepting herself, she will not expose herself to a young Barbie. Look at Charlize Theron, at Monica Bellucci - how beautiful they are in all their age manifestations "," The bottom of the face has changed, the nasolabis is gone, " Another completely "," It seems like a self-sufficient woman, but everything proves something to someone … "," Nice, but not like Yana! "," Yana, but poorly put the same photos, but without Photoshop? "," In the last photo you are natural. And this is you. On all the rest there is a different woman. Stay yourself!”,“What happened to Yana. Something completely different. But still very pretty,”the followers expressed their opinion.

Earlier, Yana shared a photo with her son, and fans again agreed that celebrities should not use filters or special editors - she herself is a very effective woman and looks much better in her natural form. “You look like Irina Saltykova”, “Beautiful, only some other completely”, “This is the face of another person”, “Down with Photoshop”, “I didn't recognize Yana. In this photo she looks like Irina Saltykova "," Yana, bust with photoshop! We love you naturally, stop spreading another person "," Who is this next to Sasha? "," Yana, you are good even without Photoshop, why do you need this? "," Appearance has changed a lot! If not for my son and your account name, I would not have understood that it was you."

Photo: Instagram / @rudkovskayaofficial

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